Facebook Pakistan Throws 3 Million Punches at the Critics

facebookToday, Facebook has reached yet another milestone in its journey through the Land of Pure.

Facebook Pakistan now boasts more than 3 Million members from Pakistan and this is just the beginning. More than 200,000 members are being added to Facebook every month making it the medium of the communication on the internet for Pakistanis.

It was just a few months back when the future of Facebook seemed doomed for us. Government censures and religious zealots predicted the end of this “evil” from Pakistan’s cyberspace.

Pakistan 3 Million

Facebook Ban

Copycats jumped up to this opportunity and announced their own versions of social networks claiming to topple the social media giant. However, Facebook survived all these attacks and despite a short period of mass withdrawal it continues to grow at an astronomical rate.

Currently, Facebook is adding more than 230,000 new members to its network from Pakistan every month. This is a 7.7% Month on Month growth for Facebook in Pakistan.

In comparison, Pakistan’s most hyped cellular sector added nearly 580,000 new subscribers to its 100 Million user base showing a 0.58% Month on Month growth. While Pakistan’s Cellular users are reaching a point of saturation, the Social Media has just started its journey.

Social Media may never take over Cellular networks but with a current user base of 3 Million talking mouths and growing at a phenomenal 7.7% rate, it is impossible to ignore anymore.

Note from Editor: ProPakistani doesn’t use Facebook for reasons mentioned here. Our writers may have their opinion different from ProPakistani’s policy, reflecting their own thoughts, experiences and ideologies.

    • Saad, not in my view point. Jawwad came up with this article, which had a news worthiness, and i produced it – being an unbiased approach.

      About our policy, it remains there as mentioned. If you think this mention was a dump idea, i can consider removing the note.

      • The author name is Jawwad not Fawwad! The policy should apply to all, lets say next time if your author come up with a post with porn stuff will you allow it?

  • By publishing this article ProPakistani is promoting Facebook – the Editor note is so stupid that i can’t stop laughing.

  • Yes this is very good to know. But Pakistan did not touch 3 million mark today it was around 1st of December. I am happy to know the growth rate. If we keep growing at this rate by the mid 2011 we will reach above 4 million. That is just superb.

  • I don’t understand. why propakistani is boycotting facebook. You are promoting internet censorship in this way.
    Not using facebook is other thing but leaving that note is stupid

  • It is so shameless to point “religious zealots” in your post and how can it get through Editor, a simple NOTE at bottom is not good enough. I am not pro or against facebook, but you author should have come with more substantial points to support his agenda. Where he himself mentioned “few months back when the future of Facebook seemed doomed for us” so I think us includes the author as well.

  • All i Can say is wait 1st opology if my words are harsh or blunt “sharam karo” This is nt for any specific person Rather for group of people those who promote band karo fB BAND KARO NW THEY ARE BACK AGAIN TWO FACE PEOPLE M NT 1ST BALKAY MUJH PHALAY KOI KEH CHUKA HAY JAHA HAWA CHALTI HAY WaHA TURN HO JATAY HO….Da reason of pakistan failur…

    We are not sticking with our 1 Nation policy… Jo ata hay han ji Wah ji hazoor jo gaya usay bhool ja.. M NEITHER AGAINST NOR WITH FACEBOOK but just jo kaho be stick with it, I Appriciatte Propakistani Admin for sticking on one rule policy ..

    Hamari is murga numa Harkato ki wajha say its happening again they know jay say phalay thora shor hoa wapas hoga and then Phalay say ziada user barhengay and i end up with last thng apnay pao pay kulhari marnay wali baat isi wajha say Hamaray buhat ala baro nay mini opera and Blackberry Browser band kar rakha hay Sach a idiotic Harkat We must Know hamay aik chez nai pasand n we dnt wana c y wuld we open it Phir bhi block karna hay hamaray block karnay say pak may band hoga jo kholna hi nai chahatay hain we are paying 1200 for bb service falto may for nt hving even basic services I really condem that FB HARKAT N EVERY THNG RELATD TO DAT THNG MAGAR DRASTIC ACTION SAY NAI THINKING N pROPER PLANING SAY HOGA THE WAY THEY DO….

  • we are paying 1200 for bb service falto may for nt hving even basic services I really condem that FB HARKAT N EVERY THNG RELATD TO DAT THNG MAGAR DRASTIC ACTION SAY NAI THINKING N pROPER PLANING SAY HOGA THE WAY THEY DO….

  • Thumbs down to Facebook!

    The only reasons i Hate and Should hate the Facebook is because of a BIG BECAUSE:

    1. This is a Pure JEWISH/American Influenced company, which is Pro Biased. They will Block any URL/Page which Violates Jewish or American Govt’s so-spoken Laws, without giving a second thought.

    And they will NEVER want to BAN a Page/URL/User incase anything Violates the Laws of another Religion or Country. Example. 20th May (blasphemous event), they never wanted to take Action, even Fully Knowingly after Protests.

    BUT Just Create a PAGE saying “HITLER THE GREAT LEADER” or something similar. I BET you will get Banned the Very NEXT Day or maybe the very Next Hour.

    2. Facebook is just another tool targetted at Users Privacy. They just want people around the world to get Addicted and Share all their Private/Personal Info.
    The same information will be later sold to third-parties secretly, who can use that information to “harass” specific People or would use that information to Develop products targetted at specific audiences.

    Inshort, the biggest threat is that, FACEBOOK is OWNED by JEWISH & Americans. Who will have a WIN-WIN situation over its users in any case. Even you Click their ads or you don’t, You are supporting another BIASED Group grow stronger (i.e. Facebook).

  • ^ Though this is not Possible to drown Facebook atleast for next few Years, since there is a lot of craze, and the Services offered by Facebook are very New and Addictive to the Young Generation, though I would expect after few years maybe 4-5, Facebook will see a Great Downfall, once another Competent service Takes it Over something in near future.

    Though you should always discourage yourself using Facebook, not only Being a Muslim, but also being a Neutral Human Being.

  • @ Khalid

    Mentioning Editorial policy is just a matter of disclosing full information.

    Bro – You’re talking about porn related stuff and comparing the case with this article.
    The thing is that it’s in our policy to post opposing views but not unethical views

  • Shameless propakistani. Already had my facebook deactived . Now i’ll not visit this site anymore. Shame on those who promote and support facebooks blah blah million mark

  • The above points prove the author’s observation. Despite all the negativity surrounding Facebook and it continues to grow at a rapid rate in Pakistan.

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