Ufone Solid Offer Coming Your Way Again!

Ufone has decided to re-introduce its famous most “Ufone Solid Offer” again, told us sources close to company.

Ufone Solid Offer allows all Ufone to Ufone calls to go free after first three minutes. Call tariff for first 3 minutes will charged according to your current call package. Meaning that, you don’t need to change your plan, just subscribe to solid offer to make free calls after first three minutes.

Package Details:

This time, Solid Offer will allow free calls after first three minutes, round the clock except 6 PM to 9 PM.

It merits mentioning here that Ufone had to restrict activations for solid offer when it went extra-popular and started itching the network capacity.


Activation is done by dialing *38#


Charges for one month are Rs. 20 plus tax

Offer is going to be valid from January 4th to Feb 3rd, 2011.

  • Seems the launch date information is incorrect, because today is 3rd and there is no ads / awareness campaign by Ufone.

  • Now all the subscribers of (Uwon,tension free,public demand and josh package) can avail “SOLID OFFER” even if they had not received sms from ufone.
    Dial *444*32# to activate it.
    Activation charges are Rs 20+tax

  • I have activated offer by dialing *38#. It deducted 24 Rupees saying that we have received your request. Thank you. But the offer haven’t been activated yet.

    So don’t try it if you haven’t received the message from Ufone.

  • I have subscribe the solid offer and unfortunately the ufone have done their part. They cut my balance and send me msg that you do not have sufficient balance. so kind of ufone that they even tell me there is no balance in your account. When i contact the help line they also have an other story they just give me the 24 hour time. After 24 hour no activation no balance.

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