If your Website Reproduces Content from Other Websites Then You are in Trouble

We recently wrote on how to report to Google the copyright infringements for those who think their genuinely written unique content is aggressively copied over the web.

Well, to all those legitimate bloggers/ webmaster you may not need to report websites for copy/pasting any further.

Actually here’s a good news, at same time a death warrant for those scamper bloggers who copy/paste content on their website, and the news is:

“we (Google) are evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and sites with low levels of original content.”, Matt Cutts, Head of SPAM at Google

Via: mattcutts.com

In simple words, all those websites which reproduce content from elsewhere on the web will be ranked lower or will be marked as SPAM and won’t appear in search engines at all.

So if you are working on a blog idea, which will reproduce content from other websites, straight away forget it. If you are already doing this then start looking for other ways to earn money.

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  • Usman

    thats very good

  • Ali

    Err is it applicable on quoted content with proper source mention and link backs? And will this also effect the WP Robotized blogs that cluster posts [with link-backs] from famous sites / blogs?

  • I am really happy for this action :-

    “we (Google) are evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and sites with low levels of original content.”, Matt Cutts, Head of SPAM at Google”

    Via: mattcutts.com

    As this will reduce fraudulent peoples from Pakistan especially those offering make money online with Rs. 500 or earn money 45000 a month.

    And search engine results also increase good level and good sites will appear on top of Google result pages .

  • Saad Durrani

    WOW! Wasn’t this reported some weeks back?

    • admin

      Matt wrote this couple of days back.

  • Good to read,

    Remember one think gusys, keep posting the same thing which your ideal blog or news site posting on its blog/website or the popular news going around us.

    But remember, do not copy them (common-man – do not use their sentences in your blog post). try to write a same story in your words or a different way, this will give your blog more rating in search engine.

    Blogging is useful for your blog only when you have a Unique content on your blog.

  • star wars

    Your website could also be in trouble.


    most of the content is copied from:


    • Jameel

      Pro Pakistani does not care. They regularly post content (text and pictures) stolen from other people.

      They have also put spam looking ads that blink and annoy readers.

      So, live with it :)

      • jaffar

        sould atleast put a link back to the original site…

  • Me deivantArt se stuff search kr k post publish krta hun tau kya me bhi spamming me???
    my blog is http://www.graphiics.com
    please tell me

  • Ahmed

    That seems not very practical to me, Checking copy/paste isn’t so easy if original content is changed a little. 2nd last lines in this post might be addressing some copy cats? :p

  • Good step from Google but Google already treat these website as you mention. May now they increase reproduce strictness. In Pakistani blogs i note that many blogger reproduced articles of other blogs especially in Telecoms & IT blogs.
    I am also admin of a site but i have very different opinion on reproduce rules.

  • Jameel

    What Matt wants is to cut genuine spammers from Goole Index.

    If Google want to penalize ALL copied content then most NEWS websites are be culprit. Because there is only one news, millions of NEWS websites quote the same news in different ways.

    So, if you are reproducing total garbage then pack you bags.

  • It’s not a big deal yar there are several techniques to cheat all these types of services. and every copied articale doesn’t come under Copyright law ;)

  • Peter

    That’s seriously different viewpoint, I haven’t considered about it that way. I ought to say I like your blog site, btw! Why you should not you consist of some a lot more photographs and videos, that way it will likely be extra attractive to your visitor. Desire that aids!

  • banam

    This is ridiculous, there is no original content under the sun. Also this article are not original. I could easily find thousands identical articles like this one on other sites. How about news sites, how google determine which one is the original and the other are just copy from the original? CNN wrote news about Lady Gaga concert in Hong Kong last Monday, FoxNews also did it, IndiaNews, PakistanNews, RussianNews, also wrote the same thinng.Reproduced content is anywhere under the sun.

    Can you tell me how you could write articles on this blog? I bet You have already read those from another sites and the reproduce it again to be your new articles. It is not automatically comes out from your brain!