PTCL BUZZ Attracts 300,000 Monthly Visitors

PTCL_BuzzPTCL Buzz has become one of the most popular broadband entertainment portals in Pakistan with monthly traffic crossing 300,000 visitors recently.

As per official statistics, the portal’s visitors increased by 20 percent since it stood at 250,000 in the beginning of the year whereas the usage of different services have been on the rise by its customers on daily basis.

PTCL Buzz is one of the largest Pakistani entertainment portals offering legal content, exclusively available to PTCL broadband and EVO customers.

Recently, the portal has been upgraded with more image-driven website particularly with an aesthetic layout and logically marked sections, enriched content and increased genres. Accordingly, PTCL Buzz radio, weather widget and PTCL Buzz TV were added to the offers.

The background has been replaced with some ultra vibrant and catchy Movie Themes which are updated frequently keeping the viewers constantly involved. Successfully created a fiesta for eyes in addition to this the navigation has been significantly simplified.

Exploration of movies, music, and dramas has been reworked for the customers, making it easier to navigate and pleasant for the viewer. Inclusion of Food Corner, Devotional section, events and lifestyle makes sure that the portal provides a wide range of content to its visitors.

PTCL has the unique status in Pakistan of providing broadband services in over 1000 cities across the country to over 600,000 customers, it has been instrumental in making quality service available to general public across the country, through hugely investing in expansion and extension of its services.

  • well i like it…lots of good movies to watch and other content is also ok.

    ptcl should think out of the box as they have over a million broadband subscribers that give them a lot of revenues from marketing companies

  • Two points here:

    1. What are the legal implications of this ‘success’ of PTCL Buzz? PTCL Buzz is mostly visited for movies & music and most of them are pirated. It has a huge library of pirated Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

    2. PTCL claims that this portal has 300,000 monthly visitors. On the other hand, PTCL claims that it has 600,000 broadband customers. Do these 600,000 broadband customers include EVO customers too? Even if we suppose they don’t, even then this figure doesn’t seem to be realistic that out of 600,000 customers, 300,000 customers (i-e 50% of customers) monthly use this portal of pirated movies. I think 300,000 either include returning visitors or 300,000 are the total pageviews.

  • Being someone who knows about this…there is nothing illegal on ptcl portal. Rights of Every song n movie on portal has been purchased by ptcl unlike other isps n portals. Therefore the content might not be the most interesting or most new but it is definetely not pirated.
    Also these are 300000 visits not unique visitors or pageviews

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