Jaisa Karo Gay Waisa Bharo Gay: Wasim Akram Ditches Mobilink to Join Ufone

Wasim Akram, the legendary cricketer also known as “King of Swing” has left Mobilink to join Ufone as its brand ambassador.

Once the brand ambassador for Mobilink, Wasim Akram appeared in a Ufone TVC that was aired yesterday.

Ufone showed Akram playing with a ball in a prison cell (replicating Tom cruise’s scene in Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol) and then breaking the jail (in Shawshank Redemption manner) to eventually run after the car filled with Ufone guys.

This was probably the best shot Ufone could play for a MNP ad.

On a side note – the phrase: Jaisa Karo Gay Waisa Bharo Gay fits well here. As Mobilink had snatched Ali Zafar from Telenor, and now Ufone did the same with Mobilink. This trend may trigger a new race of snatching brand ambassadors from other operators.

Meanwhile have a Look at Ufone’s TVC below:

  • ufone ads are fun to watch

  • sabir

    Mehwish, You always put crap article , what this news has to do with this informative site,
    Amir, do some check and balance before publishing these kind of article.

    • Boy learn also the “Lighter Side of Technology and Life”

      I do recommend to regularly visit


      Mehwish Khan keep it up please!



    • Saad Durrani

      The writer sounds utter bored.

  • Kamran Mahmood

    This snatching may only raise the Brand Ambassador worth in money race…..
    Hum ko kia faida?

  • ha ha ha, its a great ad, Pakistani production houses are now doing really great, it seems like a Hollywood movie. Why don’t they make movies of such class

    • Zaki

      These ads are made in malaysia/singapore not in pakistan -.-

  • Usama Khalid

    Aamir bhai, aap bhi qasam se item hain!!! This is not a copy of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible. It is rather Michael Sculfield’s Prison Break copied set. Pls grow up!!!!!

  • Furqan

    Wasim Akram was once a brand ambassador for Ufone but then he was snatched by Mobilink and now he is back with Ufone.

  • zain

    its copy of shawshank redemption movie

    • Samz

      If they didn’t mention/tribute it then you guys should have mentioned that the idea and concept is copied/stolen like you have written about zong and other companies…



      you shouldn’t have written this line
      This was probably the best shot Ufone could play for a MNP ad.

      • Zeeshan Zafar

        Grow up a lil please… This isnt copy.

        They portrayed MI4 and the other movie to just give you the message at the end. Did Tom Cruise ported his cell phone operator in MI4? Bas tanqeed he karni hai har cheez pe

        • Samz

          I don’t want to indulge myself in a discussion but ideas in a tangible forms of expression deal with copyright issues

  • Shahzad

    Ufone ads are owsome really enjoyable

  • faisal

    ufone k ads ka koi mokabla nahi kar sakta.

  • abdul

    atif aslam has also been snatched from glow

  • Nanna Rahi

    Agree with Samz

  • Buy and Sell In Pakistan

    I love to see their ads. They are awesome in making funny ads.

  • hahaha.. Nice Ad. Waseem bhai Rocks :)

  • JiGGer

    hahaha Nice Kitchen mehwish!!! get back to work and stop posting meaningless articles

  • Rehan Riaz

    Waseem was not looking good in criminal dress.
    Even I can’t imagine that he will wear such dress.

  • Waseem akram paiso ki khatir kuch bhe kar sakta hai.jese apne country ki ezzat ko chor kar ipl mei KKR ka couch bana hai..

  • manii

    Qaddii no 502… Waseem Akram wickets :P

    Nice Shot between, we should appreciate the effort at least rather then criticizing. probably best shot seen for MNP. None of the operator did like this one MNP add.. irrespective of humorous add.

  • Nice ad, Please ufone shot a movie like this, nd do ”BRAND PACING” in that movie.. ;)

  • Zinnia

    I am trying to port in my number to ufone since december 2011. But ufone wale 1 month bad call kr k poch laty hain k 2 din main ap ka number port ho jay ga or phir 1 month guzr jata hai. And now I’ve changed my mind. port krne se pehle itni achi service hai to bad main kia karain gay. Ufone sucks.

    Now I am confused between jazz and telenor. Which one have better call rates? Plz help

    • m m

      skype :)

  • killa

    mera port to ufone tu bhot jaldi ho gaya tha mobilik se.

  • Saad Tariq

    Ufone jo b ker ly lakin woh telenor k rates aur super
    Services(except data) compete Nhi ker sekta….telenor economy k rates cha gy han 1 rupy dain jis din activate kerni o offer aur srif 30 paisa/20 sec call enjoy krin at any network…Maine apna oldy goldy Mobilink number tk telenor py port kerwa liya ha so em ek dam satisfied….

  • Naeemilyas