Banned Ahmaddiya Website is Opening on Various ISPs


It appears that banned Ahmaddiya website,, is opening on majority of ISPs, if not all, we have confirmed with users of multiple internet service providers (a screen of Facebook responses is uploaded above).

It merits mentioning here that Ahmaddiya controlled religious website was blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority earlier this month for allegedly having inappropriate content available on the website.

The Nation had then reported that Muttahida Ulema Board had demanded PTA to block the website for blasphemous content.

We have reached out to PTA to know its viewpoint and if it had directed ISPs to lift the ban, for which we are awaiting any response from authority.

At least three ISPs confirmed that is opening on their networks, but they opted not to comment when asked if lifting of ban was ordered by PTA or not?

We have also written an email to webmaster to know if ban was lifted without any change in content or they had made any specific changes on their website to comply with PTA’s requirements. We will update this post when and if we hear anything from

In a related news, ban from was also lifted after a group of protestors approached PTA Zonal office in Karachi and went violent.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Your position

    Mr Atta please tell us your position. Do you support banning the website or you don’t?

    • admin

      I support ban if this website has any blasphemous content. But, you need to read following to know my full viewpoint:

      The process for deciding the ban on a website should be made more transparent by communicating the general public about reason for banning. If a website/URL is blasphemous in nature, sure – go ahead and block it. But the whole process needs plenty of refinement, such as:

      – PTA should publish the list of blocked websites, detailing if block is temporary or permanent
      – PTA should also specify the reasons for blocking a website
      – Mechanism should be devised for the public for reconsideration/review of PTA’s decision of blocking any website
      – Similarly, PTA should also devise a way for public to report inappropriate websites – that they think should be blocked.

      • Your position

        I’m not Ahmadi and nor do I support their views.
        But don’t you think Christian content that supports the viewpoint that Christ was the son of God and is the last Christian prophet is blasphemous and goes against the basic tenets of Islam and should be banned too?
        We should support banning of all these sites not just one religion.

        • Web Hosting Providers forum

          dude Christian or wht ever u say is not direct attack on islam :) or Mohammad SAWS

          • Your position

            @ Web Hosting Providers
            Christianity came before Islam and so could not possibly direct attack like u are saying. But isn’t it blasphemous that they say God impregnant Mary and that’s how Hazrat Isa was born. The whole immaculate conception is an offensive to Islam. Therefore we must ban this altogether. In Christinaity they even have paints of Jesus Christ and depiction of God as an old man. Please, what is more offensive than this??? We need to ban these sites and all those of the Rennaisance paintings that show such blasphemous content.

            There are also other faiths like Bahai faith and Sikh faith that like Ahhmadiya faith adopt bits an portions of Islamic faith but ignore the rest or modify it making it offensive and blasphemous. These faiths came after Islam and have blasphemous beliefs and should have their links banned too.

            I feel we must not discriminate against one community but should ban all these sites too. Our policy needs to be consistent and non negotiable. If your faith doesn’t accept Islam and all it’s beliefs or preaches blasphempus things such as Almighty God can have a human baby, then all these must also be banned. We must make no exception in making sure the true word of Allah as in the Quran must be allowed on the Internet from Pakistan.

            • someone

              I could do the same question to you. I’m a Muslim and it is Ramadan. So I’ll be honest.

              Why are we the only ones blocking websites of other Religions, the internet is supposed to be free. I do not pay monthly bills to be denied access to certain websites, thus I use my good share of proxies to access normal websites like PasteBin, YES that is blocked as well!

              They can block websites as much as they want to, but can someone please tell me why FreeDownloadManager and PasteBin are blocked?! That is why I’m against blocking websites.

            • Shahid Saleem

              — But isn’t it blasphemous that they say God impregnant Mary and that’s how Hazrat Isa was born. The whole immaculate conception is an offensive to Islam.

              But do you know Islamic History? When the Christians of Najran came to visit the Prophet, our Prophet let them say their prayers in the mosque in Madinah.

          • Talha Ahmed

            At least you are admitting that Islam is in great danger (your Islam)

        • Saleem Khan

          I had no idea about this Site at all….but now I will go and read the contents. Majority of our people will do the same…. When media gives coverage to something unknown then such thing becomes more popular… Now credit goes to MR ATTA for letting me know about the site.

          As far religion or sects are concerned, Ahmodiyah is only called Non Muslims in Pakistan, else where they are still Muslims and going for Hajj too. I am not Ahmidiyah but I have friends from all circles…I know a lot of under the table facts and figures.

          Anyways, a big applause for Mr. Atta who helped me to visit this site. Secondly, I prefer that Technology Blog must refrain to write on useless topics such as politics and religion. It will help them to work more professionally. Otherwise they will add value to spread more sickness in society.

          • Saleem Khan,

            Kindly do some search before posting. You know ahemdis than its strange they told you “under table facts” but not about their official site.

            ANy how read this:

            Also check their lies on international media:

            As far as Aamr post is concerned, This post is made when PTA fail to implement its “order”, regardless to religion, or any other issue, PTA activity monitoring is not new or 1st time mentioned in Pro-Pakistani.

        • Faisal

          Look, christian says they are christian. Jews say they are Jewish. Hindos say they are hindos. But Qadiyani say he is Muslims (Nauzubillah). Qadiyani is the biggest threat to Islam and trying to make less-aware Muslims murtad since its first day by spending billions.So, it is more fata and worst than a normal Kafir.

          • Faisal


        • Jabran

          Basically, Christianity doesn’t base upon these understandings. It is the act/thinking of individuals. I personally know many Christians who believe on one creator and do not call prophet Jesus their god or son of god.

          However, in case of Ahmadi sector, understandings say that sector is based on non-compliance of basic rule of Islam that means the acceptance of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as being last prophet.

          Mixing up the things would be the same as whole world now thinks that because majority of terrorists call themselves Muslims and try to behave like them in their physical appearance so Islam is actually the cause of it.

          Personally, I think that effective awareness should be taken in place by PTA instead.

          • Jabran

            Aamir bro, please update my name in above comment to Jabran. Thanks!

      • javed

        i posted few comments on this post but neither of them got published though i posted them rightly and got the message that the comments are waiting for moderation as you always do.
        but may i ask why any one of my comments got place on this page, while scores of other hateful comments are posted by you w/o any editing.

  • umar satti

    What is this…
    PTA what are you doing.. Take immediate action.
    Thanks proPaksitani

  • kamran

    What PTA need to do? Its their right to access their community’s official website every where as Ahmadi’s are also ProPakistani citizens. Yes I don’t agree with their belief but I support liberty of expression.

    • FARHAN

      Yes Ahmaddiya Peoples can propagate their religion like Hindu, Christin etc…

      BUT…I said BUT…They dont have any right to call themselves Muslims anymore… As Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) are the Last Prophet. And the person who dont believe in this point is Kafir. As Ahmaddiya are pure Kafirs.

      Hopefully you and others like you understand it.

      • someone

        You need to work on your definition of Kafir.

        I’ll ask you a logical question, Should the US or UK block all Islamic sites because they differ with the general population’s religion?

  • sabahat

    PTCL is the largest ISP in Pakistan and i wonder why it has such bias against the Ahmadi Muslims if the ban has been lifted by other ISPs.
    Similarly, i ask the readers to visit , if they can, and let us all know if there’s any kind of blasphemous material. i find the said website totally islamic and spreading the true and real teachings of Islam.

    • Dear Admin,

      Kindly update the above comment. Qadyanis are not muslim according to my beliefs & Pakistan law. If you respect their beliefs, kindly respect my beliefs too. and also “illegal” according to our law, so please update.


      These cutting i get from the books available in the website you mentioned:

    • Hasan

      PTCL is owned by a Dubai group I believe. If the site is blocked in Dubai then I suppose PTCL is applying Dubai policies in Pakistan too.

      • someone

        This is the problem, this is Pakistan and not Dubai, we have different laws over here. PTCL should follow our laws and PTA should make sure that happens.

        Also, I believe there should not be any ban at all, if there is blasphemous content anywhere, why the hell are you give it publicity. Any blocked website can be opened through proxies – Similar to blocking porn sites, it should be the parent’s job to regulate their children, not the ISP’s.

        • Reader

          Ahmedi are kafirs
          sabahat u r ahmedi, please girl read true concepts of ISLAM.

          Allah tumhein hidayat day aur tum musalman hojao. ameen

  • Jawad

    Ban on isn’t related to this. This ban was illegal. Because if Pakistani media can’t report the truth then they have right to tell the people truth. All the news posted on shiakilling were a slap on the face of govt. so PTA imposed ban to hide govt failures!

  • Hu Mobile

    PTA Banned This Site :)

    • SN

      Ban on ShiaKilling not on Website.

      this website does not contain any violated materials its only talk about Shia Killing all around the World.

  • Haris

    sari websites khul rahi hyn ahmedi wali 0r ye shia wali b .. link dsl isb .. PTA lucy authority .. zardari shia hy usi ne banvaii hogi website .. no offence btw

    • Haris tum Haris ho Haris ho Haris ho. Kuch log th zaror samghain gay . Haris Haris Haris

      • Abubaker Javed

        Janab Hum Nahii Samjee Kuch Samjaooo Na ;)

  • GadgetPlot

    site should be banned permanently on all isps

  • Atif

    There is long chapter why Ahmaddiya is unacceptable than all others non-Muslims. The Pakistan’s law has clear details on this too.
    Or you can read the books of Pir Maher Ali Shah on Qadiyaniaat.
    PTA must block this site.

    • someone

      Again, I’m not denying that they are not Muslims, Yes, they are NOT Muslims. But why does that give us a right to block them out?

  • Muhammad Anas

    For mirza sabahat and Those who think there are no blasphemous material in this website:

    Have a look at this text copied from this website.

    “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only Islamic organization to believe that the long-awaited Messiah has come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) (1835-1908) of Qadian. Ahmad(as) claimed to be the metaphorical second coming of Jesus(as) of Nazareth and the divine guide, whose advent was foretold by the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad(sa). Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes that God sent Ahmad(as), like Jesus(as), to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice and peace. Ahmad’s(as) advent has brought about an unprecedented era of Islamic revival. He divested Islam of fanatical beliefs and practices by vigorously championing Islam’s true and essential teachings. He also recognized the noble teachings of the great religious founders and saints, including Zoroaster(as), Abraham(as), Moses(as), Jesus(as), Krishna(as), Buddha(as), Confucius(as), Lao Tzu and Guru Nanak, and explained how such teachings converged into the one true Islam.”

    After reading this do you still think this site does not oppose what our Holy Prophet P.B.U.H said in his hadith:

    “”In My Ummah, there shall be born Thirty Grand Liars (Dajjals),
    each of whom will claim to be a prophet,
    But I am the Last Prophet; there is No Prophet after Me.”

    And Ahmadis belived Mirza Gulam Ahmed Qadyani (lanutllah ilih) as their prophet. what can be more blasphemous than this.

    For Admin Please do not censor this post so everyone should know the reality.

    • Ali


      • Reader

        Masha Allah! Thumbs up Brother!

  • Muhammad Anas

    Another Text from the website.

    Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the leading Islamic organization to categorically reject terrorism in any form. Over a century ago, Ahmad(as) emphatically declared that an aggressive “jihad by the sword” has no place in Islam. In its place, he taught his followers to wage a bloodless, intellectual “jihad of the pen” to defend Islam.

    “Jihad by the sword has no place in Islam”

    This means our beloved Prophet (S.A) who participated in several Jihads with Sahaba (R.A) was not the follower of Islam (Nauzubillah)

    Who among you second this point of Ahmediya community????

    • MoZ

      I do.

      And what r u going to do? because picking up weapons to impose Islam on the rest is terrorism in my dictionary.

    • Omar

      I second this… anyone who thinks that the Prophet (S.A) participated in several “assertive” Jihads with Sahaba (R.A) is not a human being let alone a follower of Islam.

      Islams Jihad was defensive and clearly the true Jihad was in forgiving and acquiring education.

  • muslim

    this site must be banned.

    • MoZ

      Or what? r u going to make them ban it?

    • Saleem Khan

      That site must be banned but pornography must be open for muslim…right?

      • who said that we should also ban pornography

        • MoZ

          Should west also ban Islamic sites in their country? We don’t need a certificate from a Islamo-fascist to tell us what we can see on our computer, we can make that decision ourselves.

          • Usman

            ye site ban karo,aur jis k web site hai us k khelaff action bhi lo,ta k itni napak website dobara koi na dekh sakey.

  • Raza

    Stop talking about religion in that way,

    y govermant and alot ov people are just affriad of from one website?

    And yah updates were againsts govermant so that website banning was another issue, between i think none ov any website should be banned , if ahmdiasm are getting papoularity then it is a fault ov our religous authortiy and personalities which are being funded by millions ov rupess and even cudnt Answers to ahmedi’s beleif.

  • reihaan

    I can also see this website in Rawalpindi on Qubee!It must be banned across the Pakistan!

  • Fakhre alam

    Ban it permanently

  • must must must be banned but i can see this with https:/ instead of http:// on ptcl dsl

  • Saleem Khan

    DOUBLE STANDARDS….Pakistan is NUMBER 1 in Pornography search and above this searching dirtiest ever sex words on google…we never raise voice to change Pakistanis actions but we are so active to hamper our own people and killing them based on factless blames and news. Shame on such sickness that is taking us to the lowest level in whole world. People literally laugh on our double standards…Please think positively and let people live as they want.

  • MoZ

    Islam is threatened by one site. I never knew it was so weak.

    • Reader

      Islam is never weak, people weak, you are a weak & new Innocent generation minds are weak.

  • Jawad

    @Mr Aamir Atta! Mentioning with Ahmaddiya website and all the above post creates an ambiguity that both sites were publishing blasphemous contents! However pakshia is only posting the news of shia killing which isn’t reported and published by our biased media!

  • Bilal Abdullah

    It appears mr Atta you are promoting this site no one is interested in this news and this shitty site stop giving follow ups

  • Honey

    Good work Wateen. You have block this site. Shame for witribe and qubee.

  • Awaz Badmash

    So now ProPakistani is acting like (jahil) MULLAHS and inciting hatred. This is not IT news and most people dont know about the website and are not interested in it. By posting this it shows your hatred towards other sects and religions.
    I hope this post would satisfy the inner mullah oozing hatred.
    I wonder why every other muslim has so narrow thinking :)

    • Ali

      biggest jahil is ghulam mirza qadiani.

      • MoZ

        I also hear similar things about our prophet from people who don’t believe in our religion. I just want to ask you, why r u so full of hate?

  • Beaten By Love

    old news, you have copy

  • usman mir (@uzman0)

    This nation deserves whats it is getting ;[

  • Omar

    Ban all porno sites and qadiyani sites.qadianio ko fitna na pheaney do.

  • Omar

    Ban all porn sites and qadiani sites.

  • Asad


  • Ali

    Ummm, I only know one thing. And that’s the Constitution of 1973 which clearly states the truth! Or should I quote the exact text here?

  • Wasif

    Ahmedis. Please stop bickering like old ladies. If you really are so oppressed, why dont you do hijrat to British soil (the birth place of your cult)? After all, your top tier leadership is there rejoicing their life.
    You are NON MUSLIMS according to the constitution of Pakistan. Either accept that and live by our rules or challenge it in courts. You have plenty of money. I know it.
    Your poster child strategy is not going to work. One Ahmedi dies and you make such a fuss that i become startled. Every day, hundreds of Muslims die and you dont utter a single word of sympathy. You are neither human nor Muslims. Actions speak louder than words.
    As far as ban on your website is concerned, that is not the right choice. We should let you do whatever you want, but over internet. After all, Zaid Zaman Hamid is also flourishing only on internet.

  • kamran

    As for as my openion is concern its against the basic human rights and islamic teaching as well if you don’t agree our faith and don’t accept our belief its your choice and wish we don’t insist anyone but islam opens the way of preach for every faith and religion it gives freedom as we see in the era of Holy Prophet pbh every christian and jew was free in his own faith there wasn’t demolishing of tombs and churches today you have banned on Ahmadiyyah’s website tomorrow you’ll have to demolish the churches and tombs that will totally against islamic teachings and the model roll of Holy Prophet s.a.w as well.

  • Danish

    working on my ptcl broadband :)

  • Ali

    Ban this site forever

  • Muhammad (SAWW) ka ghulam

    I dont access on this site Im wateen user

  • Muhammad (SAWW) ka ghulam

    I request some hacker of Pakistan hackes that bullshit site & they never access on that dirty site

  • gummybear

    is there really any blasphemous material on the site,,, did anyone bother to look on the site?

    • Hi,
      Qadiyaniat is declared as non-muslims in Pakistan Alhumdolillah. And we salute Mr. Bhutto on this act.

      Why many of us on this article is talking about “blasphemous material”
      Mr. Ghulam Ahmed declared him as Prophet, Hazrat Esa, Imam Mehdi and Wahi comes to him are not enough declaration to be banned them for ever.
      All websites and things related to them should be banned.

      Even one should not have any relation with them if we love to our prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

      • burki

        no doubt.always should be ban any activity in Pakistan of mirzaeee

  • Khalid

    is web site k chalaney walon k khelaf sakht karwai honi chaiye.

  • Amir

    jo companies ban nahi maar rahi PTA us k khelaf action ley aur hamesha k liye ban marey is website pe.

  • fizza

    govt should take action to reban the web. we all protest against the ahmadiya web site

  • AOA
    Ahmediya Web site again opened please everybody register a complaint against this site. compalint at PTA web site.


    • sadiq


  • Usman

    Their differences in beliefs aside, what’s so wrong in advocating intellectual jihad? This is also taught in Islam and is jihad Akbar. We should all educate ourselves as much as possible to counter zealotry and anti-Islam thoughts by our enemies. Hopefully that way we can prevent the need for jihad by the sword by strengthening the Ummah.

  • It should banned…..

  • FeZy


  • burki

    well done pta .am thanks full to you every moment.

  • i’ve reported it to PTA
    just watching what PTA do?

  • sane voice

    I would just request those who believe that the ahmadiya website contains blasphemous material please visit the site and look at the contect. You might disagree with some of the contents but anything found under the category of blashphemy might not cross your eyes.

    • sane voice


  • tanveer

    PTCL must also do some thing for wi-tribe and other ISP’s so that they also ban those sites

  • Fahad

    ptcl EVO par khul rahi ha

  • Mudassar

    Banning the site is not going to make any difference, did banning Ahmadis make any difference in past?
    and yes you can now abuse me. I know that is all what you guys were teached by mullahs.