Iran Bans Google Search, Gmail In Favor of Domestic Network

iran-flagIran has decided to block Google Search and Gmail in the country to switch its citizen on to a domestically developed National Internet Network with an aim to improve country’s cyber security, however, it is said that ban was reaction to recently produced anti-Islamic movie.

The announcement, that came from a government deputy minister on state television, said that Google’s search engine and its email service would be blocked in the country, with no indication of whether it is a temporary blockade or permanent in nature.

Authorities said that they have informed the citizen through text messages on their cell phones.

The Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) said Google ban was connected to the anti-Islamic film posted on the company’s YouTube site which has caused outrage throughout the Muslim world. There was no official confirmation though.

Iran is considered as an overly censored state, which regularly keeps blocking internet websites.

Iranian government argues that these measures are taken to safeguard its cyberspace which has been attacked by American and other anti-Iranian nations in the past.

Iran has been long pushing to establish its Iranian Internet system which, it believes, will offer better security to nation and its citizen. Currently this National Internet System is used by state agencies however efforts are being made to bring common citizens on to the system.

Iran has been hit with computer worms and virus in past that had targeted and impacted its nuclear program.


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  • Adil Bilawal


  • Monster

    Iran Good Step….Pakistan Should Also …

  • Yasir Latif

    Good move by Iran Govt. i also want such things in Pakistan too.

    • Shahid Saleem

      You don’t have to wait for the government. Just stop using Google sites today, and don’t reply to anyone with a gmail address.

  • Lahoria

    I am not a Google fan for using Gmail, Google Search or Android mobile user… i have many options to use…. well, good step taken by the Govt of Iran…

    • Yasir Latif

      yes we can use other service provider like msn, bing, ask etc…. and similarly windows mobile, symbian etc…. well i never like Google products.

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    So, Android Devices in Iran will become a showpiece!!! I hope Iran will invent an alternate for Android OS too. Anyway, great step taken, we should appreciate it and get inspiration from it. I think all Islamic countries should get together to build a system like Google, will it be a difficult task for all the muslin countries together???

  • FeZy

    Paklstani Govt should also take steps like this, can pakistani guys make search engine like google and social network like Youtube?? If any one have info about that kindly reply aprx how much investment will be require for starting such project???

  • Bakhtawar

    Good step by iran and pakistan should also follow this and when no one found youtube, gamil etc then we all will move to our local same services like google but first thing is we have to start quality free services like google.

    • Shahid Saleem

      “Quality” and “Free” are two words you would never associate with a professional service from Pakistan. Don’t agree with me? Then start naming such services.

  • That’s the power of the iran

    • Shahid Saleem

      Power of what? Iran’s oppressive government?

      Hey listen, any time I want to invite people to Islam and say Islam is the best form of government, the people I invite point to Iran and tell me that they would NEVER want to live under a government that kills their own citizens for simply questioning how it acts.

      So today I ask you to explain to me how Iran’s government is doing a good thing here.

  • Aray wah,,Good..!!
    Pakistan ko bhi yeh step laina chahyiee,,,Apna network Good,,!!

  • Arsalan Bakht

    Iran Great Step… ./

  • Saif

    I think Google Android services are also blocked in Pakistan as of Sep 24th.

    • Abdullah

      I had trouble signing in to google services on my android device after the recent ban. But everything worked fine once I changed the DNS on my phone to google DNS.

  • Nabeel

    When will Pakistan awaken, Khadim e ala and tsunami please at least give us hope.
    Please read this to understand why we need to create local competition for Google.

  • ali

    thats it, now tie to make Muslims network a search engine, video sharing sites and capture fb admis by getting max shares in market .. . 51%
    your network your choice. . . .

  • MOZ

    You always seem to give examples of countries that ban stuff, god knows we already have enough of that going on in Pakistan. Ban this, Ban that, hell ban living. We are grown adults, we know what is good for us and what is bad? I have never seen Propakistani ever mentioning or advocating the ban of hateful religious sites, sectarian sites, racist sites created by muslims. And u want to talk about double standards!!!

    • Shahid Saleem

      +1 to your comment, brother. +1.