PTA Asked to Hammer All Night Packages

Courtesy: Ministry of LoLType Affairs, FacebookA Senate’s Standing Committee on Cabinet Division has asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to stop all night packages, offered by cellular companies for cheap hourly calls (usually at Rs. 1-3 per hour) or even free calls at a fixed nominal daily charge.

Cellular companies confirmed ProPakistani that they haven’t received any such directive from authority yet.

This is not the first time that voice against night-packages has been raised. Earlier, Punjab and KPK Provincial assemblies passed resolution for the ban of night packages, but nothing could stop cellular companies with their night-calls offerings.

It is unclear so far that when PTA will issue the directive to cellular companies for withdrawal of night packages. Even if ordered, we aren’t sure that cellular companies will refrain from night packages – just like they are continuing with Prize/Inami schemes even after directive that asked operators to stop all kind of Prize/Inami schemes.

Night Packages are argued to be spoiling the youth. Surveys have been conducted to back this argument. Night packages are alleged to be responsible for bad health and poor academic performance of the youth.

In a Poll Conducted by ProPakistani (back in 2010), 70 percent of respondents voted for the closure of night packages.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • jis koom ki youth sari sari raat jaag kar ratoo ko band kamroo main batain karne main masroof hogi, to us koom ki zehni halat ka andaza lagaya ja sakta hai. allah tala ne raat ko araam karne aur soone ke liye banaya hai, aur iske beshumaar scientic faiday hain. plzzzzz ban any kind of night pakages. taakey aaj kal ke jawan ke jism main thori taqat ayee…

        • dost apnay naam ka M b capital hi likhtay ho na, phir Allah jese azeem hasti poori kainaat ki azeem tareen hasti k naam mai ghalti? socho, ya toh Allah ka naam lo toh behtreen izzat do, warna naam hi na lo, because dunya k sab se azeem naam ko izzat dena Farz hai… and dont think k mai tumhain criticize ker rha hoon, insaan se ghalti hojati hai, but atleast future mai buhat care kero… aur sania ne apko ek achi baat batai, achi baat batanay mai koi burai nai, apko b kaheen nazar ae ap b usko sahi kero aur naiki kamao… JazakAllah

            • i just respect GOD who gave me life, call me stupid, GOD will judge better… if a capital letter aint that important why did you write Shades instead of shades… watch your toungue next time, galiyan ghar mai dia kero, because noone cares here what your parents taught you.

                • han, khuda k agay rona hi behtar hai.. tum b daro isse pahlay k tumpe us azeem zaat ki nafarmani ka azaab nazil ho, agar mere Allah ko respect dene ko tum rona bolte ho aur us pe hastay ho toh inshAllah Allah ki lanat aur uska azaab anqareeb nazil hoga tumpe…

                  Fi Aman Allah, Allah tumhare haq mai behter farmae.Ameen

    • hmmm, i appologize, yes mene galti ki word ALLAH ko small me likh kar per jan boojh kar nahi kiya ainda khyaal rakhonga, jaldi jaldi main likh raha tha comment, sab dostoo se so sorry, rehnumai karne ka shukriya…

  • Mughy to samagh nahi ati kay akhir yeah log itnay ghantoon tak konsi batain kerty hain jo khatam hi nahi hoti

    BTW thumb up for PTA

  • sms of sms packages should alos be restricted from 11pm to 7am so ppl may adapt the habit of sleeping in the night instead of making long calls and sending txts whole night..

  • Strongly against such action,everyday thousands of people all around the globe die in road accidents,does that mean your going to ban all motor vehicles?

    If night packages are resulting in poor academic records,educational institutions must work on their students by giving more time and counselling with parents.Night packages are popular among youth and adults as well,i am a married man and often send to other cities on secondment,i use night package to connect with my family,night packages are facility and must not be ban at all.

    • I don’t think you are married person and even using NP.

      Pori family rat phr jagte hai. daal main kuch kala tu zaroor hai -:)

    • bro, u r married but i m single 22, i totally condemn this shit, night pakages se hamari nojawan nasal, hamari bachian tabaah ho rahi hain. mana ke night pkgs ke kuch faiday bhi hain, per 100 main se 10, baqi to sab tharki pan hota hai. aap ka experience hoga dear ye to…


  • what the hell is Wrong with PTA, is it being controlled by some MULLAH ? or what……….First Youtube now this…..seriously we need to grow the ***k up……if you ban night packages ppl will start using skype…yahoo..etc, will you ban the whole internet then? JAHIL QOUM !!!!

    • So video chat should also be made avaliable at night? Right? If shi* is happening then let it happen at multiplied rate? LOL, Typical liberal thinking!!!

      • — So video chat should also be made avaliable at night?

        When 3G/4G is deployed, video chat will be available at night. What will the PTA say now? Ban video chat??

  • Its useless effort. Youth is already being spoiled too much by the Western type of culture deepening in Pakistani roots. we have to CUT the root, Specially our Media should be fully honest and based on Islamic teachings, nothing haram.

    Khilafat can bring end to such destructions, we should cut the root of problems, rather than cutting the leaves of a thorny plant.

  • yahan un sb ny coment kia hai jin koi gf ni hai :) lolx…..un logon ny koi coment ni kia jo yeh use krty hain nigte packages cx thy are bz in packages ….lolx hehehe

    • Cha gaya he shezade… ye sare londe Kavare hei, inhe koi larke mun bhi nahi lagati na inhe koi tameez he…
      De tolo Kuna warkare da….

  • I think we should go the Rehman Malik way. No cellular services from 10pm to 7am. Loadshedding of communication.
    Instead of educating the masses on the use of technology, we want to minimize the technology to appease the illiterate masses. No wonder Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are moving ahead as they first educated their people, then brought technology.
    It is our masses who use the mobile for watching videos, listening to songs, spamming and disturbing. Not even Siri (iPhone) can make a call or send a text to someone without being instructed to. Punish the idiot using the tool, not the tool.

  • it is my request to propakistani experts, k plz india aur pakistan ke celluler network ke calling aur sms pkgs per ek comparison karain. ke jistarah se cheap pakges hamare country main hain kya hamare paroos main bhi aise hi pakages hain. soo cheap ya wahan per expensive hain. plzz consider..

  • Mashallah lagta hai ab mobile companies b Baggnay lagge is country sa.

    1st ye implement nahe ho sakta becoz revenue kamm hoga unka.
    2nd agar ye howa to sub sa pahla Pakistan sa baghna wali company zong then warid hoge.

  • Gov. has no business to tell people what time to talk or not to talk or to dictate a business what kind packages they can offer or cannot offer, I cant wait to see when 3G and LTE will come to PK the whole nation will go crazy and start burning things down. Seems there are no solutions in PK other than banning things. The truth of the matter is people who are against it are the one who abusing it the most and they are addicted to it so much that they want gov. to intervene

  • Peoples are doing same things in Day as Night…Day Hourly Offers are more cheap than Night

  • BEST hy…

    P.T.A go on I am with you……

    Or jo yah bakwas kar raha hay k eshq ho tou Pata chalay tou bhai Eshq hay tou Nikaah karo wo tumhari or tum eskay, Yah pori pori rat lagay rehna sharafat nahi hay


  • BTW I do not think this would be fruitful, after all there is a substitute available for every thing, like blocking pop corn sites is of no use until or unless a chap decided by himself to not indulge in inappropriate stuff again.

  • arz kiya hai… Night packages par bachi phasai thi dil lagany k liye, Bahiyun kuch tu batao kia karun ab us sy jaan churany k liye

  • iss velli qoam ko jab tak kan sy pakar k sedha na karo inko samjh nahi ati… Majority of the people abusing these night packages , so they should be Banned !! jiskii jan ja rahi hai wo skype use kary …

  • Good Step. Also ban unlimited calls like 9am to 5pm, hourly packages,
    unlimited sms bundles & Convert all prepaids to postpaids.

    Things will go better a lot in just few days.

  • lol, why dont the committe pass a bill so that there is only one cell fone allowed for a family. Bogus attempt to rarify the character of youth. the committe should first standup against the president who has such a black character.

  • pakistan mein to waisay to buhat sari khushali hai na,,bijli hai gas hai jobs hain industry hai,log ameer ho rhay hain. is liyay govt aur yahan kay comments ye btati hain kay logon ko morally sai krna chaheyay kyun kay baki to sb theek hai,,haina guys???logon ko restrict kr kay hi pakistan agay barh sakta hai..bnao madrasay or chalao suicide factorian..yei sai tareeka hai…hypocrites you guys

  • Hadh hogayi hai jahalat ki…ab ban karke naujwan nasal ko theek karenge?? theek karna hi hai to islamic values implement karo. co education khatam karo..salo

  • Doesn’t bother me, i’ve never used any of the bullshits offered by network operators, whether day packages or night, no way! And also i never wasted my precious time with girls, i only want 3g, 21MBPS+ speed, really now i am fed-up with 2mbps wi-fi on my phone, my android development hasn’t been started yet in xda-developers community, coz of 500mb ROMs which will take years to finish uploading, and even if i’ll have high-speed upload facility, i’ll stuck with no paypal support here for receving earnings which could be generate by Android ROM Development, where the f***k i am living! You can imagine how i would be feeling when i see a post in xda that ‘my download speed is very slow today, downloading @just 2mb/s’

  • bullshit they are out of there mind they are all sick they are trying to restrict the nation like a little baby bloody hell nonsense government.


  • Ye problem dosray problems ki wja se paida hua jin men se ek ye b hy ke
    jab larka larki shadi ki umar ko aa jaty hain parents un ki shadi nai
    karty aur larka larki b khud ko single kehnay men pride feel kertay

    Jab ke haqeqat ye hy ke natural desire sab ke under hoti
    hy jo is trah pori kernay ki koshish ki jati hai aur is wja se crimes b
    hotay hain aur acid phainkny ke incidents men b yehi baat hoti hy aksar
    cases men.

  • Good Step. Also ban unlimited calls like 9am to 5pm, hourly packages,
    unlimited sms bundles & Convert all prepaids to postpaids.

  • the whole trend was initiated by telenor while introducing Djuice to increase Average Revenue per User ARPU by letting youth to call longer times and downloading stuff using internet stuff… then it was adopted by other operators to capture market.. no love for customers.. only the revenue generation.. at any cost…

      • might be.. but cell phones were not so common those days… when djuice was introduced… cell phones were getting common and majority of youth started using these packages..

  • Stupid move. We need to educate our youth about the usage of mobile phones. Who fucking cares if PTA bans Night Packages? People got Skype, Facebook and other means. Shutting down night packages only mean encouraging the youth to find other means and they surely will find other means. Our government cannot control the youth, no government in the world can. Give them something better to do and maybe they’ll consider refraining from night packages. People have nothing to do but to shit all day. What do our government expect from the youth?

  • this system should be implemented but people can use sms package for chatting…

  • PTA kay Directives ka GOVT kay sath koi relation nee hay,I think Cabinet
    Division will intervene as PTA is under the Cabinet Division on issuing
    such bull shit Directives.

  • close