Ban Indian Models Appearing in TVCs: NA Body

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Nargis-Fakhri_0National Assembly’s standing committee on Information and Broadcasting has recommended to ban the appearance of Indian Models in TV and print ads in Pakistan, hinting that parliamentarians aren’t comfortable with bold and exposing ads being aired by Pakistani brands.

Committee has recommended that Pakistani brands should be confined to use Pakistani models only, to promote local culture and talent.

Mobilink has heavily relied on Indian models for its TVCs in the past. In a recent flick, Mobilink is featuring Nargis Fakhri in a TV ad that promotes its faster internet.

Pakistani brands that hire Indian talent for their TVCs justify that Indian production houses and models offer better quality and cost effective TVCs while meeting tight schedules on short notices. While others believe that Pakistani production houses are equally well equipped in terms of technical facilities.

In a poll conducted by ProPakistani, 76 percent respondents urged Pakistani (telco) brands to use local talent instead of hiring Indian models.

  • Burger bachay: oh ban on indian models, ham gayay ham mar gayay, hamari azadi gai, kisi ko ikhtayar nahi ham jo marzi dekhain blah blah :D

    India main Pakistani tv channels per ban hay na shayad? aur hamaray news channel tak zehno main bollywood ghussa howa hay. news channels ka kia kasor, jab employee he bollywood zehan hain.

    • un ko burger nai balkay samajdar aur parhay likhay kaho.tum jaisay jahil logon ki waja say to aj pakistan is durahaya per khara hai!hate evryone in the world amreeka india israel or apni auqaat pai ki nai!!!ye jo atom bumb hai na tumhara kbi sai pak studies peri ho to pta chalay kaisay chori si liyay gaya tha!!bray ayay patriotic

  • Really Amazed to see the phrase “parliamentarians aren’t comfortable with bold and exposing ads being aired by Pakistani brands”
    Are they Comfortable with the dialogues aired on the local channels in pakistani dramas? How the use double meaning and explicit dialogues??
    And what about the dressing?

    • Rafay i am agree with you, you are amazed but i am laughing to read the phrase, “parliamentarians aren’t comfortable with bold and exposing ads being aired by Pakistani brands”

  • Why don’t they put a ban on after news shows on our Television i.e Kamran Khan k sath, Tonight with Jasmine and more…they use very vulgar language and more inappropriate material.

  • Nargis is closer to Pakistan than India, she has a father from Pakistan.

    If working in India is enough to get her banned in our commercials, then what about all the other Pakistani actors, cricket players, models, etc who do ads or videos or play in India? Shouldn’t they be banned, too?

  • and India too should ban our artists… ban our singers… aap logo ki soch ko banda kia kahay… 1/2 inch ki masjid me hi rehna sari zindagi… yaha toe humaray mulk ka her banda hi “Bal Thakuray” hai….

    • shut ur mouth…………… tm kabhi MASJID gaye ho???? 1/2 inch ki kaha dekhi tm ney??? Hamaray mulk may waisey b arist logo k liye kaam kam hay agr wo b Indians ko day day gey tau hamaray artist kya pakoray bechay gey?

  • Puri dunya mn aisa ho raha ha,india mn hollywood n dunya bhr models n actors aa rahe hen,khud ko international level pe laane k bjaye ban krte jao hr kisi ko..N Nargis Fakhri hmari wali Nargis k muqable main pure kapron mn ha,Konse bold scene kiye us ne?apni models K kartoot dekhen pehle.

  • First of all, logo k paas kitna farigh waqt hai is qism ki baaton k liye.

    Second.. I think it’s their choice, whether they want to use indian models or pakistani models, it’s totally upto them to decide. After all they are paying money not those parliamentarians or pakistani awam..

    About vulgarity, pakistani private channels are already showing much vulgarity in their ads and dramas, let’s not talk about that.

    Lastly.. if u people want to ban indian models, then first ban indian tv channels shown on our cable tv. Ban indian movies shown on tv and in multiplexes.
    And u really wanna impose a ban, give me one reason why indians should not ban Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali and many other pakistani’s working in india.

  • DON’ BAN INDIAN ACTRESSES BUT COMPETE. It is different world of competition and you can not ban things. One way or another, these will come up with more strength. The only way (Professional) is to compete with them. Compete with them on each and every level. Try to dare others with your talent instead of trying to follow non professional and excusing way.

    Think before writing such articles and educate your readers to think beyond their limits. Bring your readers out of WELL where majority don’t know what is happening in rest of the world. Let them adopt best practices and ethics.

    Dare with world with your strengths but excuses. Think on it please.

  • katherine kaif, saif ali khan and kareena kapoor. and allied bank’s indian TVcommercials should also……………….

  • …a sad reflection of where the focus of the politicians and National Assembly is … why don’t we try to find a solution to gas shortages, killings in karachi, desecration of graves of minorities. I feel sad for this country and our fellow citizens wasting breath on non-issues.

    With regards to Indian actresses in our adverts; its basically the choice of the company and advertiser. The public can exercise its choice by writing on such forums or otherwise not buying the product. But ‘banning’ is not a solution to either this issue or any other that we have seen come in abundance from PTA lately; be it Late night options, Youtube, sim selling. We need to educate masses so that they can make better decisions themselves. Let the government focus on its core responsibilities of providing infrastructure, protecting our lives and property, and giving an environment where one can conduct business freely and fairly.

    • its a recommendation by the “Standing committee on Information and Broadcasting” . its not there job to make decisions about any of the things you mentioned. They are doing their job just fine. be rational in your judgements my friend.

      • Dear Sibzz. Thanks for pointing this out. I am not 100% sure about the mandate of Subcommittee on Information and Broadcasting but doubt that it extends to worrying about the nationality of models, what type of clothes they wear, etc. And then why stop at Indian models? We should also object to Gillette adverts because Roger Federer is Swiss! I am all for promoting Pakistani models, products, clothes, airlines, etc. but this must come through personal/business choice. In a free market you cannot put quotas or restrictions. Our products must be good enough to compete. Protectionism does not work anymore.

        The essence of my point is that our self righteous puritan mindset is stifling our intellectual and economic growth and diverting our energies to focus on issues that will really take this country forward. And i hope that is part of the mandate of the Senators who get elected and the sub-committees they sit in.

  • First thing first, check your facts. Nargis Fakhri is a daughter of a Pakistani man and Czech woman. She was born in USA. This makes her an American, not an Indian. Secondly, propakistani’s content is going down the drain for the past year.

  • I think not only the brands ads should bane some channels should be stops, Like Urdu 1, hero TV. They are not doing good things Only vulgarity on the name of art promoting their bad business.

  • Nargis Fakhri is not Indian but yes, Mobilink and Telenor are two of the companies which outsource their ad campaign to some cheap-skate companies in India and run the trash on our tele. I completely agree with the rest of your post and thank you for bringing this up. I also can’t stand to see those heavily makeup fugly faces on national television.

  • Our parliamentarians like people with fake degrees, people who steel credit cards, people who call girls while in jail, people whose child are out of control, we do not need them to guide us neither PTCL has to become net nanny for us. Use Hotspot shield and fuck everyone.

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