Zong Offers MusiCall

Zong MusiCall

Zong has announced this new service called MusiCall, which will enable its customers to enjoy musical experience when they make calls to their friends and family.

This exciting service is topped by MusiCall content which is absolutely free. You can download from a treasure trove of melodious songs, inspiring instrumentals and much much more from Zong MusiCall Library without paying any charges (limited time promotion). In addition to this Offer you can also Copy free Music during the conversation. .

Zong MusiCall features are not limited here, you can also select different music for different people and play special effects during the conversation by just pressing a keypad button on your mobile phone.

Methods To Subscribe?

  • Via SMS: Send Sub to 5500
  • Via IVR: Dial 5500

Subscriber Eligibility:

  • All packages of Prepaid and Postpaid users are eligible for this service

How To Use Zong MusiCall Service?

  • Just Dial IVR 5500 to subscribe and download free content.

Detailed Mechanics:

  • Once the service is subscribed customer will listen to the default Zong instruments if he did not purchase any content
  • After selecting content, customer will be given the option to assign the selected instrumental/Music on his phone keys i.e. from 1 to 9 .
  • Customer can enjoy Zong MusiCall by adding a prefix 55. BGM call can be connected to ON-NET, OFF-NET, PTCL as well.

How to control Volume during the Zong MusiCall

  • Customers can easily control the volume of the music during Zong MusiCall and can end the music as and when he wants
    • To increase volume press ‘#’ key.
    • To Decrease volume the ‘*’ key.
    • ‘0’ key will mute the Music playing in the background during the Zong MusiCall
    • By pressing ‘0’ key again will re-activate the MusiCall service
  • Zong MusiCall Service also allows the customers to add sounds effects after listening to lots of content by dialing 5500 IVR
  • The content list will be continuously updated for maximum customer appeal & engagement

Copy Favorite Music

  • Zong MusiCall service allows the user to copy the music of other MusiCall users by just pressing the * key during the call
  • Initially party A and Party B needs to be subscribed on Zong MusiCall in order to copy music

Zong MusiCall Pricing:

  • For Prepaid Subscription Charges: Rs. 0.5+Tax per Day
  • For Postpaid Subscription Charges: o Rs. 15+Tax per Month
  • IVR Charges to 5500: Rs. 2+Tax per Minute
  • Content Download: Initially FREE for Limited Time Offer
  • Zong MusiCall Tune Copy: Initially FREE for Limited Time Offer
  • SMS to 5500: Rs. 2+Tax/SMS
  • Call Charges with prefix 55: Will be charged as per the package plan (Prepaid & Postpaid)

How to Unsubscribe:

  • Type Unsub and Send it to 5500 ( 2+Tax)
  • Dial IVR 5500 for un-subscription by following the easy instructions

Terms and Conditions:

  • Calls with prefix 55 will be charged as per package plan
  • If customer is subscribed to LBC,Sixer Offer and Free Minutes his BGM On-net Call will not be charged and he can enjoy music as much as he can as per the subscriber offered .
  • Service available for both Prepaid and Postpaid users.
  • Service is not applicable for International calls & Roamers
  • After using the service for a month, if customer do not have the service subscription fee for next one month he will be unsubscribed
  • If customer is not subscribed to Zong MusiCall Service and want to initiate a Zong MusiCall by dialing 55 before the required number, call will not be initiated and customer will be prompted to press 1 to subscribe the service.
  • Prepaid customers cannot purchase monthly bundle.

  • Zong really need to grow a pair of balls and start working on improving their services’ quality, rather than focusing on useless stuff.
    It’s been so pathetic lately.

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