Anusha Rehman Hints 3G License Auction in Just Few Months

3G_Auctiondelay1Anusha Rehman, the newly appointed and rather excited IT and Telecom Minister, has said that new government has already started working on the auction of long-pending 3G spectrum auction in the country.

Ms. Rehman tweeted that PML(N) is committed to swiftly execute the 3G spectrum auction in just few months only.

It merits mentioning here that Anusha Rehman didn’t mention 3G licenses only, instead she said 3G, 4G, LTE — hinting that next generation license auction could be technology neutral.

3G license auction, responsible for notoriousness of previous government and PTA high-ups, is long pending due to incompetence and lack of co-ordination between various authorities.

3G Auction, that is said to to bring around Rs. 75 billion, is likely to help the telecom market and consumers alike. Moreover, job opportunities, broadband internet penetration, economic growth are other avenues that are going to see positive impact with the auction.

It merits mentioning here that previous government was more interested in the license fee of Rs. 75 billion only and had tried hard to reap it but failed due to hasty and mindless moves.

Telecom industry and consumers are now eyeing at the new government to get the 3G license auction rolling, without the mistakes that have been made before.

Anusha Rehman is apparently heading the whole process, for which she is meeting with all the concerned bodies to make sure that nothing goes wrong this time.

In a related news, 3G consultant, that were hired by Dr. Farooq Awan for the procurement of 3G auction, have approached the Lahore High Court for not getting paid by the government as per the agreement.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • 3g its enough for us why we should go for 4g when tho 4g phone its not so affordable for everyone

      • Because it is more than about phones! Imagine LTE networks= Wireless Broadband everywhere in Pakistan :).

      • 4G Technology is backward compatible and will fallback to 3G itself if you mobile phone does not support it so rather than invest in 3G and than invest again for 4G its better to build 4G network with backward compatibility. So those with 4G enabled phones, tablets and equipment would be able to use 4G and those on lower end would benefit from 3G.

        The only issue I see in it is that if government auction spectrum as tech neutral than they will lose chance to milk more money in the future in name of 4G license.

          • Your reply is worthless, rather than making abstract claims why not argue with facts ? 3G Technology is based on AIPN whereas 4G is based on IMTA, both share characteristics and its pretty easy to create backward compatible 4G networks. So better go read yourself or argue where you should rather than giving me useless replies.

            • lol i gues you already learned from interne just let them bring 3g in pakistan lol

              • Another useless reply, why you said I don’t know 3G or 4G just because you think so ? Its useless to waste money on 3G first. Also to add if your device is capable of 3G only it still CAN connect to 4G network but data throughput will be limited so rather than being useless jerk bring something to talk about.

                • lol u still need to learn something

                  3g phones cannot connect to 4g networks as the chips and technology are different as Kyem said. Each phone company has different technologies, frequency ranges, and chip types, and haven’t come across anything to give the true specifics of each. Early 4g products were actually under the upgraded 3g technology, and some companies did call it 3.5g. I will try to find out Niue specifics than just the usual “4g is 10 tunes faster than 3g”. Bandwidth – It is the data rate which makes the difference. Both 3G and 4G have a bandwidth of 5 – 20 MHz. For 4G network, the data rate has been set at 100 Mbit in moving vehicles and 1 Gits in stationary and walking users. The data rates specified by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for 3G are 2 Mbps for stationary or walking users, while it is set at 384 kbits in a moving vehicle.

            • i just want u to learn something lol i dont care about it
              3G devices can use the 4G network, but only at 3G speeds. 4G requires specific hardware to connect to 4G networks and 3G devices do not have that hardware. It would be the same difference of having a wireless g device on a wireless n network. Still connects to the network, but will not connect at wireless n speeds.

              • chup hoja dusro ko bol rha khud learn kr thra internet sy 4g tjhy kisi ny dy dia to 4g 4g kr rha hy

      • Jub laaltain say kaam chalta hai tu bulb ki kya zrorat hai? We focus today that’s why we don’t have energy crisis and 100 more crisis. We don’t plan. 3g is become obsolete in world and we say enough for us.

      • We don’t focus future we don’t think of next generations. We didn’t plan in past and today energy shortages and thousand more problems. 3g is becoming obsolete in the world and we say 3g enough for us. Same example jub laltain say kaam chalta hai tu bulb ki kya zrorat hai. Jub register thay tu online banking kion?

  • well mr kakashi sensie 4g is not available world wide and i dont think there is much of a consumer base for 3g yet let alone 4g

    • That’s the point the people who will use 3g can afford 4g in a few years too its not like they auction will happen AND POOF 3g ka button on hojae ga! deploy bhi hona hoga that can take from 12months to 2year and beyond(depending on how they roll out! Since most of the new phones come with 4g now well I would imagine the public who has 3g phones right now in 1 to 2 years would most likely upgrade.

      Secondly 4g and 3g data k usage pe measure hogi yani data cap not speeds no one does that the price of 3g and 4g data all over is the same.

      And the most important point. it is more than about phones! Imagine LTE networks= Wireless Broadband everywhere in Pakistan :)

    • Yup, please please please… this guy has lot of pending homework / office work to do… cell bhi poora charge kar liya hai thori der pehle hee

  • And next Democratic Government gives us the “4G LTE”Gift.. so be patience.. keep on waiting..o_O

    First ! Proud to be that “Pakistan obtained a 3Gen-Technology”.. in just few months only (like we achieved nuclear technology before) ;-p

    • lol!i think u are being sarcastic if not then i pity your 3g technology! afghanistan like hell ya u pakistanis live in a dump land

  • first of all plz tell me when we will have 3g, how would it be, i mean costly, cheap any idea. can a middle class student afford it.

    • Bro listen! we already have 3G, i owned a EVO 3G Nitro 9.3Mbps of PTCL.
      After in just few months its also available from Mobilink,Telenor or Warid etc.
      in different rates & Packages… And it is expensive like PTCL EVO.
      but it was also available in limited Volume Data. so u can afford its lowest packages….OK

  • 3G must be introduced first with a better quality service, 4G is still not so affordable.

  • Rs. 75 billion agr Pakistan mei bijli bnane k liye use hon to I think loadshedding 50% tk khtam ho jaye gii bt ye b swiss accounts mei he jayen ge in ganjon k

    • u dont deserve any development.. ask ur jewish leader to make a charity for a power generation project now.. thats what he is made for :)

      • u, poodle of noora…. u will be seen lamenting ur fate after 5 years… andhy lanti faisaabadize ka hal nhi dekha??????

        • n who are u.. a$$ licker of IK.. if the Bijli chor of all communities majorly found in KPK and sindh pay their electricity bills then this would not happen in any part of the country…

          And about faisalabad incident, my opinions is too hand over those policemen to the people who suffered the barbaric act and let the people give the policemen the same treatment!!! Laanti tum ho jo apni Jewish P I G ki har baat pe dum hilatee ho…

  • “”she said 3G, 4G, LTE “”
    I do hope she knows the difference between 3G and 4G nd 4G LTE…
    Every tower in Pakistan is now capable of 3G…! only need to change the main system…tht would take max 1 month…
    4G 2020 sy phely nahi aye ga…!!

      • Yes …all towers of UFONE are 2G/3G…nothing in tower needs to be upgraded.! they just have to change the main system only..!!
        havnt you seen new sim of UFONE which says “3G ready” ??

        • what about other operators… how much time would be required for their swap of system?

  • Great
    light na hoo mulk me par 3g hoo ga
    jab cell charge he nahi hoo ga to 3G ka kya keroge i know its need but humaray pass to bijlee he poori nahi he jab light nahi to yeh service kahan use hoo ge.
    Generator waloo or UPS walo ke liye yeh khushi ki khabar he mulk ki tarakki mulk ko roshan kernay se ati he video calls or fast broadband de ker phones per yeh mulk or generation ko roshan kernay ke bajaye or kharab kerain ge.
    me bhi chahta ho 3G aye PAK me per guys ek taraf rukk ker socho jab bijjlee he nahi to kiss kaam ka he 3g

  • I want to know about the qualification of this IT&T minister of ours. Any idea, people?

  • The Supreme Court’s judgment against frauds in payments of Rental
    Power Projects is a classic eye opener

    It shows us:

    a. Who opened this door of massive Corruption in July 2006?

    b. Who further abused this door by doubling the advance payment from 7% to 14% to benefit cronies?

    c. Who installed the RPPs but never produced electricity despite obtaining rental payments from the Government?

    d. Who knocked at the door of law (SCP) to stop this plunder and who stayed mysteriously silent?

    While Khawaja Muhammad Asif of PMLN (alongwith Faisal Saleh Hayat) moved this petition in the SCP, the self-proclaimed Tsunami Khan was totally missing from the constitutional petition exposing the Fraud.

  • Yes with Anushays capacity, I believe she can give 3Gs in 3 days. Not only 3G she can give 4Gs and all LTs and MTs and what not in even lesser time. All of this is just waiting for her to move the magic wand.

    Oh my God what happened to this whole group. Do u think she knows what she says, and she means what she says. Do u really think she knows a shit about what is to be done and by whom for 3G auction to occur.

    Pathetic, idiot cow boasts and promises heaven and delivers tax, embezzlement of USF and ICT R&D money and cow dung

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