The Evil side of Social Media


By Shahzad Ahmad

Social media is perhaps the strongest silent broadcaster the world has ever seen. It offers the liberty to a person of any age or gender to explore anything and everything.

Unrestricted Access

Despite several bans and site blocks, internet users can easily surpass any firewall with minimal effort. There are several software available online which can be downloaded from the internet; these software will give you full access to these blocked or banned websites.

It’s not that the people in Pakistan, or more specifically the relevant authorities in Pakistan, are not aware of the existence of these unblocking software. Authorities are in fact well informed regarding the abundant use of these software by Pakistani internet users but no one is willing to take a concrete step to curb the use of these proxy generating software that allow bypassing the filters placed by the government itself.

The perception that Pakistan’s internet users are not using YouTube is far from being true. YouTube still gets regular visitors from Pakistan; in fact some Pakistani brands are still advertising on the website.

Intensive Usage of Social Media

In today’s day and age everyone has electronic devices to access the internet to remain in touch with friends, family and colleagues. These devices include laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and now even smartwatches.

These devices are ingraining social media websites and apps into our system to the point where we can’t imagine life without these tools. We all know at least one person from our circles who just simply can’t stop sharing pictures, statuses or videos on Facebook, twitter or WhatsApp; that is the extent to which social media has become a part of our daily routine.

Spying Through Social Media and Apps

The availability of cheap and affordable smartphones has made life easy for individuals obsessed with social media. However, there have been several reports suggesting that these smartphones and tablets have the capability to capture your private data.

There have been growing concerns regarding the functioning of these devices and whether or not they actually use personal data to spy on its users.

The question to ask is that if these claims are true, why are such systems out there in the market which do not guarantee any privacy? We are acquainted with only those functions of android and iOS which are public knowledge; the super systems behind the scenes are all hidden from us.

This is all happening at lightening pace with technological advancements occurring on day to day basis.

While one can’t deny the fact that social media and apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Viber and many more have brought our friends and family closer but have we really explored the other side of fact that what these apps and Social Media platforms have done to our beliefs and values? What have they done for an individual’s privacy in general?

Have you ever thought what are the channels and mechanisms behind these apps and websites and why they are all free? Are they actually dedicated to make the world experience a new age of information, connectivity and power or are they simply doing business?

The world is trading on the internet and the international cellular and smart devices manufacturing industry is always up to offer something new, more innovative and more customized to your needs.

The point is that data is everywhere; and it is sensitive as its private and belongs to a certain individual. You as a user aim to send data from one point to the other through a safe and secure channel. The other side of the coin is the channel which carries your data using their servers which all together have gained capacities of hosting data for 100,000 trillion people. This means there is enough space to handle and store numerous data at once.

Interestingly all this data is never destroyed, instead it is archived analyzed and saved for further dismantling. Even the International GMS/Mobile Security System saves all the calls in its logs and the technology to store data is constantly improving.

Data is Everything!

Recent debates have took a serious turn with many people suggesting that soon mobile and internet signals might be able to carry atomic or other dangerous bombs from one place to another.

Data copying through radio waves is another troubling advancement in the field of Information Technology. This is a giant stealing system which can capture information from Data Cards using a radio wave, without anyone knowing. This data reader technology is so sophisticated that it can suck data 10x faster than normal copy rate. In reality there is no security devised for Mobile data cards.

Hampering Values

Social Media is not bad but there is a bad part (read content) that is easily accessible in Pakistan while using these proxies. (Quick & Easy access to the adult content).

Truth is that the internet is making many of us slaves of our desires. We as humans are tempted by what others have, and social media gives us access and knowledge regarding precisely what luxuries other individuals are enjoying. This in turn increases our desires and consequently corrupts the mind.

Scientifically it creates a weed like addiction/a chemical reaction to brain which desensitizes human brain gradually, eventually destroying ones process of understanding morality.

I wish and hope that we as a Nation realize that such an obsession with social media is not healthy. Many analysts are now identifying social media apps and websites as a growing cancerous social issue, directly hitting our values and faith.

These sites are attributed to destroying the thought process of youth around the world and this all is coming to us free by some great powers leading the social media, cyber world platforms and internet connectivity.

We have all closed our eyes and sealed our hearts and refuse to listen to the truth and it’s just because we enjoy social media. Being modern should only be achieved by becoming moderate and by not compromising our national security and social beliefs.

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