The Evil side of Social Media

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By Shahzad Ahmad

Social media is perhaps the strongest silent broadcaster the world has ever seen. It offers the liberty to a person of any age or gender to explore anything and everything.

Unrestricted Access

Despite several bans and site blocks, internet users can easily surpass any firewall with minimal effort. There are several software available online which can be downloaded from the internet; these software will give you full access to these blocked or banned websites.

It’s not that the people in Pakistan, or more specifically the relevant authorities in Pakistan, are not aware of the existence of these unblocking software. Authorities are in fact well informed regarding the abundant use of these software by Pakistani internet users but no one is willing to take a concrete step to curb the use of these proxy generating software that allow bypassing the filters placed by the government itself.

The perception that Pakistan’s internet users are not using YouTube is far from being true. YouTube still gets regular visitors from Pakistan; in fact some Pakistani brands are still advertising on the website.

Intensive Usage of Social Media

In today’s day and age everyone has electronic devices to access the internet to remain in touch with friends, family and colleagues. These devices include laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and now even smartwatches.

These devices are ingraining social media websites and apps into our system to the point where we can’t imagine life without these tools. We all know at least one person from our circles who just simply can’t stop sharing pictures, statuses or videos on Facebook, twitter or WhatsApp; that is the extent to which social media has become a part of our daily routine.

Spying Through Social Media and Apps

The availability of cheap and affordable Smartphones has made life easy for individuals obsessed with social media. However, there have been several reports suggesting that these smartphones and tablets have the capability to capture your private data.

There have been growing concerns regarding the functioning of these devices and whether or not they actually use personal data to spy on its users.

The question to ask is that if these claims are true, why are such systems out there in the market which do not guarantee any privacy? We are acquainted with only those functions of android and iOS which are public knowledge; the super systems behind the scenes are all hidden from us.

This is all happening at lightening pace with technological advancements occurring on day to day basis.

While one can’t deny the fact that social media and apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Viber and many more have brought our friends and family closer but have we really explored the other side of fact that what these apps and Social Media platforms have done to our beliefs and values? What have they done for an individual’s privacy in general?

Have you ever thought what are the channels and mechanisms behind these apps and websites and why they are all free? Are they actually dedicated to make the world experience a new age of information, connectivity and power or are they simply doing business?

The world is trading on the internet and the international cellular and smart devices manufacturing industry is always up to offer something new, more innovative and more customized to your needs.

The point is that data is everywhere; and it is sensitive as its private and belongs to a certain individual. You as a user aim to send data from one point to the other through a safe and secure channel. The other side of the coin is the channel which carries your data using their servers which all together have gained capacities of hosting data for 100,000 trillion people. This means there is enough space to handle and store numerous data at once.

Interestingly all this data is never destroyed, instead it is archived analyzed and saved for further dismantling. Even the International GMS/Mobile Security System saves all the calls in its logs and the technology to store data is constantly improving.

Data is Everything!

Recent debates have took a serious turn with many people suggesting that soon Mobile and internet signals might be able to carry atomic or other dangerous bombs from one place to another.

Data copying through radio waves is another troubling advancement in the field of Information Technology. This is a giant stealing system which can capture information from Data Cards using a radio wave, without anyone knowing. This data reader technology is so sophisticated that it can suck data 10x faster than normal copy rate. In reality there is no security devised for Mobile data cards.

Hampering Values

Social Media is not bad but there is a bad part (read content) that is easily accessible in Pakistan while using these proxies. (Quick & Easy access to the adult content).

Truth is that the internet is making many of us slaves of our desires. We as humans are tempted by what others have, and social media gives us access and knowledge regarding precisely what luxuries other individuals are enjoying. This in turn increases our desires and consequently corrupts the mind.

Scientifically it creates a weed like addiction/a chemical reaction to brain which desensitizes human brain gradually, eventually destroying ones process of understanding morality.

I wish and hope that we as a Nation realize that such an obsession with social media is not healthy. Many analysts are now identifying social media apps and websites as a growing cancerous social issue, directly hitting our values and faith.

These sites are attributed to destroying the thought process of youth around the world and this all is coming to us free by some great powers leading the social media, cyber world platforms and internet connectivity.

We have all closed our eyes and sealed our hearts and refuse to listen to the truth and it’s just because we enjoy social media. Being modern should only be achieved by becoming moderate and by not compromising our national security and social beliefs.

Do your little part: Do you know any such proxies/ website/software’s, report them to Propakistani or PTA directly at or through complaints @

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  • dear admin, please do not give NUTCASES a forum to post their twisted views.

    for example:

    Recent debates have took a serious turn with many people suggesting that soon mobile and internet signals might be able to carry atomic or other dangerous bombs from one place to another.


    Data copying through radio waves is another troubling advancement in the field of Information Technology. This is a giant stealing system which can capture information from Data Cards using a radio wave, without anyone knowing. This data reader technology is so sophisticated that it can suck data 10x faster than normal copy rate. In reality there is no security devised for Mobile data cards.

    10x faster than normal copy rate???!?!? OH NOOOOO!!

    This is so stupid. You lower your reputation by giving a platform to people who do not understand technology.

    • An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. Such a pulse may occur in the form of a radiated, electric or magnetic field or conducted electrical current depending on the source, and may be natural or man-made. The term “electromagnetic pulse” is commonly abbreviated to EMP, pronounced by saying the letters separately (E-M-P).

      EMP interference is generally damaging to electronic equipment, and at higher energy levels a powerful EMP event such as a lightning strike can damage physical objects such as buildings and aircraft structures. The management of EMP effects is an important branch of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineering.

      • Anyone who mentions HAARP is a proven nutcase. There is no proof that it has ever done anything to anyone.

        Next you’ll talk about how HAARP did an earthquake and killed your favourite pet.

    • Well I think that this will not be possible to stop such P*rn
      websites as they will just keep coming unless govt takes serious action.

      Social media is very healthy if we cut the bad part from it.

  • lol seems propakistani is going full retard i stopped reading at bombs through internet lol. this site is becoming a joke

    • Yes we should all stand against these P*rn opening proxies and i totally agree with the points made…. its like poission for our youth which no one can see…

      • Do you trust the government to stop crime?
        Do you trust the government to give you clean water?
        Do you trust the government to give your children a good education?

        Answer: No, No, No. #1: lots of private security everywhere, more than policeforce. #2: everyone uses bottled water or filters or at the very least boils water. #3: look at all the private schools and private tuition centres.

        So why do you trust the government to filter your internet? In JUST LAST THREE WEEKS we have seen the government block sites like disqus (yes, people could NOT post comments on this blog), google scholar, etc. Without reason. We had to complain to get them unblocked.

        Can anyone tell me about porn on google scholar? So why was it blocked? how about disqus?

        I ESPECIALLY do not trust government to do the right thing as long as ignorant fools are out there saying “yes sir please can you beat me some more” to the government. we all suffer because of fools like you.

        • Did I said anywhere that I want them to block any sites? Did I mentioned anywhere to expose over privacy? On what basis you wrote above?

          Only a stupid or coward will believe his/her Government. You live in a country where you cry out loud for your basic needs (that you deserve) and no one gives a damn about it. And here you talking about proxies and other digital security threads. I still have positive hope for the future.

          The problem with PTA is that they fail to block a specific link so instead they block the whole site; that’s their mentality. Hiring base on political-references will obviously raise such issues.

        • So do you mean if and when the answers to those 3 questions (and other similar ones) can be answered in the affirmative, we can then trust the government to filter our internet? I think still not.

          • No, of course not. I have no reason to trust the government even if they do everything right.

            Probably the only time they think of fixing problems is near election time.

    • Yes its the problem that everyone knows this but no one wants such stuff to e blocked and Shuja Swati i think you are at the other side.

      • The other side? That’s the problem with our people, they just get to a conclusion on the base of literally nothing! I too am fed up how people just bash around talking about media but none has the courage to do something useful. Do you played your part? I did, I made documentaries regarding it, publish online articles on various sites and much more in real life too. No offense but please, do judge yourself and research other personal b4 jumping at a conclusion.

  • Seriously what is the point of of this post? The person writing this post has no idea what is he saying.

    “Recent debates have took a serious turn with many people suggesting that soon mobile and internet signals might be able to carry atomic or other dangerous bombs from one place to another.”

    The people who suggested this have no POC to prove what they are saying. If you are this much concerned about the extreme black side of the Social Media then why don’t you leave it? Social Media doesn’t give you anything but just wastes your time. Maybe ProPakistani has got some extra resources and people are just wasting those resources by writing useless posts.

  • I think its sad that no one is talking about and i saw comments and people really dont want these sites to be blocked… why not ?

    I would never want my Son or my Daughter to explore such content which can missguide them… there should be someone to stand and speak

    i solute writer and propaksitani for highlighting this issue

      • Well, i used H.T Shield which is now banned :(
        i am okay without it because i think its more of a bad thing as people here in Pakistan dont use it for right purpose sadly

            • THOUSANDS of Muslim scholars post to Youtube. In Islamic Republic of Pakistan (the ONLY OIC country like this), Youtube is banned.

              In other words, our government (and our people like you) do not want Islam to spread here. Your attitude: We have enough Islam, thanks, we do not need any more

              • Do you even know what you are writing?? Are you an addict of Social Media?? Can’t you just leave visiting those sites just for the love of your Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallah-o-Allaihe-Waallahe-Wassalam ?? Those so called Muslim scholars who write and post their work on youtube, aren’t they the same people who boycotted facebook, youtube, twitter and other sites and wanted them to be blocked in Pakistan for the love of Prophet? Where is their love now? If you really love those sites then please leave Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Islam doesn’t need any social media to save it’s existence. So, don’t say a word about Islam next time if you can’t leave a stupid website for the Prophet of Islam.

                • You mean Islamic real estate of Pakistan? Jiggar we are being spanked just because we miused Islam for our circus. Govt was playing politics while we were delusional like you. Cry babies like you bring traffic towards objectionable material. Want an example? I am sure that none of us knew about Veena’s interests until media started beating the drums about her role in big boss. And people like you joined the chorus.

                  • Lols. I’ve no interest in veena or whatever. The media who only points out negative stuff about other people doesn’t points out anything about itself. People don’t need proxies to access stupid stuff, they can easily watch it on any TV channel of Pakistan. And the point you arose about Islamic Republic of Pakistan, well guess what, the country we are living in is not Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It’s just Pakistan, a state where you can disguise yourself as a true Muslim. And people like me bring traffic or people like you bring traffic? Seriously ask this question to yourself.

                • Here we are talking about only the P*orn related websites which can be opened through proxies… not youtube or other online mediums

                  • Actually this was a reply to this post and shahid saleem. We are talking about social media and YouTube is part of it. So my comment is to the point. Thank you.

                  • I use proxies to visit sites blocked by our wonderful government. Sites like jalopnik and disqus and Youtube.

                    None of them are porn sites.
                    None of them deserve to be blocked.

                    When sites like this are banned, I wonder if I should trust my goernment. The answer is “no”
                    When people like MMMTheFaker want sites blocked, I know without a doubt that they are ignorant fools who cannot understand how weak their faith is and must shove their weakness in my face by posting here.

                • Bhai, why don’t you go tell Islamic Scholars to leave social media. Then preach at me.

                  Because they are FINE with using social media to spread Islam.

                  Or do you want Islam not to be spread?

                  Simple as that: if you tell me to leave, you should tell them to leave too.

                  • As I said in my previous comment, Islam doesn’t need any social media to spread its message to the people of the world. If they really want to spread Islam through the internet then they should make their own separate websites (like Dr. Farhat Hashmi) and spread the message of Islam. The reason I called them “so called” was because I was angry on the fact that these same people were on the roads and media demanding to block youtube, facebook etc etc. I can not match the status of any Aalim (a true Aalim, not like Aamir Liaquat) but I’ll definitely criticize those people who are posting the message of Islam on a dirty website, a website that damaged the reputation of my Prophet. You really are a social media addict aren’t you?

                    • Farhat Hashmi? Oh, on Twitter and Facebook. So I guess that makes the good Dr a “so-called scholar” that you wrote about above?

                      You did call scholars who use social media “so-called” scholars, right? There are no other kinds of scholars according to your reasoning. Your own words…

                      NO WEBSITE EVER OR WILL EVER DAMAGE THE REPUTATION OF OUR PROPHET. It’s the people posting on the sites. And you fool, you utter utter stupid fool, do you REALLY think that people who want to abase his (PBUH) reputation cannot put up their OWN web sites? Do you think they need social media? They don’t!

                      So what will you say now? Our scholars should leave internet completely because any website out there could be anti-Islam??? MAKES SENSE TO ANYONE? NOT TO ME.

                      If any anti-Islam website uses .com at the end, will you now say that all Muslims should leave .com domain and switch to .org??? That’s the DNS equivalent of leaving social media, isn’t it?

                    • Hahaha. Calling me a stupid lols. Yes, they can make their own website to do whatever they want to do but will it be popular like a social media site?? Think about it. And about Dr. Farhat Hashmi, well I didn’t know that she also uses social media but now that I know my thoughts about her are changed. Any site which ever said or will ever say anything wrong about my prophet and Islam, I’ll consider that site anti-Islamic and will leave it forever (unlike you Mr.SocialMediaAddict). And for your information, I said that if they really want to spread the message of Islam through the internet then they should make their own websites. The last para of your comment is totally totally irrelevant so no comment for that.

                    • Oh man you have no idea.

                      Read about Pamela Geller
                      Read about Robert Spencer
                      There are countless more.

                      THEY ALL HAVE FAMOUS SITES.
                      THEY ALL HAVE THEIR OWN SITES.
                      THEY ALL HATE ISLAM.

                      That is why I call you stupid. You have no knowledge and you claim to know everything and have soution to all problems. You think if they were not on social media they would have no impact? Guess what! Wroooooooonnnnnnggggg

                      You said: Any site which ever said or will ever say anything wrong about my prophet and Islam, I’ll consider that site anti-Islamic and will leave it forever (unlike you Mr.SocialMediaAddict).

                      Okay, please leave gmail today. You know google and yahoo and other services are used for spreading newsletters and emails don’t you? LEAVE THEM TODAY.

                    • Here’s the truth. The people you talked about, I don’t know them and I don’t want to know them. Secondly, it doesn’t matter if they are invited on news and TV shows because the people who watch them are already brainwashed and as far as their websites are concerned, I’m pretty much sure that no Muslim would visit their site (except you) unless they wanted to do something bad to their site. Thirdly, please tell me when did I said that I know everything? It’s you who’s always pretending to know everything. Finally, gmail, yahoo or any other email service provider doesn’t send anything in your inbox until you subscribe to their or any other website’s newsletter or RSS by providing your email address. Didn’t you thought about that? Emails are just another form of SMS or a mail.

                    • So if a blasphemer uses youtube by uploading a video to it, you want to kill youtube, whether you see the video or not.

                      But if a blasphemer joins gmail and sends a newsletter to people, then you don’t care??? How is the situation any different?

                      Is blasphemer sending mail to you? No.
                      Is blasphmere sending youtube video to you? No.

                      But they are doing the exact same thing: using a site to publish their filth. And for one site you are okay with using it also (yahoo, gmail, etc) but for other site you want to kill it (youtube, facebook, etc).

                      This is your logic, my friend. And this is why I call you an idiot.

                    • Please think before you speak. If a person posts a video on YouTube, any one can see it easily and even if they don’t want to see it they might accidently see it in wrong search results. But if a person sends a newsletter to an email (with the permission and will of the email address owner) only the person whose email is that can view it and can also send it to his other friends. But the scale of spreading of both email and video will not be compareable. So, the situation is indeed very much different. You can call me whatever you want but since you are older than me I won’t say or write a slang word for you. I would really expect the same from you. Thank you.

    • Oh, you don’t want your children to view google scholar?

      Because that is one example of sites blocked by our fair and lovely government just last week.

      Tell me, what filth is on google scholar?

      People like who shouldn’t have kids. If you cannot raise them properly (educate them about dangers) then why do you have kids?

      What next, you will refuse to live to live in cities because you know all cities have prostitues in them. Instead of teaching your kids to NOT visit prostitute areas you’ll simply ban them from living in cities?

      • Shahid,

        Red areas are everywhere but not everyone goes there but its easy to visit a P*orn site and if we just google images while writing one thing, we will find many things

        You are advocating something which you don’t have any sense of …. Fine if we cannot stop google then at-least we can stop such websites to be blocked and all such proxies should be blocked.

        • Nadeem, when you depend you govt. for your parenting responsibilities, you are clearly admitting that you failed as a parent. If I were abroad, I would have plead social services to take your kids in custody for their own safety.

        • Millions of Muslims live in countries outside Pakistan. Where Internet is not blocked. And you know what? They do not grow up hungry for sex and porn.

          They have good parents. Do your job, Nadeem, you are failing your future generation.

        • Millions of Indians, Arabs, Indonesians, Malaysians, have unfiltered Internet. They have not turned out like you think.

          If you feel so strongly about it, cut off your internet connections.

          • I think the point here is not that Social Media is Bad, the point is that there is bad part to it. :) dont be so angry please

            • Yes but to hear people like MMTheFaker there is nothing to be gained from social media. The same idiots don’t realize that Youtube (their favourite target of hate) is owned by Google but do they stop using Google? Noooo.

              • It’s owned by google but did your favorite social media site youtube removed the stupid content on your protest??? No matter what I say to you, you’ll never accept anything. So, enjoy your me me me and only me comments.

                • Who cares if they remove it or not? If they remove it, they get sawab. If they don’t, they get punishment. Either way, the owners are not Muslims, and are not in Muslim countries, and simply don’t have to live according to our laws.

                  Do you ban your female family from driving cars because Saudi Arabia bans female driving? Of course not! You do not live in SA, and are not subject to their laws.

                  But what do YOU get for watching blasphemy? Did you sit down and click and click and click on videos every day 24 hours a day to find blasphemy? You silly silly man. Do you think there was zero blasphemy content on Youtube before the video? It was always there.

                  And before Youtube it was on places like Geocities and Angelfire and other sites.
                  And before the internet it was (and still is) in books. Did you burn all the books? No? Then why do you want to burn of all Youtube?

                  • Hahahaha. Can’t stop laughing on what you said. What will you get from visiting a website that didn’t removed that stupid content even after you painfully requested them? Sawab or sin? I totally accept that those websites are not owned by Muslims and they are not hosted in Islamic countries and I also accept that they wouldn’t follow the laws of any country in which they are not living but aren’t those websites visited by Muslims? Can’t those Muslim visitors stop visiting? I can’t watch blasphemous content because I know that I won’t be able to control myself and my anger after watching it. I don’t want to burn youtube, I want to painfully kill it.

                    • If a city I visit has both prostitutes and scholars, what do you think I will get from visiting the scholars? According to your “logic” I shouldn’t visit the city at all. You want to burn the city down completely and make the scholars live in villages.

                      Same with websites.

                    • @shahidsaleem:disqus Why do you think like this ? its very simple that Good and Bad are not the same and on Internet there is lot of good and bad both and we just talking about stopping P*orn sites in Pakistan which can be accessed by these proxies.

                      Its bad for our youth and for many people like you who cannot afford blocking of their favourit sites lol

                    • If that city gives a respectable place to scholars and encourages them and many people follow them then why there are prostitutes in that city? Shouldn’t everyone be very well educated (as you said)? Here let me explain this to you with your own example. Here’s the situation, it appeared to us that there is some serious illegal activity going down in the city (like we came to know about the video). Here is what you did. You first went to the scholars and asked them to do something about it. The scholars advised the people of the city to leave the city as a protest and let the provincial government deal with it. And when the government will confirm us that the city is clean, we will go back. The people left the city but not all of them (like the stupid media of Pakistan). The scholars and people waited for the government to take any action but guess what, the government said we won’t remove these prostitues from this city because this city belongs to us and we will do whatever we want to do here. After this, the people and scholars waited for a couple of months and finally went back to their beloved city. But some people stood against that city and decided that they won’t go back to that city, they will not give their support in building the economy of that city because the government doesn’t care about the people of its city and the government has gone racist. I salute to those people who left that city (website).

                    • You really are a duffer. In reality there is not, nor has there ever been for maybe 1000 years if not more, any city where respected scholars and prostitutes did not reside in the same city.

                      Not one.

                      And never have the scholars told people to leave the city so that it can be cleansed by the government.

                      Wake up my friend. You’re living in a fantasy world. In reality, scholars ARE on social media. In reality, scholars have realized that being on social media lets them reach out to more Muslims and non-Muslims than their own smaller sites.

                      They are interested in spreading Islam, which is why they are on social media. What is YOUR reason for blocking the Muslims of Pakistan from hearing their sermons and watching their videos?

                    • Bro now I’ve no doubt that you write your comment without thinking and even properly reading what is written. I gave you an example for a website and not a real city. I know that in reality no scholar would advise the people of a city to leave because it’s the city we are talking about, not a site. If scholars are on social media then let them be but ask them to show their speeches and research on Pakistani media channels also and then it’ll become clear that why do they use social media. And I think all of us know that how many people watch their speeches and research on the internet and those who watch it just ask them that how much do they follow them? Finally, I’ll request again that please mind your language.

                    • “Bro” do you think those scholars are only in Pakistan.

                      Again I have to remind you: ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES HAVE ALLOWED YOUTUBE. Exception Iran (blocked due to election issue in 2009) and Pakistan.

                      Today we live in a world where Muslim Indian scholars who speak Urdu have a larger audience than Muslim Pakistani scholars. All thanks to your lack of understanding of the power of social media. All those Pakistani expatriates living in West, Middle East etc? they have an easier time listening to Indian scholars today.

                      And as far as how many view them, just read the comments and shares. It is not zero, I can assure you.

                    • Even if it gets 100,000+ comments and same no. of likes or shares or whatever, just how many people actually follow them?? Comments and shares doesn’t guarantee that people will actually follow them. And it doesn’t matter if “ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES HAVE ALLOWED YOUTUBE” because we are not talking about countries, we are talking about Muslims. I know that no matter what I say to you, you are not going to accept anything. It’s ok if you don’t accept it but just for one time say this in your own words and I’ll leave you on your own:

                      “I, Shahid Saleem, fully accept that I’m a social media addict and I love youtube, facebook, twitter and all the other social media sites from the core of my heart. And no matter what happens, I’ll not leave them till death.”

                    • You’re funny. You try to make the distinction between Muslims and Muslim countries, yet fail to see the obvious: Muslims watch those videos and like them.

                      Every single time.
                      On every single upload.

                      It happens. you an get wishy washy with “oh they don’t all see everything” or “oh they like before they watch” or whatever, but the reality is there ARE people who watch and comment and those people ARE Muslims. And lastly, the only place they cannot do this is in Pakistan, not because they don’t want to but because the government won’t let them.

                      Your distinction between watching a public blasphemy video on Youtube and not reading a blasphemy email newsletter on gmail is so so stupid it fails the basic test of your own: the sites host such stuff whether you see it or not. Period.

                      So if you don’t look, you won’t see. But you do look and you do get “offended”. So are you only offended by what you see, and not by what really happens?

                      I take it from the above that no matter what filth is on google groups/gmail/yahoo mail/yahoo groups/blogger/etc you won’t leave these services. Please, say it in your words.

                    • Well you keep writing comments without properly reading what others are saying. I know that you do that intentionally to save yourself from answering the questions which will weaken your point of view (clever but not much). I asked you that how many people actually do follow what they say? You are the first person who is saying that government is blocking those stupid sites to prevent Islam from spreading (which no one can do in this world), however it’s opposite to the truth. And, a thing hosted and only shown to a specific person and a thing shown to all people of the world, well the situation is indeed very different.

  • @MMMTheHacker

    I am core network Engineer and there
    are radio waves which play their role and the hydrogen or atomic bomb if
    exploded and it comes in contact with
    Radio Wave, it will make it even stronger/strengthen.

    Its not that boomb will be exploded
    in Japan and it will reach you in Pakistan via your cell Ph, its like the it
    can play multiplier affect.

    I agree with his on technical grounds
    while its interesting that this thing is being discussed

    • Read that paragraph carefully. He said that people are suggesting that mobile and internet signals might soon CARRY atomic bombs from ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER. In easy words he is saying that uranium or hydrogen gas can be carried from one place to another through signals. (Neglecting all the other stuff like the missile and the case in which uranium is placed etc etc). What you are saying is/might be correct but what he is saying is totally wrong until unless the people who are suggesting this provide a POC of what they are saying.

    • Again, just words and no POC (proof of concept)

      I’m pretty sure that a bomb of that scale doesn’t give two shits about some radiowaves interfering with it. I’m not sure what kind of a Network Engineer you are but I’m sure they don’t teach Network Engineers about bombs.

  • Pretty sure an EMP isn’t a bomb, It’s a pulse. The author has no idea what he is talking about. He talks about atom bombs when the mass of a phone can’t even cause a nuclear reaction.

    This article should be taught in Stupidity 101.

  • Report proxies to Propakistani? Are you out of your mind, Mr. Admin? Even if we do report all proxies to both PTA and Propakistani, there’s nothing much that can be done. Fortunately.

    • These can be done the way givt made H.S blocked in Pakistan :) you may share some pls and see in a day or so it will be blocked :)

    • Maybe the admins cannot find good proxies any more and want us to tell them so they can use them ha ha!

  • rozee website was blocked because stupid ISI thought they had a VPN. Whereas in reality they used the VPN to synchronise data between Pakistan and US data centres.

    Who looks like a fool now?

  • A friend told me that arguments are always good, and he is
    right because it’s the argument which helps us underrated what is right and
    what is wrong. The way a coin has two sides the social media does.

    There is a good part and there is a Evil part.

    I have one simple question and anyone can answer it in yes
    or no.

    If you would like the evil sites/proxies to remain open for Pakistan
    or you would want them to be blocked? What will be your decision if you have
    the authority and you are taking this decision for whole Pakistan in which
    there are more youngsters.

    You don’t need to share your answer because you know and
    have the sense to identify and understand the difference between filth and hygienic.

    There is no debate here and there is no need for one unless
    one wants to set the standards of morality by its own self.

    Eventually you are, or you become, the way your thoughts are
    or the way you let your thoughts to be.

    Social media should not be abused, banned at all but at
    least the Evil part should be called Evil or to be understood as Evil.

    • First of all, proxies are not only used for negative purposes and I can assure you that. But, I totally accept that they are mostly used for negative purposes and to open sites which are banned for a good reason. Proxies are not like websites that can be blocked so easily (for example TOR). There are so many proxies and proxy softwares so you can’t just block all of them even if you want to.

      Social Media, the thing invented to waste the time of youth and just for business, is indeed mostly EVIL and it should be completely completely blocked in Pakistan because everyone knows that how much of our youth uses it for any good purposes.

      The arguments actually started on “Atomic Bomb” topic that you discussed in your post. CARRYING atomic bombs through Signals is a kind of thing that no one would believe without a POC (Proof of Concept) or even just a simple conceptual diagram. This is a topic which is kind of irrelevant to the title of your post. So, next time be careful about that.

      • If you’re such a good person, why are you on carder forums where they trade stolen credit cards?

        You talk about Islam here, so why are you on those sites?

        • You know guys what, idea should be not to call bad person, bad but how to make bad good.

          If we try to listen to each other, i am sure we can understand alot.

          The point here is not that social media is bad as whole but the evil side of it is there.

          One has to believe it anyways as its a fact

        • A friend of mine requested me almost for 3 or 4 months to give him the link of a specific hacking forum (which I’ve not been using from several months) so that he may tell all those hackers on the forum who steal credit cards and other stuff to stop stealing and be a good Muslim because most of the guys on that forum are Muslims and they still steal credit cards but I didn’t gave him the link because I knew that if I might have given him the link and he might have started to steal credit cards, all the sin would be on me. I’m only a website hacker, not a stealer and I only hack a site if and only if it’s doing something wrong. And FYI I’m not a carder or stealer and I’m not even active on any forum these days. BTW those forums don’t contain any blasphemous content.

          • You hack things wow, i dont know anyone who is a hacker.

            Can you tell me, can a hacker can get info from mobile ph which is connected with laptop as USB ?

            well if you can get into ones system drives then you can access anything right ? how is it likely you target 10 normal systems in pakistan which you want to hack and that you can easily hack them – how many out of ten ?

  • Outstanding, someone – at least one in the billions, has the courage the take stand.

    Knowing the issue which cant be seen in real life.

    If we know the trends then we can see how many brains we are washing via these proxy web access to filth data & tubes around the world and the growth rate is super.

    Every next day there are more polluted minds.

    The makers on the web networks just mastered in one thing, they create the missing link, they just make view and viewer connect and once the brain gets hooked up, its just simply is free and we humans are made free to do anything and everything.

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