Mobile Users in Pakistan Reach 132 Million

Mobile phone users in Pakistan were recorded at 132.33 million at the end of January 2014, said stats issues by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Total cellular tele-density reached 77 percent at the end of reported period, the stats said.

All cellular operators, on the whole, added 538,290 subscribers in December 2013 while another 821,339 subscribers were added in January 2014.

Mobilink lead the market with 37.72 million subscribers, followed by Telenor with 33.75 million users. Ufone stood third with its 25.03 million subscribers. Zong had 24.36 million subscribers by January end while Warid settled with 12.82 million subscribers.

During last two reported months, Telenor added 730,193 subscribers on its network to lead the race. Zong added 648,523 subscribers during December 2013 and January 2014.

Ufone added some 25,314 subscribers during reported duration while Mobilink managed to record a net addition of 4,604 subscribers during this time.

Warid posted a net loss of 49,005 subscribers during these two months.

More details in below graphs:






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  • Eager to see zong crossing ufone.
    Feel pity for Warid
    I doubt on Telenor stats (Sab gol maal hai bhai sab gool maal hai)

  • ARPU is the real thing and not the subscriber base !! Warid posted better financial results compared to ZONG , just due to their higher ARPU!!

  • zong is the best really welldone bcoz only 5 years n pakistan but c the result, i appreciate zong

  • Fake stats of zong and telenor
    In my area from gujrat …. People who used to be fan of telenor are not even looking at them cause of poor quality and warid has been the replacemment for telenor so hwz it possible when people are actually leaving telenor and joing other networks?

    • sorry to say dear but zong is the leading network in the country and i agree with you that telenor is worst network in country… and i also agree with you that warid is the best above all…..

  • Any idea about “Active Connections” and “Subscribers”? There are people with multiple SIMS, should they counted as multiple subscribers?

    • yes active subscribers mean people using connections or are online(active). . Subscribers means how many connections are bought but may or may not be active

  • Sad to see that my favourite networks Mobilink and Ufone are not growing :(

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