Zong Launches Ramadan Promotion



Zong announced the launch of its latest campaign, to honour its loyal consumers during the auspicious month of Ramadan.

Titled ‘Zong Hajj Offer’, 40 Hajj packages will be given to 20 lucky winners. Each winner will be entitled to 2 Hajj packages.

In the month of Ramadan, upon a recharge of PKR 150 on all new activations, MNP subscribers & all existing prepaid subscribers will get a chance to win 2 Hajj Packages via lucky draw. Customers are encouraged to get multiple recharges of PKR 150 as it will increase their entries in the lucky draw.

Speaking about the Hajj promotional offer, Babar Bajwa, Executive Director Marketing, Zong said,

“While it is important to ensure our customers have an amazing service experience, it is also important to offer them occasion-specific benefits.

Keeping in mind the religious spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, we have come up with the Hajj package campaign to let our customers get a chance to perform Hajj on behalf of Zong.

The campaign will give a chance to 20 lucky winners to further renew their religious enthusiasm by performing Hajj.”

As a company which values its customers, Zong has always been at the forefront of bringing promotions that bring a new level of enthusiasm for customers bearing in mind their personal goals and aims.


  • Author intentionally very fond of Zong, read last paragraph (if not get editted). I think, Propakistani now is marketplace where companies promote stuff and not a user friendly blog any more…

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