This is How Pakistanis Exploit Web Services to Only Harm Themselves!

In 2009 we did a report about people who were teaching illegal ways of using Adsense to earn money online. This was about a group of people who used to cross-click on other members’ adsense ads, and they all used to earn money through adsense.

We had warned Pakistanis that if these practices were not stopped, then Pakistan may face mass adsense account suspensions.

Unfortunately, exactly the same happened when Google suspended around around 70% of adsense accounts in Pakistan in 2011 for invalid clicks, suspicious activities and for the reasons that were never told to publishers.

Not to mention, Adsense accounts of many legitimate publishers were also banned during that specific time.

Not only this, Google also tightened the rules for obtaining new Adsense account in Pakistan, and making it almost impossible to get new Adsense — even for legitimate publishers.

Now look at following image that was posted by a friend on Facebook just recently:

adsense (2)

If you aren’t getting the meaning of this picture, then its showing at least six verified Adsense accounts that are owned by a single individual.

This is against Google’s terms of service (TOS). One individual can’t have more than one Adsense account. So technically speaking, this is illegal and is not allowed at all.

Such exploitation of Adsense and other web services aren’t going to help anyone, in fact its like digging your own grave. These illegal practices are cruel to the community, as ultimately the online publishers’ community is going to suffer.

And its not limited to Adsense, I have lately seen Pakistanis involved in all sorts of exploitation of online services. Such as people up-voting each others Fiverr gigs to get top listing, buying bogus gigs of friends and what not.

Pakistanis are found to have been involved in all sorts of exploitation of online services, which can only results into permanent ban on such services in Pakistan

What Pakistanis have done with Payoneer isn’t hidden from anyone. This is true for countless other web-services that we abused to a level when they had to think about their service offerings in Pakistan.

It merits mentioning here that there are always white-hat ways of increasing your revenues, and I am not against them. For example, fine tuning your SEO — with legitimate and allowed methods — to increase visibility and so on. But then there are terms and services of each service, which should be respected and never violated.

Everyone is encouraged to experiment, use new techniques to increase earnings, but as far as TOS are met.

Friends, by abusing web-services you are only going to earn bad name for Pakistan. Adopt legitimate ways of earning money online or you will only blacklist your country one day. Take it seriously, before its too late.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK