This is How Pakistanis Exploit Web Services to Only Harm Themselves!

In 2009 we did a report about people who were teaching illegal ways of using Adsense to earn money online. This was about a group of people who used to cross-click on other members’ adsense ads, and they all used to earn money through adsense.

We had warned Pakistanis that if these practices were not stopped, then Pakistan may face mass adsense account suspensions.

Unfortunately, exactly the same happened when Google suspended around around 70% of adsense accounts in Pakistan in 2011 for invalid clicks, suspicious activities and for the reasons that were never told to publishers.

Not to mention, Adsense accounts of many legitimate publishers were also banned during that specific time.

Not only this, Google also tightened the rules for obtaining new Adsense account in Pakistan, and making it almost impossible to get new Adsense — even for legitimate publishers.

Now look at following image that was posted by a friend on Facebook just recently:

adsense (2)

If you aren’t getting the meaning of this picture, then its showing at least six verified Adsense accounts that are owned by a single individual.

This is against Google’s terms of service (TOS). One individual can’t have more than one Adsense account. So technically speaking, this is illegal and is not allowed at all.

Such exploitation of Adsense and other web services aren’t going to help anyone, in fact its like digging your own grave. These illegal practices are cruel to the community, as ultimately the online publishers’ community is going to suffer.

And its not limited to Adsense, I have lately seen Pakistanis involved in all sorts of exploitation of online services. Such as people up-voting each others Fiverr gigs to get top listing, buying bogus gigs of friends and what not.

Pakistanis are found to have been involved in all sorts of exploitation of online services, which can only results into permanent ban on such services in Pakistan

What Pakistanis have done with Payoneer isn’t hidden from anyone. This is true for countless other web-services that we abused to a level when they had to think about their service offerings in Pakistan.

It merits mentioning here that there are always white-hat ways of increasing your revenues, and I am not against them. For example, fine tuning your SEO — with legitimate and allowed methods — to increase visibility and so on. But then there are terms and services of each service, which should be respected and never violated.

Everyone is encouraged to experiment, use new techniques to increase earnings, but as far as TOS are met.

Friends, by abusing web-services you are only going to earn bad name for Pakistan. Adopt legitimate ways of earning money online or you will only blacklist your country one day. Take it seriously, before its too late.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • What else are your expecting from the newbies when they have no one who can mentor them. People like Saad Hamid and other so called pro bloggers jo k in becharon ke queries ka reply tak nai karte and just apne friends ko moun lagatay hen.

    Ye sab to hona hi tha na. Next time plz dig a little deeper and reality of these so called pros ko saamne layen.


      • Email? Bhai sahaab, apne Facebook pe “others” men miskeeno ke messages hi check karlen jo ye samjhte hen ke aap pros se kuch guidance mil jayegi. Magar aap log hen ke naak ko neche karte nahi.

          • Saad sir i want to know one thing. mae ne bohut se well known website pe dekha ha k they are using adsense with google tags code. whats is this? how can we use it and is it legal.?

    • …or newbies can simply stop treating the guys providing pirated themes and scripts as “heroes”. They lay bad eggs.

      Everyone has a ‘kulhadi’ in his hand, depends where they aim it. At their own toes most of the time, unfortunately, because irrationality is mainstream in motherland.

    • So, it’s Saad Hamid’s fault. I am a pro blogger (and no one has ever asked me about blogging and I never asked Saad Hamid to become one). Yeh sub us waqt hota hai jab log lalach kerte hein. Ab 5 din mein 500 dollars khwab dekhne walay hi esay kerte hein.

    • ahahah. Man your frustration level seems out of bounds! Probably institutes should start programs to teach “how to use web services”.

      Self learning is a long road, and most of us usually underestimate its length. And frustration management is the key for survival.

      Noone is obliged to help you out and if someone does, it’s only out of the good will. And if someone doesn’t, you don’t have any right to blame them for you failure.

    • There are two type of people in the world.
      The one who know how to use Google, and the other ones who always wait for others to let them know how to do stuff .. :P

    • I must say Saad Hamid is one of the most helpful bloggers and web entrepreneur in Pakistan..

  • These kind of people not only harm themselves but also make things difficult for other People. Pakistan is the country which is banned from many services, and those which we have, must be used sensibly.

    Here a big factor is lack of awareness. Take example of adsense ad clicking scams, the people running em may know it but the those who get involved in clicking on promises of easy money, do not realize that its illegal money or Haram in terms of Islam.

    Responsibility lies with us, the people who know this kind of stuff as well as government need to work on this cyber frauds more. So if anyone from us reports a violation, than government takes a strict action.

    And i am not talking here about multiple accounts of adsense but more severe crimes like getting people involved in illegal activities like mass clicks and at the end no one wins. Only thing happens is who are clicking they get away unpaid and people running scams get their accounts blocked sooner or later plus ruin their country’s reputation as well as confidence of local advertisers due to depreciated performance of their campaign. After all fake click will do no good for anybody specially advertisers.

  • they always look for short cuts when there is no clearly guidance .. hopefully ProPakistani takes some initiative to guide the people especially newbies ..

  • and we people cry for getting paypal in pakistan…….. imagine how badly its going to be abused in pak…….

  • Finally I got the reason why my adsense account was terminated. I was earning $250 to $300 per month on getting huge real views on my YouTube videos. Why these Pakistanis do such things and harm everyone.

  • what is illegal out their is pure opportunities for us Pakistani because the law of the land does not exist for anyone until proven guilty… even if we are guilty we do not accept it because that will the end of all things natural for us i.e. kamingi

  • Well, shortcuts/exploitation is a global issue apart from services like adsense and payoneer. It’s just that their (other countries) methods are so sophisticated, they are hard to detect.

    Also, while it’s true that most of us are abusing these services, there are some who happen to enjoy the services at partnership level with google.

  • Oh MR Author: Khuda Ka Khof nahi Hai yar tm Logo ko these pictures are uploaded by me.. as you mention above that these six accounts are owned by a single individual .. u have any proof about that??.. i am working since 7 year with adsense . ye sab reciepts ek din ki nahi hain even ye pincode meray team mates & Clients k hain…kya ap k hisab se wrong news apni web per daal k earn kerna Halal ??? tell me .i am awaiting for your answer otherwise i will report this content.

  • Bha sahb.. Do you have any copyright…! jiss ki personality pe chaho keechar uchal do.! Me ap sb logon se poochna chahta hun k Kiss ne hakk diya in bhai sahb ko k ye Taftish kiye bgair ilzaam tarashi kr skain and ulti seedhi posts krain.? Our boss posted this picture in group.. Me khud Witness hun is baat ka.. k boss ne pic pe jst Alhamdulillah k alfaz likhy thy.. aur kuch ni…! to bhai sahb ap ne kn si hikmat se ye alfaz likh diye? and ilzam tarashi ki..? We need answer…! and ye hmara hakk hy…!

  • Suno bhai jan … ye jo sb ap ne content publish kiya ha is ki kaya inquiri ki mery bhai ne.. ap professional ho ap ko itni to samaj nai k ap kr kaya rehe ho. Muft me kisi pe ilzam laga rehe ho just apni publicity k liye. sharm karo ye ap ko zeab nai deta..

  • Me too was earning around $100 in 2 months from my Adsense, but they suddenly blocked my account saying “we found invalid clicks activity” in your account. I can “swear to GOD” I never clicked on my own ads.. Mene kafi explain karne ki koshish ki but they never gave it back to me :(

    Khair, jo hua acha hoa.. her waqt sar pe ek talwar latakti rehti thee ke kahin account ban na hojae kisi waja se lol… now I use buysellads for selling direct ads… Alhamd-u-lillah its doing great for me :)

  • Its not only Pakistan and India, all of these so called tricks are invented by “Goray LOG” but now the problem is these things are extensively used in our region.

  • Ye sab nahi ruka to ek din aye ga jab Pakistan me Adsense, payoneer to kya Facebook and Google b hamesha k lye ban ho jaye ga :/ we should shame on this….Doooooob k mar jao Pakistanio

    • Yes! The image has been removed but “Now look at following image that was posted by a friend on Facebook just recently:” still remains the same!

  • did you get copyright to share this pic? or are you a thief too who steals pics and shares?

    plus why are you spreading this on internet and promoting bad name for Pakistan?

    it’s because of you people why others see us as bad.

    go talk to those people personally rather than insulting and giving bad name to Pakistan

  • Another “poorly” researched post by you

    Mian Asad – member of “Pakistani Probloggers” group on fb has clarified that this pic doesn’t show pins of 1 person, and he is the owner of the pic too

    I’ll be removing your shared post from the group though

    i wonder when will you grow up?

  • I dont think being a Pro or a Newbie has anything to do with that, Ye hamari khaslat m koot koot k bhar gya hai k “Looto” and dunya ko bewakuf banao, We think by default we are really smart people, but in the end bewakuf hum khud hotey hain aur apna and apney logo ka nuksaan kar bethte hain, I am not talking about blogging or abusing Adsense , We have a history of abusing every thing we get our hands on and not realizing that end of the day it will harm us.

  • One more thing jo Hum Pakistanioun m bht pai jati hai wo hai “Raato Raat Ameer hona”, we all want some thing that make us rich “Quickly” aur kuch karna bi na parey.

    Raato raat ameer hne per Kuch special type k loug Bill gates, Mark ZurkBrg aur Steve jobs ki example dete hain, Un logo ko mera Salaam, per wo ye nae sochtey k Mark,Steve aur Bill ne apni pooooori zindagi lagae hai , aur jin stages se wo guzrey hain us k baad wo successfull hoe.
    I believe this is the basic factor that makes us Abuse every thing.

    ” There is no short cut to success “

  • Such a pathetic approach by Asians :/ Specially Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indians. We do have never ending talents but we are never agreed to use it.

  • I believe we are not guided about ‘ethics of working online’. Who are to be held responsible for that, I have no answer!

    When I started working online in 2007 I did not know anything about ‘ethics of working online’ and made many mistakes like buying hosting servers and not cancelling the plans when not being used, resulting in overdue invoices and finally getting banned by certain companies for not to avail any of their services in future.

  • This is the problem with all Asian countries. We need to think before doing such activities otherwise we are forcing Google to take actions.

  • Very unfortunate… This can only be stopped by implementing laws in country. Any type of awareness program wont going to work, because here no one cares from where the money is coming they just want it.

  • I was using my adsence since 2008, a friend in pakistan needed it, gave it to him, it got suspended in a month after i gave it to him. I cant have another one now, Now u can imagine what the hell they do with it.

  • Jab bandaron k hath machis a jae to jungle me rehnay walay sb janwar jaltay hain, is liye it is better k in basndaron ko pakistan pakray or in k hath kabi machis na lag pae.. for our future generations and prosperity


  • This is very good post hope our national people understand and follow TOS. But it seem in our gene is whenever new person start to think to earn money from internet I have number of people who start blog with sharing pirates software/books or movies and that is all their world. I always explained but they keep on doing what they is quick way to get rich. There is no quick way to get rich but only hard work, struggle and proper training is to get rich.

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