The Best Social Media Reactions on Imran Khan’s Wedding

Imran Khan’s wedding has resulted in the kind of media and social media frenzy we don’t see very often. Multiple hashtags on Twitter trended globally including #ImranWedsReham as well as #MerayKaptaanKiShadiHa.

However, all is not rosy. Vile and despicable pages have also cropped up which disrespect Reham Khan and Imran Khan’s union. We won’t comment on them; instead, we have gathered up the best social media reactions. Here is what cracked up the nation while Imran Khan was marrying Reham Khan.


Talal is a Director and the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.

  • afraz

    1. Anam j. Cheema
    2.Adnan Rehmat
    3. Haider Aftab

  • Myself

    worst ever post
    Aamir Atta PTI kay hain to isliye publicity ker rahay hen or kahan ki bat ko utha k tech news bna dia hai.
    kuch tweet main b na share ker dun phir delete na kerna

    • aamir7

      Send them in, we can include those as far as they are in decent language.
      Please note that I am not PTI member.

      • Uzair Farooqi

        Aamir bhai i can see that the standard of Propakistani Posts is getting worse day by day. No offence but i am reading this Blog from almost 3-4 Years. If you dont have any tech news than you can always come up with some information about the technologies that are currently in the development phase but sharing that kind of posts is only making me feel that Propakistani is done….

        • drag0nslayer

          Why don’t you up and write a guest post for propakistani .. Think before criticizing bro ..!!

      • Guest

        مفتی سعید کا کہنا تھا کہ نکاح کے بعد لوگوں سے گلے ملتا رہا اورخود نکاح نامے پر دستخط کرنا بھول گیا لہذا اب کل عمران خان کے نکاح نامے پر دستخط کردوں گا۔

        Put This One Too :D

      • Fakhre Alam

        i guess there was no need of clarifying whether you belong to PTI or not.

      • Tanveer

        شرمناک پوسٹ ہے آخر اس پوسٹ کا ٹیلی کمونیکیشن سے کیا واسطہ آپ #propakistani نہیں اب #propti بنتے جا رہے ہو مان لو کب تک خان کی چمچہ گیری کرو گے

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        PTI member nahi PTI supporter to hain na.
        wese i’m sick of this news..Media to bus IK ghar sy bahir aye wo wahan gaye .Rehman nay ye suit pehna ha IK ny ye pehna hai.Reham nay muskura k dekha Imran bhi hans paray.
        Aik chawal ki kami reh gai thi wo apne bhi maar di news laga kay.

  • Guest

    It’s an IT news? Just use the name social media, and make a news whatever you want..!! LOL!!

    • Raja Maja

      bhai aap ko mainy dosri post par kaha tha ke “JA KAR POGO DAIKHO” aap phir idher bhi aagai hoo.
      yeh aap ke Age wali batein nahin.

      • Spider

        Aur main ne bhi kaha tha k Raja G aap ki saltanat doob rahi hai oar aap yahan ghoom rahe ho. Lagta hai Raja G ko ProPakistani ne ise kaam k liye he rakha hua h :)

  • lol

  • Annie

    Abhi tou peshawar tragedy ka chaleeswaan bhe nahi hua. dharna peshawar incident ke weja sai nahi, shadi late ho jati es weja sai dharna yakdam khatam kea gaya.

    • Khalid Yaldram

      altaf bai ki chaali ….payar hova nahi payar ho gaya tha

  • SSyar

    i think #CES2015 was a much bigger event than this IK ##$%@@ in terms of technological news

  • Sunny Willes

    I am really ashamed of myself today.I once call Imran khan my Leader.I really hate Imran khan now.I swear to God”I will never follow Imran khan again “.We Pakistani people hate Imran after this shameful act.

    • a

      Why because he married? seriously! you are an idiot.

  • khan

    Well…. being a true great leader Imran khan suffer and sacrifice his life for Pakistan and it is very good act in right time…..Imran khan has done it finally…. and being a true citizen of Pakistan we love him and his attitude.
    I am thankful to Amir bhai for adding a social media article mentioning some beautiful quotes/tweets/messages.

  • akif

    nice couple

  • Zippo

    This article has nothing to do with technology! you should create a new section for such news, May be call it “Nothing to do with Tech”. Anyways we have enough news channels that cover such events. Please stick to technology news.