Transparency International Questions Govt Over Purchase Price of 400,000 Tablets

Transparency International has raised its concerns over Pakistan’s decision for purchasing 400,000 tablets at the rate of Rs. 51,640 per tablet in second phase of Prime Minister’s laptop scheme that will span over four years.

Rs. 21.33 billion out of tax-payers’ money is allocated for the project that will allow government to give away 100,000 tablets to students each year for four consecutive years.

Transparency International, in a letter written to Prime Minister of Pakistan, said that the price approved by ECC for a similar specs tablet is way higher than the usual market.

TIP said that the amount of tablets that are being ordered should only reduce the price further.

As reported by Express Tribune, the Transparency International has said that the specifications of the ECC requires Window tablet that is rack priced of $179 at Walmart can be imported in Pakistan at cost less than Rs. 10,000 from the manufacturer and in case the quantity is 500,000 it is certain that the tablet can be imported at less than Rs 7,000 each.

Transparency International Pakistan is also concerned about procuring 400,000 tablets in a single go while the delivery is likely to span over 4 years, i.e. 100,000 tablets for each year. TIP said:

We do not agree with the ECC decision to award the contract with variable specification for four years, without knowing the specifications for the second, third and fourth year.

This approach, according to the TIP, is a serious violation of Public Procurement Rules (PPR) 2004, which requires exact specification to be provided to bidder.

Procurement of 400,000 tablets is going to be managed by HEC and tenders are already with the the commission that will open next week.

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  • Where is the government version ? Also what exact specifications are in the bidding document ?

    • regardless of the specs look at the price if it still doesnt make sense please get lost from here we do not need nobrainers here.

  • Khao! Khao! Khatay jao khatay jao khatay jao…
    They know their days are numbered with all the Judicial Commission and Election Tribunals n all; maybe thats why want to fast track this and pocket maximum.

    Its not the first time either. This mindset has wasted >Rs200-500bn ($2bn to $5bn and counting) on such shenanigans with the usual “apki behtri kay liay hai” excuses. Examples need not be given to those who aren’t deaf dumb & blind to the factual reality.

    Too many to enumerate, its one untimely stupid decision after another. Badla hai Pakistan…for the worse. One step forwards, three steps back.

  • If asked a random stupid, what could benefit a student more, “scholarship” or “tablet”. I bet he won’t decide like a PM. “corruption is the point” :/

    • But a government will benefit more by awarding a tablet rather than a scholarship — political mileage, you know!

      • Only fool and brainless people will add political points because of this.. And Pakistan has soo much of them

  • If the prime minister had to this for his own company he would negotiate a price of $179+$50 but its peoples money and they are stupid so lets just do it for $540 and make a few billions doing so.

  • yar yeh tablet kuyn keh rahay hain laptop day raha hai shabaz sharif

  • Jis ny b yeh article likha hy wo bht e confuse lg raha hy

    1>Transparency International has raised its concerns over Pakistan’s decision for purchasing 400,000 tablets at the rate of Rs. 51,640 per tablet

    2>Procurement of 400,000 laptops is going to be managed by HEC and tenders are already with the the commission that will open next week.

    O bhai phly decide tw kr lo k laptop hain ya tablet.

    Or wesy b laptop deti hy govt na k tablets. Nd koi batay ga k 10,000 main konsa laptop milta hy jo core i3 b ho

  • chotya awaamm , laptop/tablet le kar vote de rahi hai …
    Chotya log hain hum sab, pata hi nahi keh medical needs, employment, security etc are more important.

  • Mistake in last sentence. Procurement of 400,000 “laptops” To my understanding we are talking about tablets here.

  • Dekho dekho kon aya
    Only 51k, although govt. has left no money for public welfare but they can spend millions on so called roads, underpass, metro, laptop, yellow cab type schemes as these help to loot votes of people…

  • Again a false accusation. A thing that has never happened as of yet. The author seems to be suggesting that it should happen like this so we could rant. for those who want to know the reality ” Transparency international has suggested the government to buy these laptops/tablets directly and do not buy them through a third party and this way the government can save money ” now the tender has just been published and not yet been awarded. And here the author is in a rant as if everything has happened and the government has looted tax payers money. I am not saying this government are not corrupt or are corrupt. But i think you should be ranting if you saw actual corruption.
    Although the title is great for marketing you know how our country works anything that makes people able to rant against the government and you will get many many views. But you know we have that thing too …. moral

  • Noora League are technical Chors. and lahnat on their supporters. with this money we could build 10 universaties in Balochistan.

  • This is the majority of us who have chosen such a leader, how many of us takes the responsibility, i guess none excluding those who voted him. I didnt vote for him and will never in my life but the best i could do is take the responsibility coz I am a Pakistani and i live in Pakistan… thats my fate.

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