Telcos Refuse to Block / Suspend Verified SIMs of Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phone companies, especially ZONG, is rejecting blocking requests from mobile phone users for their verified SIMs, a good number of ProPakistani readers have reported.

Customers, with a SIM that is verified through biometric verification system, when request Zong to cancel their subscriptions or to block the SIMs permanently, are met with negative response. Mobile phone users are told us that their verified SIMs can not be blocked and they must retain these numbers.

Mohammad Mohsin, one such user, told ProPakistani that he has two Zong SIMs that he wanted of off-load because he has reached 5 SIM limit and since he wants to purchase another SIM he thought of getting his Zong SIMs blocked. However, when requested, Zong rejected his requests by saying that verified numbers can not be blocked and there is no way of cancelling of these verified SIMs.

When checked with PTA, there’s no such rule and any customer is free to get his/her SIMs blocked or suspended whenever they want. PTA further said that customers can reach-out to the regulator at the official complaint number  0800-55055 to register any such complaints.

When asked from Zong, it said that there’s no such policy and all cancellation requests are honoured by the company.

Another tipster, who wanted remain unnamed, confirmed that Zong rejected his SIM cancellation request. He suspects that company is using these tactics — that aren’t authorized by PTA — to retain customers, just because making new verified SIM sale is a hard play these and hence letting old ones go would be the worst business situation for any sales officer.

In such situations, PTA should play a proactive role by cross-checking the sales and marketing practices of all operators. PTA should probably acquire more resources to keep an eye on the market before such cases make to the headlines.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK