Telcos Refuse to Block / Suspend Verified SIMs of Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phone companies, especially ZONG, is rejecting blocking requests from mobile phone users for their verified SIMs, a good number of ProPakistani readers have reported.

Customers, with a SIM that is verified through biometric verification system, when request Zong to cancel their subscriptions or to block the SIMs permanently, are met with negative response. Mobile phone users are told us that their verified SIMs can not be blocked and they must retain these numbers.

Mohammad Mohsin, one such user, told ProPakistani that he has two Zong SIMs that he wanted of off-load because he has reached 5 SIM limit and since he wants to purchase another SIM he thought of getting his Zong SIMs blocked. However, when requested, Zong rejected his requests by saying that verified numbers can not be blocked and there is no way of cancelling of these verified SIMs.

When checked with PTA, there’s no such rule and any customer is free to get his/her SIMs blocked or suspended whenever they want. PTA further said that customers can reach-out to the regulator at the official complaint number  0800-55055 to register any such complaints.

When asked from Zong, it said that there’s no such policy and all cancellation requests are honoured by the company.

Another tipster, who wanted remain unnamed, confirmed that Zong rejected his SIM cancellation request. He suspects that company is using these tactics — that aren’t authorized by PTA — to retain customers, just because making new verified SIM sale is a hard play these and hence letting old ones go would be the worst business situation for any sales officer.

In such situations, PTA should play a proactive role by cross-checking the sales and marketing practices of all operators. PTA should probably acquire more resources to keep an eye on the market before such cases make to the headlines.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    My three telenors sims which i had not verified are still working. They have not cancelled those sims

  • Saqib

    Even after verification exercise, 4 sims are working in my name which I didn’t got verified bio-metrically and total number of sims in my name are 6.

    • MySchizoBuddy

      Same here. I verified 2 out 3 sims. But the third sim still shows up against my CNIC number.

  • Pro Munna

    PTA – Pichly Time Ana…. :p

  • ZeeshanShahid

    PTA need to take notice and action. Is there any hope that they will?

  • Arif Gadit

    This is the response which I got via email when I contacted PTA regarding Zong’s refusal to remove sim from my CNIC.

    Reference is made to your email on the subject matter. It is informed that in the post BVS system, whereby a subscriber has once bio metrically verified his/her SIM and then wishes to disown it, the mobile operators are in the midst of formulating their policy for permanent removal of biometric verified numbers. Presently please note that all such numbers shall be blocked straight away once a subscriber approaches the service provider with a desire to disown his BVS SIM, however, removing the subject SIM from CNIC may be held till the policy is finalized at operator’s end and approved by PTA please.

    • Malik Tanveer

      Nothing wrong in it.

  • Noman Masood

    This is biased story and Aamir you should please check with PTA about number blocking and removing of that number from CNIC.
    This is not just Zong everyone is doing it.

    • Waqas Tariq

      Not Warid and Mobilink. Recent experience.

      • Kamran Imran

        My Name is Kamran Imran … Number 0313-515****.

        I recently blocked my SIM from Lahore Gulberg III and they have done it straightaway …. they informed me that it will remain blocked till further instructions from me.

        As far as getting it removed from ny CNIC will take some time and will be informed to you via SMS.

      • UncleBully

        Agree With Waqas :)

  • Waqas Tariq

    I can confirm this, I recently wanted to get Warid and Zong’s new 4G wifi devices, though I have 5 sims issued against my CNIC.

    At Warid, they said they can close my old sim if I want to, but I can also convert the old sim to a DATA sim and not have to close the old sim and buy another, I did that.

    At Zong, their Kh-e-Ittehad, Karachi franchise gave a flat NO to closing my old sim or having it converted to a DATA sim.

    At Mobilink I was able to successfully close 1 sim and transfer 2 sims, 1 to my wife and the other to my mother in less than 10 minutes.

    I just tried to call the PTA number provided, 0800-55055, no one’s picking up :( Maybe because it’s 4:32PM.

    • Kamran Khan

      waqas with all due respect that how can u do all of this in just couple of hours ?

      I think PTA should take notice and make sure all unverified SIMs will be blocked.

      • Waqas Tariq

        Bro its 2 days in total.

        1st day: Warid, done — Zong, rejected.
        2nd Day: Took Mom and wife to Mobilink head office, their it took 10 minutes to get 2 sims from my name to one on my moms and 1 on my wifes. and close the third. The data was updated to 668 the next day.

  • Anjum

    is it possible
    first we port our sim to some other telcos then we block our sim

    • Awais

      Yes may be but that will take time as the subscription will be terminated from that network which you are using.. So it doesn’t sounds good

    • Waqas Tariq

      Yeah, that’s what I thought, but Zong is also actively blocking all port out requests. You will have to spend a few days going back and forth to their main office at shahra-e-faisal before its done.

      • Zafar Jamal

        Waqas i am going through all your comments and replies it seems ur too much biased against Zong…


        • Waqas Tariq

          im posting this using Zong 4G wifi device,so no. Just stating the facts.

          • Taha

            Bro..same happened to me, removed my mobilink sim from my cnic yesterday by going to their main office in hasan square to get zong sim.. Hows ur experience using zong mifi.. What speeds you are getting.. Plz reply in detail.

            • zeeshan

              Waqas Zong does not have any office @ shahrah e Faisal.

  • Awais

    Same shit happened to me, when i gone to cancel my 2 zong sims i got same response that zong is not authorized by PTA to terminate any subscription :/
    I wanted to port one of mysim to warid but due to zong I couldn’t :@

  • Shahzad Waheed

    I want to transfer my number from Zong to Mobilink but zong is allowing. I am trying since Jan 2015

    • Shahzad Waheed

      Not Allowing Actually.

      • Anjum Khan

        It seems truth slipped out first ;)

  • Zahid Iqbal

    Telenor refuse to block my one biometric verified sim

  • Checked before thumb verification i had two sims of two different networks. Thumb verified those two sims. After few weeks when i tried to use number portability my mnp was rejected. Checked and found that Zong had added 7 sims on my name automatically. Perhaps Zong was adding sims automatically to different cnic to save numbers. Requested at Zong office and extra numbers were blocked immediately.

  • MySchizoBuddy

    you don’t need to cancel the sim from zong you can just transfer the number to warid.

  • Guest

    These dheads are not allowing port out either, if i was in some western country i would have sued their a$$ off.

  • Tanweer

    They even don’t entertain mnp requests…

  • Asad

    He whole article is subjected to only one operator. So kindly change the title.

  • jawadahsen

    Only zong does this idiotic things. My brother had a very hard time porting out of zomg. They keep rejecting requestes and give illogical reasons…and they have the worst customer support

    • Sohaib

      So How Did he ported from Zong???
      Cause I am also Facing the Issue to Port Out From ZOng.Worst Network Ever

      • Muhammad Shoaib

        Main Nay Bhi Port Out Kia Zong Say Lakin Bohat Ragra Lagaya Inho Nay 25 May Say Laga Raha 10 June Ko Ja Kar Port Out Request Accept Ki, Kabhi Kehtay Contractual Obligation Hai Ap Nay Loan Lia Hoga Koi Dosray Number Par Payment Rehti Hogi Koi Postpaid Number Hoga Apka. Jab Kay Na Loan Liya Tha Na Koi Aisi Baat Thi .. Account Main Balance Hota 100 Say Ziada Hi Phir Bhi Ragra Lagwatay Port Request Karta Dosray Din Reject Phir 5 Bar Gaya Phir Bhi Na Howa Phir Ek Email Ki PTA Ko To 2 Din Kay Ander Hi Port Out Hogaya Network

        • Sohaib

          Kis email adress py mail ki thi aur kiya mail ki thi??

  • Qais Hamid Khan

    Another Post where i see Propakistan specially highlighting ZONG based on customer feedback only know to Mr. Aamir Atta and not public. BUS KARDO

  • Atif Aleem

    I had six sims registered against my NIC. I have verified only 2 of them. But still show 6 sim against my NIC. Can anyone please tell me why it is so. Is database is outdated? Perhaps the entire sim verification exercise was futile.

  • humza syed

    I faced the same issue with other two other operators, and blaming just one company makes it a biased story. It should be further investigated as there must be a concrete reason behind this as no company would want to create obstacles for customers

  • Saadat Hassan

    i also have a zong sim which i unfortunately bought to test zong services, zong failed bitterly. i visited their franchise office many time to block that sim but despite their assurances it is still on my name

  • Muhammad Hamza

    I can confirm this.
    Zong and Mobilink refused to disown my once Biometricaly verified sim, saying there is no such policy.

  • Nemesis

    I wanted to dump one zong sime of mine but guess what same thing happened to me. They said it can’t be permanently block yet and that I have to wait 180 days.. I was shocked to hear that and on top of that the staff is very stupid on Zong. Never buy dhong.

  • Today I went to zong office and they rejected my sim cancellation request in Rawalpindi.

  • Atif Ejaz

    Hey guys, just called PTA to complain for this issue regarding Zong which i face yesterday when they plainly refused to permanently block my SIM and remove it from My CNIC.

    I asked Zong CS in Islamabad Blue Area to give it to me in writing, and they say they will write it to me on company letter head. Although i had to make fuss for all this but finally they agreed.

    PTA guys say if they give it to you in writing, just come to our office and meet our DG and lodge a proper compliant and they will handle the rest.

    So guys whoever wants to get it done, just take their policy of not removing verified number from your CNIC, in writing. Here you go

  • Atif Ejaz

    Hi guys, yesterday i complained to PTA for not removal of my Zong Sim, today i got a call from Zong that they are removing SIM from my name, Yaaaaaaayyyy