PTCL Announces New Up to 100Mbps DSL Broadband Packages and Prices

PTCL today announced a massive cut in its DSL broadband packages, especially for those packages with high speed rates. PTCL said that price cuts are in line with company’s vision of equipping internet users in the country with highest possible broadband speeds.

PTCL’s DSL broadband services are available in over 2,000 cities across Pakistan, while it has more than 1.5 million DSL subscriptions that the company wants to grow with these new price plans.

PTCL has also made available its higher speed limits — such as 20Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps — for general public.

According to details, PTCL’s broadband services are priced as following:

PTCL_DSL_Packages copy

* For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is not applicable to 8 Mbps and above connections

** 1Mbps and 2Mbps Economy packages contain download limit of 10GB and 15GB respectively. Downloads exceeding limit of respective package will be charged additional Rs.100 per GB.

*** GPON is with subject to availability in specific area.

How to Subscribe to PTCL DSL Broadband Service?

To subscribe, or to find out maximum supported speeds at your location, call 0800-80800.

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    • 4 Mb walon ko kia faida hua isse? as I said agar Ptcl ne 4 Mb walon ko free mein upgrade nahin kia 8 Mb ke speed per free mein 14 AUG 2015 tak then I will shift to Telenor 3G or Warid 4G. Done with Ptcl expensive internet.

    • They should have decreased the price of 4mbps. 8mbps connection was Rs 7000 before but now its Rs 3000 which is still good…

  • What If I upgrade my 4Mbps package to 8Mbps ?? Will I have to pay installation charges as well ?

    • The quality of their internet really depends on your location. My internet works perfectly at 8Mbps but a friend of mine lives 5 minutes away from me and his internet barely works. PTCL should really step up their game to provide a uniform experience for all no matter what their location.

      • DSL Broadband depends on many factors. some of them can’t be eliminated. for example distance from exchange

        • Yaar exchange to apny bajoo main hai
          But then I guess “charagh taly andhera” waala Formula apply hota hai yahan :P

        • Well, in that case, they shouldn’t offer internet to remote locations where they can’t commit the subscribed speed

    • I live in Okara Cantt area and speeds are awesome, I’m getting continuous 1MB/s download speed.

      Speeds really depends upon area and quality of wires.

  • 1MB student package pricex shud be 1000 Rs/month and 2MB student package prices shud be 1299 Rs/month … not everyone uses 12 16 18 20 30 50 MB walay packages PTCL manhoooooossssssss !!!

    • Yaarrr tum 1MB or 2MB speed waaly pkgs use kar lety ho???
      don’t do it Mar jao gy yaar ! :o
      yeh speed sehat k liye haniyakarik hai :P

  • Does this mean users who already have 4mpbs package are entitled to a smart tv connection?

    • You have to get GPON for free smart TV which means pretty much the same as 450PKR is the SMart TV charges :p LOL .. faida sirf 8Mbps walay connection pay hai .. ;)

  • By the way, 100Mbps is expensive!! I’m waiting for Google Optic Fiber 1Gbps only at 70$ and in Singapore 1Gbps only at 50$.

    • PTCL should remove the 1 and 2MB packages and start from 4MB in price of 1 MB and 2MB normal packages.
      1,2MB should only exist in economy bundle.

      • 1MB and 2MB packeges should be removed form existance !
        Jesy road par high speed limit hoti hai isi tarah Internet par Low speed limit honi chahiye ! :D
        Agar koi company 4MB say low speed dy rahi ho to us par challaan ;)

      • Agreed. Also the definition of DSL was recently changed by the FFC anything below 25Mbps is not a DSL anymore.

    • Google fiber, Singapore and japan are exceptions. In most other countries like USA and England the internet isn’t as cheap. But you’re right 1 Gbps for 5000 rs would be amazing if we got it here.

      • Forget 1Gbps anytime soon in Pakistan. For now, even 100Mbps for Rs. 5k would be good enough.

        • hahahaha you’re probably right, maybe when we’re senior citizens we’ll see 1Gbps finally arrive in pakistan. code geass bruh

    • Aap sri lanka ja nhi saktay or baten singapore ki.
      tell me the bandwidth on these connections is shared or not.

      • Now, I’m just a student of pre-medical. I hope I will go all the world over with you, Idiot!!

          • LOL!! You didn’t study grammar, I could guarantee. I learnt the use from “Discovering The World Of English Grammar & Composition” for CSS published by Jahangir, page no. 140. Idiot!

            • kindly explain this gurnetee from the same book.
              you learned not learnt
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              ab is sy main waqai jealous hun

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    • In Hongkong 1000Mpbs is in 25$ only ;)
      Yaar jab say yeh pata chala ab Hongkong jaany ka dil karta hai just to use sasta internet :P

  • Once PTCL employe said to me that
    PTCL is one and only Horse in this Race and he is running alone and win win situation for PTCL.
    NO Competition, No Tension
    The Price of 1 MB Unlimited Package should be 500
    2 MB Unlimited 750
    It will boost the Customers and also they will earn from LINE RENT
    But without Competitor they will never reduce the Price
    So Expensive for Low Income Peoples
    I am totally disappointed from PTCL

    • That’s exactly my point of concern .. ‘The upload speed’ … what’s the point in having such a high speed when you are unable to broadcast or live stream If one wants to do so … I think that 4G is good for now …. until PTCL improves the quality which is never likely to happen

    • You will have to pay charges of the box, but no line rent. I think the box costs around 4900rupees. Not sure about the price though.

  • No change in 1-4 Mbps connections. PTCL knows that this is where the money lies. Btw, the rates are not yet updated on PTCL’s website.

    • And this is where 3g operators could give tough competition to PTCL but they are not

  • 2 Mbps Economy Package=750 RS
    is there only broadband package price+ line rent nothing else
    or for broadband Economy package you have must avail other phone pacakge fee

    • You are right! ye prices be Ptcl ne darr kar kam ke hain Telenor 3G ke waja se so credit goes to them. Thanks Telenor 3G! Please end Ptcl monopoly. IMO sarey 3G and 4G operators ko chiye ke Transworld se bandwidth buy kare instead of Ptcl.

      • There is also huge pressure from both 4g operators as they are offering speeds upto 40Mbps with some cheap packages

  • They should have decreased the price of 4mbps. 8mbps connection was Rs 7000 before but now its Rs 3000 which is still good.

  • Abhi b koi kam nhi hain 25% prices aur cut kro and 1 and 2 mbps ko to khatam hi hona chahiye 4 mbps truly unlimited se start krne chahiye.

    • 4 mbps is already truly unlimited. woh 300 GB ke fair usage policy is a very big drama of ptcl.

  • Warid solved my internet problem, they have given me 10 Mbps plus dedicated connection with unlimited download. Literally Unlimited :) in just 7500/- per month including taxes and all.

    • Zong’s speed is about 2times faster than that of warid’s .. but the maximum you can get on zong is limited to 200GBs … And it costs Rs.6000 … so in my view if one is willing to dish out this much for the internet he should opt for Zong …. but then again it’s my personal opinion .. you can disagree

          • Dear jab zarorat hoti hai tu monthly 1TB plus download ho jata hai. ios app updates, android app updates, torrent downloads. wifi for guests, all family usage. in sab ko mila kar kaafi data ban jata hai.

        • i haven’t heard of any “Unlimited 4G” package …. .which pckage/offer are you talking about? … please enlighten me…

          • There is a policy of Warid on default package that if you consume 200 rupees balance on 4G it will become unlimited for rest of the day. you just have to load 250, after tax deduction around 210 will be remaining, now start using 4G, right after consuming 200 worth of balance your warid 4G internet will become unlimited. so 250 per day into 30 is 7500/- if you take a break for few days you can save 250 per day and if not then your max bill for unlimited 4G internet will be 7500/-
            am i right @Aamir717:disqus ? ;)

        • You can download unlimited by consuming Rs.200 per day on Warid 4G LTE. Haven’t you tried?

          • yeh kis package ki ap bat kar rahay hu ? Rs.200 per day on Warid 4G LTE ? How can i subscribe it ?

            • I have written about that a lot of times on Propakistani! You can see my comment on Propakistani, http://goo. gl/FVRQmp (eliminate the space) where I explained.

              • Please give proper link to open. Your given link is not opening. Yesterday I just bought Warid Wingle Huawei E8372h-153 in 2100 in Rawalpindi and gave it to some one to unlock it. InshAllah I will test Warid + Zong 4G on Monday. JazakAllah

                    • Warid Unlimited 4G LTE at Rs.200 Per Day’s Method

                      First of all, Rs.200 must be in your account. It’s worth mentioning that if you have a thousand rupees in your account after consuming Rs.200 more money will never be deducted, and after consuming Rs.200 you can download unlimited on Warid 4G LTE. Moreover, it’s not a package rather it’s called a default package. It means in order to apply the package, Rs.200 must be in your account and consume the money via web surfing on 4G LTE. The package will be applied automatically after consuming! Now, Enjoy!

                    • Geooo Ustad …. Waysay Shami Road, LHR Cantt par 4G / 3G ki speed kitni a ti huti hay ?

                    • I use PTCL Wingle, its speed goes from 3Mbps to 7Mbps as well as a 3G Dongle in which I use Telenor 3G; its speed goes from 2Mbps-5Mbps. I want to sell this dongle and want to buy a 4G dongle. Once I get how it is unlocked, I will buy it soon.

                    • Please confirm me the PTCL Wingle Huawei Model Number by removing the plastic cover.

                      Warid ki Unlock 150 Mbps Wingle mujhy inshAllah kal sham tak milay gi Aftari kay bad…. Then I will definitely share my experience with you. my total cost is 2900 PKR. 2200 ki Device + 700 Unlocking Charges.

                      PTCL EVO Cloud UNLOCK to use ZONG 4G LTE / Warid LTE would cost you 3500 PKR + TCS Charges…. Piss on PeeTeeCeeL Grave :-D

                    • Promise!!! InshAllah I will share all networks speedtest with you guys from RWP (Pindora, Officers Colony Lane 2) / ISB ( I-10, I-9, I-8, H-8) to give comprehensive idea …

                    • The PTCL Wingle 9.3Mbps which I use, is a 3G device!! I’m not much interested in unlocking it! I tried to unlock it, but failed. If you know, let me know! Its model number is AC3635–ZTE, not Huawei.

                    • Bro! can i use PTCL EVO Chaarji wingle (Wifi ) device by warid/Zong for 4G LTE after Unlock? or it is only supported to CDMA network? please confirm me.

                    • which device you want to unlock ? here i am using unlock Charji Cloud, it can even be use for 4G network. warid is offering the same Mifi as charji cloud.
                      Huawei EC5377 but the point is which device you want to unlock ? ;)

                    • By the way, I’m interested in both the 4G wingles provided by Warid 4G and PTCL Chargi, but Warid 4G wingle seems to me interesting because of its size as same as a Pendrive and no charging. If you know about Warid 4G wingle, how it is unlocked then it will be a great deal for me. But PTCL chragi is also best for me if it supports Warid 4G and Zong 4G, because some people say it only supports Warid 4G, not Zong 4G. If you know the model that supports both then let me know. I’ve searched on the PTCL website, there are many Chargi devices -Cloud A, B etc, but I’m not sure which can run both 4G SIMs. I shall be thankful to you if you provide me the method of unlocking of Chargi or Warid 4G wingle. :)

                    • Warid and ptcl offering same
                      device from Huawei that is E5377 as Mifi Cloud or Charji Cloud both are same
                      thing, Warid and ptcl also offering the same Wingle from Huawei and that is
                      E8372 please note this Wingle E8372 is not rechargeable. You can use
                      warid 4G and Zong 4G in above both Huawei devices. Unlocking procedure is bit complicated
                      but in short unlocking need a device imei no. to generate unlock code, Once
                      unlock it will be unlock forever. My advice is you should Buy Warid Mifi E5377
                      insert Ufone sim and then it will ask Unlocking code. You have to provide me
                      the imei no. and I will give you the unlocking code.
                      see below telenor device asking for unlocking code.

                    • Bro! can i use PTCL EVO Chaarji wingle (Wifi ) device by warid/Zong for 4G LTE after Unlock? or it is only supported to CDMA network? please confirm me.??

                    • Insert Non Accepted Sim card (Telenor,warid,zong) it should Prompt an Unlock code screen if it does reply back with device imei number i,ll give you the unlock code

    • Are you using it via your cell phone? Or this offer is also working on wingle/Mifi devices?

  • Bhai rawalpindi islamabad walo warid ki 4g wingle lo or os ma new sim dalo 100 rupay ma 5gb or speed b 20mbps

  • @PP ap logon ko ye speed test kahan se milla 50 Mbps ka jis mein ping 15 ms hai? 15 ms ping aye na jaye Ptcl par! specially jab submarine cable damage hai aur full restoration k liye 15 se 20 din lag jayein ge, lagta hai koi purana speed test ka result dia hai ap logon ne.

    • Yes, you are right! Thanks for the info, I’m also getting this error.

      Server is temporarily unavailable please try later.

    • But on their website there is no plan. Could you explain its prices and packages? Does it offer unlimited on all packages?? City??

    • mera pakgamers wala link kis akalmand ne del kia? aur Miuhammad Aamir ka msg be nazar nai ara woh be shiad del kar dia kisi intelligent bande ne!

        • ye baat to mein phele bar sun raha hoon ke links allow nai hai post karna! PG par agar koi PP ka link post kare to woh PG ke staff PP ke links del nai karte!

          • @aamir7:disqus is the admin of ProPakistani! It depends upon your purpose of posting. If you want to get more traffic for your site then definitely the link will be deleted because it’s called spam.

            • LMAO PG already has lots of traffic and on top of that I’m in no way associated with PG. Ap ne Transworld se related sawal kia to maine PG ka link de diya jahan TWA se related discussion hua hai simple!

              • Sorry! I didn’t see the link!! You can post the link by separating space otherwise it goes for approval which takes time to appear on website, but you can see the link, not by others!

            • There’s no comment under moderation on this thread. We do allow links for reference, but those PTC websites, or those who paste links with each comment aren’t allowed.

              Our friend is requested to paste link again.

              • Right! Sometimes when you go at work or during sleep :D Some people post links on Propakistani that don’t appear until you approve. I was talking about that. :)

  • I called PTCL and asked about the 4mbps speed including Free Smart Tv they said that they didnt have any such pakage! So kindly correct it.

  • Only useful for the ‘paisey wali party’ type people. For others, its still the same

  • I asked to be upgraded to the 20 Mbps package (the maximum available for me) and connection completely stopped working 5 minutes after I made the call. #FML.

    • So when it’s restored please do share the speed test ..I want to know .. how’s the uploading speed. And do tell me the area and city. Thanks.

      • My connection hasn’t been restored yet and the exchange people (Samanabad, Lahore) say these packages don’t really exist. They say its impossible to get more than 8Mpbs on PTCL’s infrastructure.

        • exchange centre walay ullu kay pathay hotay hain.
          they said the maximum they suport in my phase is 4 mb,

          yet im now running a 20 mb connection on COPPER wires.
          it took a month to convince the exchange centre to replace my lines with new ones jis mein haroze exchange centre ka chakar lagta tha kay woh bhi tang agai (while using evidence from the router statistics and screenshots and some research to back up my claim, pehlay tou mera 4 mb per bhi disconnect hotha tha and their advice was to downgrade to 2 mb LOL)
          Otherwise their usual claim was that their infrastructure doesnt support more than 4 mb. thats just bullshit.

          your maximum speed depends on your distance with the exchange centre. if you are within 1 Km of the exchange centre, even on copper wires you should get 24 MB .

            • Adsl, adsl by design supports upto 24 mbps. Im in Dha 1 phase 1 Isb. If you want to check the maximum line rate available to you (which depends on distance from exchane , formally called line attenuation).open your router settings and depending on your router model, youll have to fiddle around untill you find a section where it will say “max line rate attainable” or similar. This is the figure you can attain IF your line is clean and has no faults.

              • The thing is, 24 Mbps is the maximum peak data rate achievable on ADSL given great line parameters. But, line parameters tend to degrade as the data-rate increases. So if you’re getting an SNR of 30.0 at 4 Mbps, it will most likely drop to 15.0-17.0 at 16 Mbps. The max attainable bandwidth shown in your statistics panel is calculated on the current parameters. For instance, my line parameters currently show a downstream SNR of 27.8db, and attenuation of 12.4db with a max data rate of 23936 kbps on an 8 Mbps profile, but when I tried to upgrade my connection to 20 Mbps, the line wouldn’t even sync because SNR dropped very low.

                • yes, parameters do degrade exponentially but i think the max peak data rate available takes this into account. (it is almost a constant value for me no matter how high or low my snr goes, so i think its more of a floor value rather then a dependant one bases on your current package)
                  im suprised you are getting de-syncing issues after an upgrade even though my line attenuation is 14 Db, higher then yours.
                  here were my stats.
                  24 snr at 8 Mbps.
                  6 snr at 20 Mbps.

                  Your exchange is fucking something up probably, just like mine was lol
                  ask them to change your ports? or maybe your line has problems that start at a higher bandwidth like mine was before?

                  and i have so far no de-syncing issues. so id say, the max i can go to is 24 Mbps before de-syncing occurs which is what my max peak data rate also says.
                  (for comparision, the max peak data rate was 11 Mpbs in my previous house at a 2 MB package assigned)

                  • and here, i found this on
                    Less than 1km = 24Mbit
                    1.0km = 13.81dB = 23Mbit
                    1.5km = 20.7dB = 21Mbit
                    2.0km = 27.6dB = 18Mbit
                    2.5km = 34.5dB = 13Mbit
                    3.0km = 41.4dB = 8Mbit
                    3.5km = 48.3dB = 6Mbit
                    4.0km = 56dB = 4Mbit
                    4.5km = 62.1dB = 3Mbit
                    5.0km = 69dB = 2Mbit

                    given my experience and what the internet says, id say your exchange is fucking something up

                  • and here, i found this on google
                    Less than 1km = 24Mbit
                    1.0km = 13.81dB = 23Mbit
                    1.5km = 20.7dB = 21Mbit
                    2.0km = 27.6dB = 18Mbit
                    2.5km = 34.5dB = 13Mbit
                    3.0km = 41.4dB = 8Mbit
                    3.5km = 48.3dB = 6Mbit
                    4.0km = 56dB = 4Mbit
                    4.5km = 62.1dB = 3Mbit
                    5.0km = 69dB = 2Mbit

                    given my experience and what the internet says, id say your exchange is fucking something up

    • I asked them to upgrade my 8 Mbps to 20 Mbps, they said that i need to disconnect my 8 Mbps connection and then apply again for 20 Mbps. #confused

      • So far, I haven’t gotten an upgrade and my 8Mbps connection hasn’t worked since I asked for the upgrade.

        In fact, my local exchange (Lahore) doesn’t even acknowledge that these packages exist.

  • Dil tu ker ra hai keh khoob galiyaan likhu but ramdan ka ehtraam kertay huway nai likhu ga . .. ptcl aap bhainsain paalain aur dhoodh bachain … 1 week sai internet dead hai aur aaj phone bi dead hu gya hai … this is just a despo move to attract or retain existing customers … if there really was a price cut it would have been given to 4 mbps n 8mbps users since they are the largest base… just a marketing gimmick nothing else ….

    • A Simple Advise — PTCL Cloud unlock kar wa kay 4G LTE ( Zong / Warid ), 3G ( Zong, Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone ) …yaqeen janu Dil ko boht sakooon milay ga :-D

  • GPON is with subject to availability in specific area.

    Kia 4mbps Lahore mein truly unlimited hai ?

  • Waiting for stand alone tv box from any mobile operator. In price around 250 per month. ( device price around 3500) it could compete with ptcl and even knock out local cable operator.

  • @amir ata please get some details about this company and their reliability and do a post on it as well..they have recently launched their service in Lahore with limited coverage and offering Fiber connectivity for home users at very cheap rate..

  • It says free smart tv for 4 and 8mbps packages

    Do we have to contact them for smart tv ? If they’ll provide us with smart tv.. Will we have to pay installation charges for that ?

  • The pakage of 4MB that you have mentioned with free smart tv. There is no such pakage. I have called them and asked them about this pakage and they said that there is no such pakage from there side! Correct it!

  • PTCL should remove the 1 and 2MB packages and start from 4MB in price of 1 MB and 2MB normal packages.
    1,2MB should only exist in economy bundle.

  • they should make 4MB at 1100 only and make 8MB on 1700Rs.
    when comparing with Rest of the world…
    1MB should be at 500MB , 2MB with 800

  • PTCL is a crap ISP, worst ever I have seen. I doesn’t matter if you, on paper, offer 100 or 1000 Mbps speeds once the scums running and managing your organisation are brainless donkeys.

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    Watch more at LTD