Here Are All The Phones Getting The Windows 10 Mobile Update

The release date for the next Windows Mobile OS may not be known yet but Microsoft has already ramped up their marketing around the new OS. Microsoft has now finally revealed devices that are marked as “Windows 10 Ready”.

The list of devices mentioned are exclusive recommendations from Microsoft for customers who wish to buy a Windows Phone.

The list of Windows 10 Ready devices is given below:

  • Microsoft Lumia 435
  • Microsoft Lumia 535
  • Microsoft Lumia 635 / Nokia Lumia 635
  • Microsoft Lumia 640
  • Microsoft Lumia 640 XL/LTE
  • Microsoft Lumia 735 / Nokia Lumia 735
  • Microsoft Lumia 830

The list is quite small and only includes the latest Lumia devices. The list even forgoes ex-flagship devices like the Lumia 930, 1020, 1520 and budget offerings like 530 and 630. Microsoft had previously revealed that the limited internal storage on the 530 makes it incapable of upgrading to Windows Mobile 10 but the rest still go unmentioned.

There is an alternative and the only ray of hope that more devices might get updated to Windows 10 despite being not Windows 10 Ready. That hope comes from the Windows Insider Program. Even if your device is not listed in this list, it can still be upgraded by going through some hoops and getting Windows 10 Insider Preview for your Windows 8 smartphone.

Even if your phone isn’t on the list, you might be able to get Windows 10 through the Insider Program

Windows 10 Insider Preview list includes almost all Windows 8 Smartphones that have at least 8GB of internal storage and Windows version 8.10.14219.341 or newer. You can go here and view the Insider list. If your phone is supported, download the Windows Insider app and enrol for Windows 10 and that’s it.

Microsoft received a huge backlash when they left most Windows 7 devices behind on the 7.5 update. It is without doubt that Microsoft is working on including more devices but excluding previous and current Windows flagships from the Windows 10 Ready label might not be appreciated by many users.

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  • exclusion of 930, 1020, 1320 & 1520 amazes me. How can you exclude your flagships if you want to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung?
    – A disgruntled 1020 user.

    • o bhai hosla karo. The devices mention in the list would be the very 1st ones to get Windows 10 as they come specifically Windows 10 Ready out of the box. All the remaining Lumias which have 8 GB internal memory and running Windows-Phone 8.1 will get Windows 10 at some point before February 2016. No worries at all

  • I was part of Insider program for my 520 and 620. Both updates were terrible, made the phone useless. Being on Android for a long time, switching to Windows was a terrible mistake (Nokia’s brand name made me do it …..)

    • I’m running it. Don’t uninstall vital apps before switching, store doesn’t work so you won’t get them back. Also, it keep showing me another update is available but doesn’t download it on WiFi.

      • i mean i will update when Microsoft officially release it later this year when my phone tells me there is update available

  • I have installed windows 10 through insider but after that camera won’t work anymore so decided to back on 8.1 on my nokia 430.

  • I am using #Windows10 in my Lumia 532, downloaded via insider program. .. and I have found it attractive, easy to use, free of bux as of yet, and fast and smooth…
    I think it is a great OS as compared with the previous Windows8.1…
    The only issue is the lack of applications… which I believe would be sorted out as the time pass…
    I will give it 7.5/10…

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