No Telecom Infrastructure Damage Reported During or After Earthquake: Telcos

Mobile phone companies have said that their network infrastructure remained safe during and after today’s deadly earthquake that rocked northern parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan and parts of India and Iran.

At least four out of five All five mobile phone companies confirmed ProPakistani that not a single cell site went offline during or after the earthquake due to shocks.

Fifth operator is also in process of determining any damages and said that no disruptive activity was monitored on its network so far. However, it is taking time to make sure that everything is fully safe, especially in northern areas.

Mobile phone companies admitted that networks were under-performing immediately after the earthquake due to sudden spike in traffic but said that this was not due to any infrastructure damage, unlike what TV channels are claiming.

Telcos said that networks are getting normalized as traffic is getting back to with-in capacity limits of telecom networks and it will get only better as time is passing.

Mobile phone users are advised to use alternate means of communication including Whatsapp as data services are working better than usual

Mobile phone companies said that they will continue to closely monitor their networks during next few hours to make sure that things go smooth.

Telcos emphasized that customers can use alternate means of communication, such as Whatsapp because data services are functioning better than usual due to decreased internet traffic.


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