Over 40 Percent Pakistani Adults are Illiterate

At a recent meeting attended by representatives of the federal units from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltisitan, and firms such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the major issue of illiteracy was being discussed. Speakers at the event noted that Pakistan faces a major issue with over 40 percent of the adults completely illiterate.

The meeting was held by the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) on the development of a National Plan of Action (NPA) to achieve a 90 percent literacy rate in Pakistan by 2025.

Chairperson NCHD, Razina Alam Khan, said “NCHD and representatives of all provinces will have to jointly accept the challenge of enhancing literacy rates up to 90 per cent by improving enrolment in schools, stopping dropouts, and promoting adult literacy, besides initiating skill development programs in the country.”

She added that, “In such an alarming situation, it is extremely important to address the illiteracy problem on a priority basis.” NCHD has a Vision 2025, with guidelines and a roadmap towards addressing the problem of illiteracy in Pakistan.

During the meeting, it was noted that Net Enrolment Rate (NER) in Pakistan is 72 percent, however, the dropout rate of 33 percent has a major effect on the literacy rate in Pakistan. The raw figure for illiterate Pakistani citizens is close to 57 million.

Razina Khan vowed to achieve the target literacy rate of 90 percent and 100 percent enrolment under the Vision 2025 via a renewed strategy. NCHD will be establishing 12,000 new literacy centers in less developed and remote regions in Pakistan. She said that PC-1 of the National Training Institute has been approved, which will help in improving skill development in adult education with the utmost priority.

57 Million Pakistani adults are illiterate.

NCHD Chairperson also noted that a training institute for literacy and non-formal education will be established in Islamabad to develop, research and train all relevant people on non-formal basic education (NFBE). She said that literacy centers will be set up in seminaries and special courses will be brought up for taxi drivers, laborers and gardeners. A post literacy program has been formulated by NCHD to engage new literates after the completion of their courses.

The UNESCO asked the representatives of the education sector to come up with innovative ideas to increase the literacy level. JICA representatives suggested to involve the community directly to better understand the problem. Of course, increase in efforts towards education would require government funds, which have been continuously cut to make room for infrastructure development and laptop schemes.

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  • They will remain illiterate for another century. Keep electing noon-league and PPP guys. *thumbs up*

    • PMLN is best party Pakistan will ever get i hope they get extension.PM youth loan program,PM laptop scheme for students.PM launch of IT park in Lahore,Islamabad.This is real contribution.In addition Metro bus program to facilitate students.PMLN Zindabad.Roshan Pakistan.PTI is corrupt party run by corrupt people.KPK is still underdeveloped.

      • Report is about adult illiterates. What PTI has to do with it? Have they all become adults in 3 years?

        • What can you expect when dictators in the past ruled Pakistan and made all people illiterate.Democracy has just started it will make Pakistan a tiger country.And PMLN is showing true democracy and leadership skills.

          • It has been 8 years of continuous rule of Mian Shahbaz Shareef as CM Punjab. Since education is provincial subject, he is the person responsible for bettering the plight of education in Punjab. Please compare the literacy rate of dictators vs democracy, you will get the clear picture.

        • “Umer” ne boht acha khela is k bawajood b Lahore Qalandars haar gaey !!!

          Zalmi Zalmi Zalmi :P

      • Wah umar bhai wah mujhe tu pata bhi nahi tha ke N League ne itne sare kaam kiye hain. Aapne tu meri aankhain khol deen. Ab se main hamesha N League ko hi vote kia karonga, infact wasiyat kar ke jaonga ke mere baad bhi mera vote unko hi jata rahay :-)

      • People need clean deinking water, better health facilities, hospitals, food, employment but unfortunately people like you and goons in noon-league think METRO projects are more important.

        • Hahaha isn’t this lame statement of becoming bankrupy nation is hearing up from last 2 to 3 decades.
          It was just a misleading report and you did not try to research about it.
          Report or media stated that all debt are about to get mature withing a year Lol
          We’ll watching over this year do remember me jab aise ho
          Pakistan has debt have maturing agr of around 40 years so please stop coming up with the rhetoric statements and making baised views over the public

    • So if PML-N is bad, so why not a person like urself which is very brave, intelligent, and specially “educated” why not u come into politics and do something abt it instead of just speculating and blaming others. Haven’t u heard that saying that, “If you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself” As simple as that.

      • Imran Khan stood for this awam but alas, this awam preferred metro and corruption over better Pakistan :)

        P.S. There are lot more ways without coming into politics. I’ll be serving this nation as a Doctor, soon. InshaAllah.

        • Your service would not be free of cost. I know kinds like you who lick balls of kinds like Imran khan. What that douche has done for KPK? Did he make the Peshawar Paris? Now don’t think i am the supporter of Ganja League. They suck just like that retired cricketer.

          • Education is responsibility of provincial governments. Performance of Punjab Govt is not ideal but they are still doing way better than all other provinces (including KP Govt). Basic education in Punjab is free. Govt here is doing everything to put each and every child in school. Govt is forcing parents to send kids to schools and parents who don’t send their children to school can face legal penalties. I think some kind of incentive is also being given to parents (Rs:1000 per child or something like that). Govt upgraded infrastructure of thousands of schools and took many other initiatives for a “Parha likha Punjab”. Danish schools, a great initiative for highly talented students. Danish schools are high class boarding schools for underprivileged students.

            However, there is no program for adults (18+ years old people). And I don’t think adults can somehow be forced to get education. I know there should be much more but other provinces are doing? Just blaming PML-N. What PTI has done in KP? Opened a zoo and planted few trees and what else?

  • Anparh Bankrupt sabhi kuch kr k chhorengay is nation ko ye nooray .. pata nahi wo kon c taakat hogii jo in se haqeeqi chutkaara dilaey gii … shayad wo taakat hum sab mey hain bs humain istemaal krna nahi aati theek theek……

  • What’s the big idea behind putting some poor newspaper seller’s picture along with illiterate article?

  • It is also fault of those ill minded people who don’t encourage or support others education. Government on the other hand is on whole new level by not providing facilities to those who were unable to handle their education expenses.

  • If literacy rates improve there will be new political thoughts in Pakistan and no one wants that.

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