Sara Khurram Wins Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Award

Acumen Fellow and i2i Alumni Sara Khurram of doctHERs has won the Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Award.

She is the first Pakistani company & female founder to do so. She competed against founders from 7 other countries including Ghana, Cambodia, Cambridge, Bangladesh with amazingly talented entrepreneurs making history.

Her firm DoctHers has recently been in the news for many reasons. Some time back, her organization represented Pakistan in the Seed Star Summit at Switzerland, bringing worldwide recognition and acclaim to Pakistan’s budding entrepreneurial scene.

It also won the first place in MIT’s  Entrepreneurship Development Program earlier this year.

About DoctHERs

DoctHERs is a Pakistani medical startup that is focussed on helping people (millions of poor patients) who want access to female doctors. In Pakistan where medical services and practioners are unavailable in most underdeveloped parts, DoctHERs makes it possible for people from far-flung and other hard to reach areas. This is done via connecting doctors and patients with the help of internet-enabled technologies, video conferencing, community midwives, on-ground nurses, and community health workers.

Current statistics unveil a bleak picture for Pakistan’s medical emergency. Only 25% of registered doctors are women even when there’s 80% female medical school students. DoctHERs aims to put most of non-practicing as well as practicing female doctors at the forefront of fulfilling the nation’s medical needs.

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  • originally its mine idea which i presented to my university at idea competition in early 2014

    • Dear Khalid – thanks for your comment. Just to set the record straight so there is no ambiguity around this, the idea was originally conceived in 2013 in-house at Naya Jeevan – it was submitted to the Echoing Green competition in Nov 2013 (and selected as a semi-finalist in March 2014) and re-submitted again in Nov 2014 (and became a finalist in May 2015). We
      incubated the idea and developed the prototype in-house at Naya Jeevan over 18 months (Nov 2013 – May 2015) prior to spinning-off doctHERs as an independent company in May 2015. We are very proud of the baby we gave birth to! Best wishes to you and your work, Dr. Asher Hasan (Founder/CEO Naya Jeevan and CoFounder/Chairman, doctHERS)

    • Hi Khalid
      Can you please tell me more about this or email me at [email protected]. As far as I know this is an idea of Naya Jeevan & Dr. Asher+Sara Khurram are the Co-Founders of doctHERs.

    • Dear Khalid, even if it was your idea why didn’t you work on it. If you can’t take care of your idea then somebody else will.

      No point in mentioning this. Don’t be like IK.

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