Google Details How Long it Can Provide Updates for Current Nexus Lineup

One of the major benefits of getting a Nexus device is “Guaranteed Software Updates” as whenever Google releases a new version of Android, Nexus devices are the first ones to get it ─ pure Android that works like a charm.

However all good things must come to an end and hardware limitations mean Nexus devices can’t be upgraded after a certain time period.

Recently Google has updated the Nexus handset support page to give a clear picture of how long they will be supporting specific Nexus devices.

It states that devices will get Android version updates for at least 2 years after launch and will get 3 years support in terms of security patches.

Regarding the Android One devices, Google has committed to provide at least one major software update and several smaller security updates after their launch.

You can still update your Nexus after Google stops official support, but you either have to flash the update package manually or use some custom ROMs built by independent developers.

  • ”hardware limitations mean Nexus devices can’t be upgraded after a certain time period” ….. are you f***ing kidding me.!!!
    Even in September 2018 nexus 5x & 6p’s hardware will be more than capable to run the latest software like a charm….. why don’t you mention the real reason that is CORPORATE GREED.

    • Sure it can “run” but can it run buttery smooth? Nexus devices are meant to provide the best Android experience. We can’t expect them to crash or lag like hell. Imagine you’re running Android Marshmallow on the original Nexus One. Would you like it?

      • Can you tell me how old is original nexus?
        With nexus 6p we are talking about SD820 and 3Gb RAM … it can easily be supported beyond September 2017 and yes it will run pretty smooth

        • Well, not according to Google, you can call it corporate greed but I think its their policy to maintain a good name for Nexus and since Android is an open source project. You can flash the ROMs manually and there won’t be any issue. People are still using Windows XP, don’t they? official support or not.

    • To be fair, we are talking about Nexus here. Google knows Nexus users will flash ROMs of newer android versions if they dropped support for a device. I have a Nexus 5. I got it about a month ago and I’m well aware that it won’t go beyond 6.0. I’ll be looking out for N ROMs at xda. As would majority of other Nexus users.

    • General Mobile 4G is getting Android (N), Nexus 5 is not :/ when Google claims to improve RAM consumption and performance for low end devices. iPhone 4S (2011) runs iOS9 while performance is debatable but specs wise Nexus 5 should have been way better than that released 2 years later.

      Most affected are app developers, they should not need the latest hardware, but they need the latest software for sure. Buying a 50k-80k device every two years is not helping when they need one phone and one tablet device of each platform they are supporting / developing for.

    • Performance is great but build quality isn’t great. It really feels cheap in the hand. You would like using that phone but not holding it.

    • If you can get it in less than 28k, it might be worth it ( if you don’t care about feel of the phone in hand ). But a penny more than that and it’s useless.

      P.s. the screen is just average, looks boring.

      • Nexus 5X is One of the best phone in this price range. this phone is lighting fast, the beat part is the speed of multitasking.. I’ve been using it for several months, very good screen and fantastic camera, Cool design, light weight, Finger print scanner is very fast and working good which makes it easy to secure your device, …Budget friendly (got 16GB model here in Pakistan for approx. $270) smooth performance…no lags at all, Battery life is average and yes charging is very fast it takes 1 hr 30 mins to charge phone fully…..

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