National Shame: No Pakistani University in Top 500 Global Rankings

According to Times Higher Education World University rankings, no Pakistani university made it to the list of top 500 universities in the world.

These rankings are different from the previous university rankings we covered in the past, which were for the top 150 universities not older than 50 years, and Top Asian Universities in the world.

The Times Higher Rankings have one crucial difference that set them apart. They take a look at all the universities in the world. and are from the most reputed higher education ranking authority.

The Global Higher Education Rankings

Two Pakistani universities made it into top 800 in the rankings. Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) was ranked 501-600 while National University of Science and Technology (NUST) was ranked between 601-800.

As for which universities took the top honors? The California Institute of Technology (Caltec) topped the list with first place in the rankings, with Stanford University in third place, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 5th place and Harvard University at 6th place.

Compared with Pakistan’s 2 universities in top 800 universities worldwide, India has 17 universities included in the rankings, 37 universities from China are included, 3 from Saudi Arabia, 11 from Turkey and 8 from Iran.

Ranking Criteria

The rankings are decided by evaluation of the universities according to key performance indicators. These indicators are divided into 5 major categories. These are teaching, research, citations, international outlook and industry income.

The number of universities was increased from 400 universities from 41 countries to 800 universities from 71 countries this year.

Push Needed for Higher Education in Pakistan

Pakistan’s education spending has not even exceeded 3% of its total GDP in the previous years, a woefully low amount for any country.

Take a look at government spending for education in the previous years here:


Given the spate of increasing reports against the falling standard of higher education in Pakistan, it is high time that the government took notice of the academic emergency here.

Of course its a problem that needs more than just throwing money at it. We need better professionals, and honest professionals at that. It is hoped that the concerned quarters should get into action before its too late.

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  • Aamir Atta ( a shamless guy ) ……………how this phrase looks like….what this phrase depict to the reader inside Pakistan and outside Pakistan. A request try to convey the message not to show your harsh feelings to the audience or to the readers. Though we know the areas to improve ourselves but this is shows your helplessness. i hope Haamiz Ahmed you understand what we want.

    • Agree! I can say SHAME on Propakistani: it is not in top 8000 global rankings of Alexa! LOL!

    • Mr % ny to wese bhi kuch nahi diya, Taklay k hisab se awam ko TAALEEM ki nahi bal k Metro or Narangi bas chahye wo de to di
      Sahi kaha na?

        • yaar zara 80s k dour me jao or dekho k hamari taleem konsy level py thi. us k baad abhi ko dekh lo or batao sharam nahi karni chahye to kia mithai bantni chahye k hamari taleem ka mayaar gira huwa hy?

          • Kashif aap ki baat kissi hud tak darust hai, kia us waqt ki taleem mein Internet ke lawazmaat they, us waqt, waqt zaya karnay ki koi zayada mawakeh nahin thay ab bahut saray hein. thats why focus was more towards to personal growth which leads to collective educational country growth. aaj ke daur mein internet is the fastest way to access more knowledge but our focus on mastering a single subject has dispersed and we spend more time on general knowledge on the internet. Result is we are on noway. Mein apni baat par wapis ata hoon, mein is KAALIM ke UNWAAN ke Matun ko discuss kar raha tha ke UNWAAN insaan ki pehly soch ko kaisay disturb kar sakta hai, na ke is Kaalim mein kia likha hai. AAP ab meri baat samajh gai hoongay.

    • Sharam sai doob marna chahyay…. that’s what the post says… What’s wrong with it?
      If you are such a patriot go do something about it

      • Qureshi Joshanda sahab………….bus yehi samjhana tha aap ko ………….umeed hai aap ki G****D mein aag sahi tarhan say lug chuki hogi. ;)

        • From who? If asking from me then i believe every Muslims’ faith is not complete if he has no faith in Jihad which is an obligation just like zakkat, Roza, Hajj. If a non-Muslim similarize it with Terrorism i can understand but if a Muslim connects Jihad and terrorism. Then it’s our badluck i guess.

          • Dont pretend to be be naive. I am a Muslim and I call todays so called Jihad terrorism. Is firing into crowded civilians jihad? or is running a truck into a large collection of people who were just there to witness fireworks on their holiday jihad?

            Do not connect these mindless acts of violence, hate, and general mental instability with something as pure as jihad, roza, haj…

            • exactly .. Jihad is being shamelessly tarnished by these people. these are the exact people the Prophet called the ‘Kharjites’ , who first accepted Islam on pretext and then conspired AGAINST Islam in a mosque (that is just disgraceful in itself!). Remember that mosque was DEMOLISHED and razed to ground by orders of Prophet himself , which means any institution which ever REMOTELY tries to corrupt or twist Islam deserves to be eliminated , EVEN if they seem to be all muslim from the outside. the Taliban , Al-Qaeda and other such outfits all fall under the same category…

              rest is upto the sane person to decide…

              • So yasir, khawarij ka matlab hi Non Muslim hy, yeh janty huwy bhi aap yeh bol rahy ho k Islamic Jihad (including Jihad Bi Saif) is terrorism???

                • read that “Jihad is being shamelessly tarnished by these people”

                  which means that the ACTUAL values of Jihad are being corrupted and badly portrayed by these people. Islamic Jihad by SWORD is NOT terrorism BUT it is NOT needed at this point in time. ANYONE , ANY OUTFIT , hel ANY MULLAH claiming to do this sort of Jihad is a hypocrite themselves.

                  Khwarij were people who POSED to be muslim , lead by Abdullah Bin Ubbay , but were EXPELLED from Islam once their motives were known. so yes , they’re non muslim in a way.

            • Today’s Jihad is terrorism, is the same statement for “KASHMIRIS” & “Palestine”???
              If you are focusing on Taliban and ISIS, to mere bhai namaz or Quraan to Qadiyani bhi parthy hain to agar wo koi terrorist activity karaingy to Islamic Jihad ko blame karogy kia?
              Hopefully tumny ISIS ka yeh paigham bhi newspapers me parha hoga “we will destroy Kaabaa, the place of shirk”
              Nahi parha to net py search karo or phir batao k Islamic jihad terrorism hy ya islam se bahar terrorism hy???

              Jis mazhab ka matlab hi salamati hy wo terrorism hoga agar aap esa sochty hain to aap mehrbani kar k pehly Islam ko achy se parhain.
              Allah Pak apko or ap jesa sochny walon ko hidayat dy, Aameen

      • bro .. Jihad is not applicable anymore in the sense it was during Prophet’s times. Remember the Quran is a universal book , released to be valid and at the fore for ALL times to come. it’s valid in EVERY age. Its scriptures has multiple meanings , each to be deciphered as per need of time.

        at that point in time , Islam was new and other religions looked at it from a predatory pov. so it was NECESSARY to wage war in form of Jihad to make sure the faith survived. Is Islam in danger now ?! Is someone threatening to kill billions of Muslims atm ?!

        NO. which means Muslims have NO right to kill anyone else as well… remember Prophet always acted in self-defense. NEVER did he ever go to war with someone of an agitated
        issue. right now Taliban (sponsored shamelessly by ISI) , ISIS , AL-Qaeda and co. are actually doing the Zionists’ work (do some read up on Zionism) . IF this is what you define as Jihad then i am AGAINST Jihad and so is every other sane muslim !

        please please … try to utilise common sense. even the afghan mujahideen are nothing but bitter criminals ! they rebelled against their OWN govt and so they should’ve stayed there,
        there should have NEVER been a spill over in Pakistan (curse Zia ul haq , jewish lobbies , anti-pakistan elements for that!) they have destroyed Pakistan’s infrastructure. Remember in the 1920’s these SAME afghans refused us from immigrating to Afghanistan as well. so you might as well leave the terminology aside. almost no muslim follows that now (hey,even blood brothers kill and deceive each other nowadays!).

        try to determine what the boundaries of Jihad are is in today’s day and age before making assumptions.

          • nope. Inner Jihad will always be there … killing unarmed men , women and children is NOT Jihad. its the EXACT opposite … we all know where those so-called ‘mujahideen’ and ‘jihadis’ are going. (hint : the word starts with ‘h’ and ends with ‘l’). First of all , it is NOT any ‘warriors’ who decide what happens to sinners and ‘kafirs’. we all believe in a supernatural and omnipotent being called Allah or God , don’t we ? which means we ACCEPT that He’s the Supreme Judge of all , yet we always pass on prejudices ?! aren’t we already defying his Word ? take time to reflect on that.

            oh and one more point of interest … if these fighters are the true warriors of Islam , why don’t the attack the ONE and ONLY enemy … The Zionist lobby at the heart of Israel , which is basically the creator of The New World Order and has bought so-called ‘muslims’ to their knees in all fields , be it economics , technology or even recognition (jews are top scorers in Nobel prizes , take that !). It certainly is food for thought but those affected by cynicism and radicalism interfering with their faith will ALWAYS have a corrupted view and will never focus on this part of the argument.

            my friend… im not here to debase or undermine Jihad. it has always been an integral part of Islam … but remember , Prophet ALWAYS advised us against unwarranted oppression and agitation. NEVER did he ever told his companions to wage war without compelling reason. He was merciful and loved , respected all humans. Remember when a jewish funeral procession was passing through … Prophet asked his companions to be quiet and stood up in respect for the late jew until the procession passed. thus clearly citing that all of humanity is to be respected. So believe in Jihad , but focus on inner Jihad first. self-improvement is oft-evolutionary for a person. the lesser jihad is only valid when someone is threatening to wipe you out… its merely self-defense. Clear yourself of any misconceptions and double minded confusions that cloud your judgement. there’s more to the world events than is visible to the eye…

        • Zara Jihad ki iqsaam to batana or kab konsa Jihad Farz banta hy woh bhi batana takay humain bhi pata chalay k apky muqably me hamary ilm me kitni kami hy

          • i’ll be blunt instead. you just want to judge … so i’ll do it for you.
            yes im a sinner and a worser muslim than many others .. but so is every other human ??

            should this mean every human should be taken as a terrorist ?

            • yar apni baat khud nahi samajh rahy ho to main kia kar sakta hon?

              tumny opar kaha “Jihad is not applicable anymore in the sense it was during Prophet’s times”

              us k liye mainay pocha k “Zara Jihad ki iqsaam to batana or kab konsa Jihad Farz banta hy woh bhi
              batana takay humain bhi pata chalay k apky muqably me hamary ilm me
              kitni kami hy”

              Itni si baat samajh ly bhai

              • if you want the textbook names then there are 4 kinds… based on what we learned in O’levels Islamiat, was defined as …

                jihad by heart (jihad-e-asghar)
                by tongue
                by hand
                by sword

                and what i meant by “Jihad is not applicable anymore in the sense it was during Prophet’s times”

                means you do NOT have to wage Jihad bis Saif on innocent people ! this is exactly what’s giving Islam a bad name.. we don’t need to fight anymore … the next war will be based on information and technology rather than large scale combat !

                that means it’ll be more of a Jihad by Tongue of Jihad by Hand… NOT by sword. remember Quran and Islam are valid for ALL times to come and this is proof of that.

                • Ab aap khud apni baat ko ek baar read karo then mera sawal (don’t think I am trolling or making you feed downgraded, be positive :) )

                  You Said
                  and what i meant by “Jihad is not applicable anymore in the sense it was during Prophet’s times”means you do NOT have to wage Jihad bis Saif on innocent people !

                  Highlight is “you do NOT have to wage Jihad bis Saif on innocent people !”

                  Sawal: Mere bhai apny kab or kahan paarha hy k Nabi Pak Salay Allah Wasalam k dour me Jihad bi Saif ka matlab innocent peoples ko maarna tha?

                  Main yeh sab is liye highlight kar raha hon Q k boht baar hum boht logon ki batain sun’ny k baad asal baat se door hat jaty hain. Umeed karta hon k khas is highlighted point ko lekar ap sochaingy zaror.

                  • omg … well , im not sure if i should be sorry or nit-picking .. but we both contributed to a sort of a minor misunderstanding here.

                    what I meant by “”Jihad is not applicable anymore in the sense it was during Prophet’s times” WAS ; that we don’t HAVE to fight other religions(esp pagans) any more. im not a historian but from what little i know , this world has taken shape. therefore , in the current scenario wars will not be feasible for anyone , let alone muslims who are already carrying the burden of their takfiri impostors. So there will be NO NEED for ACTUAL battlefield wars like it was IN PROPHET’s time. get it now ?

                    and i admit , my statement “you do NOT have to wage Jihad bis Saif on innocent people !” will definitely prove confusing but it is a sort of a pointer towards the radicals (y’know ISIS , Taliban and co.) who claim they’re doing ‘Jihad’ , which IRONICALLY also gives Jihad a bad name.

                    I appreciate your constructive contribution and attitude towards this discussion. I apologize if i was rude at any phase of this discussion.

                    • It’s fine to me bro, nothing to feel bad.
                      And for the ISIS, Taliban etc…common man those who say we’ll destroy Kaaba are not Muslims. I mean who made taliban? US, who made ISIS, US
                      And just remember one thing, after the ISIS in the next US govt, you’ll another so called Muslim terrorist organization will be highlighted in news because all those are created by US and Israel.
                      Also I have seen couple of Videos shared by our Pakistani Pathan brothers, in those videos you can clearly see that the terrorists killed by Army and locals are not circumstanced and also they have tattoos of illuminates so I even don’t think they are Muslims.
                      And for the local Muslim Pathans who join then, one of the Pathan friend told me that most of those peoples only need drugs (like we call heroinchi) and that is the only reason many of heroinchi join them just to make big money in shortcut rest its truth or not is only known by Allah.

                    • to be very honest , our pakhtun brethren were BADLY hurt by the afghan refugee issue in 79′

                      their reputation was reduced to nothing once the ungrateful afghanis started acting up in OUR land…

                      ofcourse the terrorists are sponsored by big lobbies with limitless resources , hence the need to differ b/w them and the actual muslim

    • Wese main yeh nahi kehta k ek bhi esa nahi hoga, yaqeenan ese kuch madrasa hain


      Apni maa k halaal k doodh ki qasam kha kar batao k apny aspas k kitny ese madrason ko khud se janty ho jo bachon ko terrorist banaty hain?

      Agar tum kisi ek ko bhi nahi janty to mehrbani kar k Ainay k samny ja kar apny dono hathon ka panjay khol k ainay me apny mon per rakh lena takay Pakistan or Islam dushman gair Muslims ki baaton per bagair sochy samjhy yaqeen karny ka award bhi mil jaye

  • Why shame. We cant be amongst best in every field. Somone has to be on top. Why you want it to be us all the times. I also wanted to see Pakistans name on top but if its not there then what can be done. Rather than crying we should look for something concrete to be done and this cant be done in one or two years. So peace :)

  • We don’t need a ranking from third party to know we are best. We already know it :P

    • ***Trolling***

      You definitely are the one who don’t need worlds TOP education in Science/Arts/Commers etc but …
      You need Metro, Narangi Train and more projects like these

  • we need metros and motorways instead of Hospitals, education, electricity and so forth. thats what our leader think

  • I optimistic for Pakistani Universities in near future to be atleast 500th Rank in the World. Insha Allah.

  • Mr % ny to wese bhi kuch nahi diya, Taklay k hisab se awam ko TAALEEM ki nahi bal k Metro or Narangi bas chahye wo de to di

  • Personal shame or national. Its really shamelfull. We need to compete with our neighbors india as well a china in terms of technology and education. Don’t try to make it similar to sharmin chinoy’s movies. It is really alarming. Our so called elected govt us focking with this nation. Perhaps the nation is dumb to choose such people.

  • Please recheck the “government spending for education” table. I think its totally wrong. The total budget was less then 72 Billions last year.

  • Dude Forget 500, we are not even in the Top 1000 or 1500 ranking the only university is closer is NUST ranked at no.1818. and Punjab university at no.1801.

  • close