Daraz Reveals its Customer Experience Manifesto


Daraz emphasises customer experience by offering only 100% genuine products, safe and convenient payment options, speedy product delivery and free returns.

Daraz is the pioneer of online shopping, known for the widest assortment of 100% genuine products at amazing prices.

Gone are the days when a growth in sales was seen as a measure of progress; now, a boost in the company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS, a measure of customer satisfaction) is how company progress is valued.

Daraz’s mission statement revolves around Customer Satisfaction and it has released the Customer Experience Manifesto to live by.

Great Selection making it a one-stop shop

Daraz ensures all products listed on the website are 100% genuine, making it a one-stop solution for all customer needs. “We have put in the most stringent standards for our sellers to ensure they only stock genuine products” says Shahzad Anwar (Chief Commercial Officer, Daraz Group).

With over 100,000 products on the store, Daraz already has the widest selection of goods across all categories, and the company is working on expanding product categories for its customers.

“Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We wish to bring you a convenient one-stop shopping destination with everything you want under one roof and saves you time and effort,” says Jonathan Doerr (Co-CEO, Daraz Group).

To further this value proposition, Daraz recently launched a monthly Bachat Bazaar, offering free shipping and a promise of superfast delivery for all groceries and home products – no queuing at checkout, no parking hassles and not least, great value.

Convenience is integral to customer satisfaction and at the heart of Daraz’s manifesto
Trust, security and convenience are Daraz’s chief value propositions. The company has focused on safe and convenient payment platforms, fast deliveries, and easy returns.

Daraz provides its customers with the widest range of safe payment solutions, with Cash On Delivery (COD) offering unparalleled convenience, along with bank transfers and debit/credit card payments. To ensure customers have all payment solutions, the e-commerce giant has also partnered with juggernauts such as Easypay to provide payments through Mobile Wallets and EasyPaisa shops all across Pakistan.

“Our customers’ needs come first for us. Surveys have shown that the online shopper wants fast delivery and convenient payment options, and that free shipping influences purchasing decisions,” shares Doerr. In addition to ensuring super fast deliveries by expanding its logistics network, Daraz recently launched its premium delivery service, Daraz First, offering reliable shipping within a day in metro cities, at no additional cost. Daraz First, represented by the D First logo, offers multiple fashion brands, including Sapphire, one of the biggest fashion retailers of Pakistan, for same day delivery.

Pakistan is a mobile-first country with 80% of Pakistanis coming online from mobile devices. In light of this, Daraz continues to upgrade the online shopping experience for its customers and enables them to use their mobile for the best mobile web and app browsing experience for quick and effortless, on-the-go shopping.

“The majority of Pakistan’s online traffic comes from mobile, where slow browsing speeds often impact the customer experience. The Daraz App is the best way to get the Daraz experience, and is optimized to perform well even on low speed connections,” says Hamaad Ravda (Chief Marketing Officer, Daraz Group.)

A customer care team that goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is always happy.
Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, Daraz sets itself apart as the most customer-focused e-commerce venture. “Our customer service agents are dedicated to fully satisfying all customer requests, and delivering smiles each day,” says Gauhar Hasan, Head of Customer Service. In addition to 100% complaint resolution, Daraz also has a policy of free and easy returns within 7 days, with a promise of full refund. “If you don’t get the right product or you need a different size, I will get you the replacement or you get your money back,” assures Amna Naeem, Head of Issue Resolution. “No penalties, no charges!”

Always the innovator, Daraz works relentlessly to bring the best to its customers. Last year, the leading ecommerce company launched the global retail event, Black Friday, in Pakistan. The event broke all records and became the biggest sale event in the history of ecommerce.

This year, Daraz Black Friday is making a comeback on November 25 with an event that will be ten folds bigger and better for its customers. Higher discounts on a much bigger assortment coupled with the company’s focus on its Customer Happiness Manifesto will be the epitome of great customer experience.

You can have a look at the complete Customer Manifesto by Daraz here.

  • They blatantly lie about their products’ originality. I had recently purchased lg hbs 800 headphone from Daraz. As the price was as low as Rs. 1700, I was almost sure that it is a fake product but just to make sure I emailed them my query before buying. I was astounded their confirmation that the product is 100% original however, despite the confirmation, the product was fake. I did not return the product because I had consecutively returned four products in 20 days because of the substandard quality issue. They mostly interact with customers through prewritten standard emails without even going through the actual complaint.

    • very bad experience from daraz.. they are pathetic scammers who lie straight in your face..
      No Genuine products.
      No easy returns.. (No returns at all)
      once you made the payment then you can only pray to get the correct item.

  • Daraz only sells like 1000 items itself, the others are all sold by 3rd party sellers. It is laughable that it vouches for the originality of everything on their site. lol

  • Huh Updating Manifesto doesn’t mean they are providing services too,before yesterday i have ordered two face mask on daraz.pk, yesterday i have received my order and when i opened it i was astonished to see they there is 1 face mask and 1 face scrub which i wasn’t ordered. I have made complain to there complain center, They mostly interact with customers through prewritten standard emails without even going through the actual complaint.

    They must exchange my product just in a single a day. but now they are just going through with there wired mailing process.

    • “They mostly interact with customers through prewritten standard emails without even going through the actual complaint” – Plagiarism is not allowed :)

    • Something similar happened with me and that’s why I decided not to further buy cosmetics from daraz.pk

      I ordered two quantities of a face cream and when I received the package, one was the face cream and other was the face wash from the same company.

  • I’ve purchased INFINIX ZERO 3 from Daraz on their MOBILEWEEK SALE, but unfortunately It had heat up issue. I called them and told the CSR about the issue, they said send it back to us and it will take almost 15 Business Days Cycle for the warranty process. I had sent them and they return the set with the same condition no Change. And let me know I had repeated the same thing like I sent them 4 times and still when I received the SET it has same issue.
    Totallay BAD and POOR Service. I don’t recommend to buy anything from DARAZ anymore. Specifically Mobile Phones.
    If someone wants to confirm email me.
    [email protected]

    P.s: For Propakistani.pk admins kindly launch a Survey about Daraz and let the people vote so in future you’ll think first to post about anything like that.

  • Daraz offers no customer security. Buy anything only to find out 2 months later it was never in stock. And Daraz customer service is pathetic, they only give you generic answers without any real knowledge of products or delivery information.

    BUT the discounts are good for the few items that are in stock.

  • i bought a couple of clothing items from daraz.pk …..those were 100% fake……
    i sent them products pics…. followed up using email and calls. but noting happened other than fake promises….
    they still owe my 6400 rs

  • Sooner or later Amazon will capture the e-commerce in Pakistan. And when it does, these toddlers like Daraz and other .pk would have no other options but to leave. The ones with only the genuine products and unflawed customer services could compete coz Amazon’s top priority is Customer Relations and Genuine Products..!

    • Also note that Amazon do let their customers know about the sellers or if the product belongs to Amazon. They also do get loads of products returned but strict rules for 3rd party sellers and quick support and return, refund and rebate policies actually leave the buyer as charming as he/she used to be. At least do learn from the .pk order a product online and watch how transparent they are even in their delivery procedures.

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