Google App Maker Lets You Design Simple Apps Easily

Google has announced a new App Maker which allows you to build simple low code apps easily.

The App Maker has an easy to use drag and drop interface which allows you to build your app in a few hours only. It promises simple and easy apps for serving a specific purpose within a company or an organization.

The interface allows you to drag and drop individual elements from the cloud. You can integrate it with data from the G Suite apps like Google Maps, Google Groups, etc and almost any service that has an API.

The apps made through the App Maker will run on the same base as the G suite apps do so that IT admins in the organization can manage them easily.

Simple Solutions Within A Company

The sort of apps made through the App Maker can be used in inventory/order tracking or time tracking within a company. Simple tasks that can be easily digitized by making an app for it.

The real advantage here, according to Google, is that essentially anyone can make an app without worrying about the underlying infrastructure of it.

Any layman can make an app through it so the organization or company wont be needing a developer for it.

Advanced users can however access the code of the apps as well, if they need to.


‘Recommended for G Suite’ Program

Google also announced that it has added a few more enterprise applications to its “Recommended for G Suite” program. This program ensures that the application is running together (well integrated) with the G suite apps (Gmail, Google Maps etc).

It also ensures that the enterprise applications have been tested for security vulnerabilities as well.

Virtru, LumApps, DocuSign, Freshdesk, Zoho Invoice, Xero and Asana were announced as partners by Google for the Recommended for G suite program.

You can apply for the early adopters program for Google App Maker here. You will need to provide information about yourself and your company to apply for the program.

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  • Such application can be useful for me. This is same like CMS as websites are made with drag and drop. If such apps are made and launched in the market then our programmers will get further no jobs. An operator type person would be making apps in near future as per market demand.

    As this apps launches I will surely try it. Can I use it now?

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