PIA Launches its New Website, Mobile Apps in Beta

PIA has finalized up-gradation of its website with an aim to offer better online experience to users and to provide them ease of online reservations.

Initially, for few weeks, the new website is launched in beta. A link to the new upgraded website has been added on the existing homepage, and after getting customer feedback, and fixing any teething problems, the new website will be formally launched with-in few weeks.

PIA has planned to offer preferred rates for reservations made through the website, which will allow passengers to make reservations up to 360 days in advance.

In the first quarter of 2017, PIA also plans to start online check-in facility and allowing buying extra baggage through its website.

PIA has already developed its Smartphone applications for both iOS and Android. Tests versions are already available and they will be formally launched alongside the website after accommodating feedback and suggestions from users.

CEO Bernd Hildenbrand regarded this as a milestone in PIA’s effort towards improving its online sales and said that this new website is also a major step towards improving the brand image of PIA.

  • if it was to be developed on wordpress, i would have developed it alone. the new website is on wordpress. i thought it would be in custom php or on .net. anyways lets see, atleast they are putting some efforts in to it

    • Sir you are right PIA website as is given above the link is made in WordPress. I checked it on http://www.builtwith.com site that shows it is made in wordpress. May be, they use PHP and Mysql on wordpress because these can be used on that platform. But again thing is that its performance would not be that it would have been made on some other languages because WordPress is used for smaller projects while above said is a big project and will be used it all over the world. It is my personal view, it should have been made in any powerful language…. Any way it is good effort by the PIA administration that has come in their mind to prepare such thing to provide ease the people…. I appreciate the PIA…

      • @Azeem Ahmed, PHP is not that slow PHP nowadays we got robust performance with PHP7. even better than HHVM and who said WordPress is for small projects ? take a look at wordpress.org/showcase you will find websites like techcrunch & thenextweb handling millions of traffic on top of WordPress.

        You get a slow website when you start installing plugins for little little things. and use themes from themeforest. if you create your theme your self keeping your business requirements in mind will give you noteable performance.

  • It may be based on wordpress but it’s good to see that they’re making an active effort to actually improve their website, make the experience more user friendly and encourage people to take flights using them rather than others.

    Pretty sure they’re also profitable now.

  • Mobile App’s GUI is like 10 years old. When the world has been moved to Android Material Design. They made this.

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