RIP Cyanogen: Company Behind Popular Alternate Android OS to Shut Down

Cyanogen recently announced that it’s going to be shut down soon.

Cyanogen revealed this bad news on Saturday, saying that it will be shut down and discontinued along with all of its services including Cyanogen-supported nightly builds on December 31.

They had been having a rough time lately, considering they parted ways with their founder Steve Kondik just recently, and had to consolidate their teams under a single roof in hope to start performing better in the future.

Though the open source project and source code are still going to be available for those of you with enough geeky skills to build a CyanogenMod themselves.

Cyanogen OS appeared on a number of different devices, including the famous OnePlus One, Zuk, and also on a handful of devices by Wileyfox.

Moreover, Cyanogen says that they will now be focusing on its Modular OS program, where they will work with various device makers to add different parts of Cyanogen OS into the software powering other Android devices.

What is Cyanogen OS?

Cyanogen OS is an open source operating system for Smartphones and tablets, based on the Android mobile platform, with added original and third-party code. It is based on a rolling release development model.

The thing which makes people go for Cyanogen OS often, instead of the official Android platform, is because it offers more features than Google’s Android. Cyanogen OS includes native theme support, FLAC audio codec support, a large list of Access Point Names (APNs), better Privacy Guard, support for tethering over common interfaces, CPU overclocking and much more.

Via PhoneDog

  • A year ago they said “Cyanogen is gonna take Android away from Google” . that’s what happens when you compete with google :P

  • I don’t think they were ever in a position to become mainstream. All of their installations required root access, which is good for experimenting, but you are not going to void warranty of 20 or 40k phone for it. And there was no support for low end phones or tablets. I doubt anyone will be able to separate Operating System Software form the Hardware Manufactures. Firefox tried the same, and failed.

    • I always buy used phones and update them with CM roms. There roms are blessing for old phones as even most reputed manufacturers only provide software support for around two years only. CM roms are lightweight and full of features.

      • news is about Cyanogen OS and as usual whole internet including many tech blogs are still in confused state lol.
        People actualy havr no idea how large the CyanogenMod is and how great it is, they are short sighted with their specific device and doesnt know many famous aosp roms are based on CyanogenMod.

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