This Pakistani CEO Used Google Maps and a Cycle To Defeat Lahore’s Traffic Jam

Hurdles are nothing if you are motivated enough and Monis Rahman, CEO of, gave us an example of that last night.

Defying all odds, Mr. Monis navigated to his workplace armed with nothing but a smartphone with Google Maps and a cycle. That too when various roads in Lahore were blocked by containers due to a protest being held by religious groups.

Major roads from Gulberg to Jail Road were blocked and daily routine was disrupted for most of the citizens. The traffic jam news was circulating all over the media channels and citizens were being instructed to stay at home for their own convenience. However, that did not stop Monis.

While most took it as an unexpected holiday and kicked back at home, Monis packed up his bag, hopped on his bike and ventured out using Google Maps to guide him along the routes that were still open.

Monis used Google Maps and live feed to assess the sealed areas and blocked roads. He then devised a new route to his office.

Traveling through the narrow streets and opting for a much longer route, Monis finally reached his office to resume work. He posted this story on his official Facebook page in hopes to inspire people.

This goes on to show that it is irrelevant whether you are a peon or a CEO of a huge company, work ethics should never change. If a CEO can make such an effort and travel on a bicycle in overcast conditions then anyone can do so too.

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  • Nothing but a PR stunt but at least he tried :) I traveled through Ferozpur Road and Gulberg around 11:00AM yesterday and there was no blockage anywhere at that time. That started after 12pm.

  • …And where is the motivation? I mean this was pretty basic. anyone having basic knowledge on how to use a smartphone knows the use of google maps and navigation. Google now mentions real time traffic updates, I myself been using this to avoid traffic and time delays for quite some time now. There wasn’t anything special in this I am afraid

  • So 3kms on bike and Pro Pakistani ended up writing a story. It was a walking distance. whats the big deal.

  • Zabardast, yeh tu behtreen hogaya. Itna unique idea yeh tu pehle kisi ne socha hi nahi. Great work Monis and Zarar (Y)

  • Sorry, I don’t understand. How is cycling to work this worthy of a news? We here in the States bike to work almost every day; my boss, and countless other people. I am genuinely curious as to what’s new here?

    • New is that he didn’t know how to ride a cycle from his childhood upto now but he traveled successfully to his office without falling from cycle or without hitting any Buffalo or Dog in the street. So as a recognition to this great effort and achievement propakistani website telling the rest of the world about this man and next week there will be an award ceremony where this cycle man will be given a life time achievement award by Mr. Aamir Atta who himself is a well-known cyclist. So this is the whole story. Hope you’d spread this cycle news with your fellows in U.S. Thanks William.

        • But this is how we are compelled to live William, with praising all these cheap and insane stunts which become news here and you can read the comments above how some people are praising like if he would have won a world war III. So do pray for us people.

    • Aur tou aur tasveer k saath nakshaybazi bhi ki hoi hai mausoof ney. Aur Google map pe kalak mali hoi hai highlight karnay k liye.

  • Cycling to work should be encouraged. Ignoring other gains from China, if we just get the bi-cycle culture, we can easily become a developed nation.

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