The Death of NTS? HEC Chairman Officially Launches Education Testing Council

Not long ago, a Cabinet Committee of National Assembly declared the National Testing Service (NTS) as a ‘big fraud’ and stated that the organization is being run by a mafia.

The feud forced the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to address the situation and form a standardized testing service which was approved unanimously.

As promised last year, the HEC has now officially launched the Education Testing Council (ETC). It will comprise of four vice chancellors from public sector universities, two vice chancellors from private sector universities, two officers of the HEC, two members of the civil or corporate society among other officials. Together, they will be managing the council.

The ETC will be responsible for conducting tests and examinations in a standardized and a transparent manner. According to the HEC, the council will be an independent, professional and a resourceful setup.

The Chairman HEC had previoously stated that tests would be conducted for undergraduate admissions only, followed subsequently by MS, PhD admissions, and scholarships .The tests would be valid for a period of two years. He had announced that the government will bear the cost of this test, which will be held twice a year.

All public and private universities of the country will be adopting ETC entry tests for admissions, Chairman HEC claims.

The council will focus primarily on conducting valid and reliable tests for entrance exams. These exams will not only be for the admissions to academic programs in higher education institutes of Pakistan but also for scholarships.

The exams will also help applicants in attaining employment in HEC and other national and international agencies.

The chairman of the HEC is said to have complete authority over the ETC. The notification letter also read:

“One half of memberships of the Council shall constitute the quorum for meetings of the Council where all decisions shall be taken and expressed through majority vote.”

The terms of reference and rules & regulations for ETC’s operations will be finalized six months from now, according to the HEC.

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  • Every Candidates has lot much more to just deposit into NTS account for no more job. (I also deposited into FPSC account) they declare me fail & i cannot approach for scrutiny because FPSC doesn’t have this polices.

    Kindly check FPSC too !

  • NTS, ETC,FPSC & All should be Death !
    Private he best hai
    They didn’t demand any amount from candidates (It’s my professional or personal experience)

  • they should have to quit PTS, 4 jobs in Govt sector scale 16 + 2000 Candidate applied & 300 PKRx 2000= shortlisted 18 for the test, Rejected = 28
    where are the rest of 1954 Candidates? they deposited and submitted docs & waiting for shortlist, No rejection list with valid reason?

    everywhere is the Ghost job advertising through NTS or either PTS or anyone upcoming,

  • The tussle and brouhaha over NTS is nothing more than a turf war between NTS (a not-for-profit organization) and other existing for-profit testing services, latter ones owned by members of Senate, Parliament and Provincial Assemblies.

    Despite all the noise, I have yet to hear of any single case of out-of-merit assignment of jobs/positions from NTS. If you have such incident (personal experience, not hearsay), do enlighten me with details/proof if any.

    Corrupt politicians have lost their voter appeasement carrot/tool of ‘sarkari nokri’ and this riles them up pretty badly hence their reaction against NTS. This is the exact cancerous thing which damaged PIA, PSM and numerous other state owned enterprises and plunged them into fiscal losses. Corruption runs rampant because of non-deserving and ill-suited people getting jobs.

    I, for one, am fully in support of completely merit based selection via NTS so that trully deserving and best suited applicants for the job get it. That is the only way for this nation to progress.

    • As far as NTS charges go, the potential employer should bear maximum cost burden and applicant should be charged nominal fee to appear in the test.

    • the biggest proof is and was, the CEO nts declared to be fake degree holder and the departments heads are only F.A pass and B.A pass and the lady who finally prepares is only M.A english and sitting in Abbottabad, and lots of other stuff but now its not necessary to talk about more

      • HEC is the body responsible for finding and dealing with fake degrees, not NTS. You still haven’t been able to find convincing argument against NTS test’s merit based selection. Talk about the process instead of people.

        • haha its people who make processes effective or destructive its HEC who made NTS and that is why that time of HEC head is also responsible of this rubbish NTS private bussiness of Haroon Rashid fake degree holder o sory i mentioned earlier its not necessary to talk about more because its too late now NTS is become past, thanks and regards

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