Radio Pakistan, PTCL & More Served Legal Notice for Not Paying Minimum Wage

Who knew that government employees in Islamabad were being paid less than minimum wages for their jobs?

Recently, the Labour Department of ICT took legal action against Radio Pakistan, PTCL and the Utility Stores Corporation for paying its employees salaries that go well below the government-mandated level of minimum wages (i.e. lower than Rs. 14,000 which is the minimum monthly wage).

About 400 employees from Radio Pakistan and 32 employees from the Utility Stores Corporation were found to be paid lower than the standard rate.

For reference, here are the standard rates, courtesy of Labour Welfare Department Islamabad concerning the minimum wage that should be paid to workers:

This isn’t the first time the labor department has taken action against government departments.

Earlier, 1200 Capital Development Authority employees and 7100 Pakistan Agricultural Research Center employees were ensured payment of minimum wages by the Labour Department.

In a time of rising inflation and ever-shrinking household budgets, ensuring that minimum wages are paid to workers fairly and on time goes without saying. It is hoped that the concerned bodies do the needful sooner rather than later and ensure that employees are compensated fairly for their services.

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  • there will be more simpler solution to this by employer: FIRE 2/3rd of the employees, it means 1 person is left for a salary of 3 persons and similar is ratio of work.
    work is never a problem for employer and salaries can be increased of remaining. let there were 3 persons taking 7k each, now they are left with 1 only and it can be given 14k. employers are still getting benefit of 7k

    • The amount of work output will also be handled by the remains of fired 2/3rd employees. Single employee would need more time and this would lead towards losses. And as we know the losses are not always in 1000s… Its upon employer now.. in the end no employer controls anyone’s RIZQ.

  • Pakistan railway was also paying 7000/- to TLA employees but from the last month they are paying 14000/- government organization themselves not following their government rules, charag talle andera

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