Stricter Baggage Rules: Read This Before You Travel to Dubai Next Time

Dubai Airport is devising a new baggage policy to help improve its services and handle luggage in minimal time. The new rules are designed to put a stop to the mishandling of luggage at Dubai International Airport.

The airport has informed all airlines of the change. Moreover, it has updated its website and mobile application in a timely manner to get the message across.

All the bags without flat surface will be rejected at the check-in, as per the new rules. The new rules will also restrict the passengers who arrive at the airport with non-compliant baggage. However, the passengers can get it repacked in boxes after paying a small fee.

Ali Angizeh, Vice President of Terminal Operations at Dubai International, said

Dubai International provides some of the most sophisticated baggage systems in the world. However, even the most technologically advanced systems can be disrupted by irregular shaped or oversized bags.

Bags that are round or do not have a flat surface of any kind are by far the largest source of baggage jams. These jams can shut down sections of our system, delay baggage delivery to the aircraft and inconvenience our customers.

The changes will take effect from 8th March, 2017.

According to Khaleej Times, DXB baggage handling system is among the largest in the world. It stretches over 140 kilometers, has 15,000 trays and is powered by 21,000 motors.

In January, DXB handled around 9.3 million bags in January alone. On average a bag spends 29 minutes in the baggage system at DXB.

Zarar is the Editor of Sports and Auto section and heads the Branded Content as well.

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        Mostly comments are just for the sake of getting attention.

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  • and that small fee is only 35AED+?. lol this is not small

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    Useless article

    No details as to what is acceptable and what is not

    and whats the charges

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      The entire point was to make people aware that there have been changes. The changes are listed i.e. the flat service luggage and the non-complaint baggage & its repacking.

      Kindly read the whole article before criticizing.

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    No irregular shaped bags
    No oversized bags
    No round bags
    All bags should have a flat surface

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    This is sad to see people jumping over the conveyor belt to get their bags in Pakistan. They can’t dare to show this behavior anywhere else but in Pakistan.