Apple’s New 9.7″ iPad is its Cheapest Ever

With the market slowing gradually and the competition catching up a bit with convertibles and innovation, Apple has ultimately decided to update its aging iPad Air 2.

The new iPad follows the same formula of familiarity as the old tablet in pretty much every feature conceivable, except for the internals, battery and price.

The old A8X chip has been replaced with the slightly newer A9, although this too made its way to the iPhone 6s and SE.

The battery size has been increased from 27.62Wh to 32.4Wh, increasing the waistline of the new iPad slightly from 6.1mm to 7.5mm.

The rest of the specs stand largely the same. The camera on the back is of 8 MP f/2.4 variety with 1080p video recording (no flash still) as well. There’s an HD 1.9 MP camera on the front too.

The iPad’s display is still the same 9.7” 1536 x 2048 one, with TouchID below it and stereo speakers on the sides.

As for the price, the new iPad starts at just $329 for the base 32 GB model, quite a move away from $499. The next-in-line 128 GB model can be had for $429. The cellular models start at $459.

With the limiting of the mini 4 to just a 128 GB version for $399, Apple has paved the course for a mild comeback.

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