Mothers.PK is a One Stop Portal for All Parents

Parenting is the toughest job that you will ever love. Whether you are learning to fix their diapers, waking up in the middle of the night to comfort them or navigating the teenage life, children are always a handful.

Since parenting does not come with any manuals or instructions, Mothers.PK is the closest to it you will ever get in Pakistan.

The website is a complete portal for expecting and current parents for socializing, discussion and seeking advice from subject matter experts.

Mothers.PK aims to make parenting easier in Pakistan by positioning itself as a one stop portal. It focuses primarily on maximizing the interaction between parents from across the country and improving the overall standards of parenting.

Mothers.PK facilitates parents by allowing them to consult doctors and experts online. The doctors/experts which are onboard with the portal usually takes minutes to respond.

One of the site’s central goals is to provide a comprehensive educational database for parents. If parents are seeking specific information, they can browse through the tailored blog posts or go through the forums. You can start a new conversation or search through the hundreds that have already taken place.

Another interesting feature is the addition of an e-store. Orders are delivered at their doorsteps and the catalog includes a range of products from grocery to toys to even beauty products.

The website also allows stay-at-home moms to earn by becoming a permanent contributor to the website. If you are are qualified, you can write blog posts and give expert opinions depending upon your area of specialty.

Visit the website here.

Download app: Android | iOS.

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