Honda City 2017: International vs Pakistani Variants [Comparison]

Honda City was recently launched in Pakistan. Auto enthusiasts were hopeful that Honda would finally push out an upgraded City with features matching the international variants of the car since the car has not seen a major upgrade in 8 years despite growing competition in the local market.

Has it changed its tune or will people still be bemoaning that the three Japanese car manufacturers in Pakistan are not willing to offer the same features that the vehicles get globally?

We answer that question today by comparing the base, mid-range and top of the line models of the City 2017 in Pakistan and in the international market. The international City S, V, ZX and local City base model, Aspire 1.3L and Aspire 1.5L have been compared.

Comparisons start with the low-end models and go up towards the high-end models. The higher tiered models carry over the features already available in the lower tier or bring upgrades.


The international model is showcased on the left and the one released in Pakistan is on the right. As one can see, the changes are quite significant.

The overall look of Pakistan’s variant is much similar to what we have already seen in the previous models released locally whereas the international model has a much more sportier and modern appeal.

Front Comparison


International on left, local on right

Rear Comparison

International on left, local on right

Side Comparison

International on left, local on right


Interior Comparison

We see that the international variant features touch panel for AC and other related option whereas the Pakistani variant still has the same old look.

In the international model, you get steering wheel controls, push start button and eco button, all of which is missing in the Pakistani version.

Keeping features aside, the overall feel is poles apart. Here’s a comprehensive look at the comparison between both:

International on top, local on bottom

International on left, local on right

Engine & Performance

Safety & Security



Since both cars are from the same brand, the available features could be dependent on the local market and prices. Let’s take a look at the prices and see if they differ:

Honda City 2017 Pakistan:

  • City Base Model 1.3L – Rs. 1,533,000
  • City Aspire 1.3L Manual Transmission – Rs. 1,663,000
  • City Aspire 1.3L Automatic Transmission – Rs. 1,805,000
  • City Aspire 1.5L Manual Transmission – Rs. 1,683,000
  • City Aspire 1.5L Automatic Transmission – Rs. 1,825,000

Note: All above Honda City prices exclude delivery rates. These rates vary from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000. 

Honda City 2017 International:

  • City S 1.5L – Rs. 1,386,400
  • City V 1.5L Manual Transmission – Rs. 1,631,000
  • City V 1.5L Automatic Transmission – Rs. 1,882,300
  • City ZX 1.5L Automatic Transmission – Rs. 2,206,000 (No manual variant)

Note: All above Honda City prices include delivery rates in their own markets. 

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He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Abdul Mannan Nasir

    Our nation has shit taste when it comes to cars… Even a shit sell at a price of gold to this tasteless nation…

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    • MySchizoBuddy

      really sorry to hear someone sold you shit for the price of gold.

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        • J NKH

          yehi to aap k sath problem hai. mazaq aur shit mein khush rehna ka.
          yeh jaan lo k INDIA k paas international model hai.

      • Blame the BS buyer.
        What is the issue if a person wants an imported version. Are these landed costs the at home delivery price ?

    • Stranger

      U are also part of this nation. And ur statement is immature. The problem lies with the car manufacturers. Let them offer variety and then check the roads. They just benefit themselves with the need of people. Import of Japanese cars also show that people here care for value they get for money. You just need to think deep before just criticising anything

      • The people are too lazy to make other companies to compete.

  • Sufian

    Even india has internaitonal model

    • Azeem Waqar

      Due to their better Auto policy in 70’s today they have gone very far in auto industry from Pakistan

      • J NKH

        our policy is to find as many loopholes as you can to give standard at premium.

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  • Asim Wahab

    Hahahaha we are giving almost equivalent car price but getting almost zero options as compare to international city car models

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      very bad language dear.

      • :D i think aap ko meri language kuch bhi nahi lagay ge agar aap sab political stories visit karain

  • It will keep happening until there is monopoly of Trinity or THREE. Hope other companies come soon to end this…

    • J NKH

      our auto policy is culprit

    • The people are too scared to open more businesses.

  • Hamza Abbasi

    This is freaking bad. Screw u honda. U made people wait for so many years and for this shit front grill change ? Wtf

    • J NKH

      not honda. but pak auto policy

  • Sheldon Cooper

    I have a Corolla Xli 2016, came to Pakistan a month back, rented the same car/same model and wtfff…..there’s nothing inside, poor quality interior, no controls on steering, the pickup race was miserable and not to mention the speed when the car is loaded.

    I bought a basic version here in KSA for around 1.6m….which is equivalent to Camry there in Pakistan, came with almost everything except the sunroof (that I don’t need).

    • Umar

      “speed when the car is loaded”. I am glad someone else noticed it too, it almost goes to a snail speed with 5 average sized persons or 3 persons with some luggage, as comparison a Japanese 660cc import perform better than that.

      • Sheldon Cooper

        I hardly hit 80 with 5 people inside. Here I can boost to 60kmps within 4 sec. With fully loaded, driving at 180kmps isn’t a problem, yes at 200 I can notice some difference.

    • J NKH

      Pakistani corolla 1.3 has the same engine as Yaris in KSA. you can imagine the SNAIL speed.

    • So ?
      You expect something to happen just by commenting ?
      Well it looks like a start.

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  • Waqas

    Very good article. But I wonder what needs to be done practically to make these car vendors to deliver same quality here in Pakistan as well. May be Govt. can formulate some good auto policy someday!

  • Rehman Saleem Awan

    Doob Marnay ka Muqaam…….LOL

  • Rehman Saleem Awan

    Paisay 3 Times More
    Equipped 3 Times Less

  • Zaki Uddin

    nicely done comparison

  • ALI

    All 3 use Quality compromised materials … Check the small things, Like in Corolla the paint quality of local cars is very bad, the brake leathers, handle, knobs the plastic used, the Car Jack, many other things are all quality compromised… No DUAL AIR BAG is one of the biggest failures.

    I think we need some European and lets see what happens.

  • I am not sure why they do not realize, things are not the same now. Now they have competition from imported cars as well. So they need to do better.

  • Its same old city with a different front grill.

  • Umar

    Still lets compare this to Suzuki’s cultus who are selling their latest 1000cc for 1.4m, i mean WTF

    • J NKH

      they said log lainge kyon k repair cost low hai. to zyada bhara do price.

  • Dr Sher Khan

    How much will City V or City ZX cost if I wanted to import it from let’s say Thailand or Japan.. 1.88 million and 2.2 million are prices in the given markets or cost of importing them to Pakistan… I really was waiting for this city and Honda has disappointed me big time.. Now I am thinking about importing an international model

    • Aadil

      If you do want to import, there are several other options. Imported City really isn’t that good an option.
      Plus your imported vehicle will be used and about 60% of the retail price and probably a year or two old.
      Check into some other vehicles especially hybrids.

  • Shaharyar Ashfaq

    Honda pakistan owner want to make only money failed to provide international standard .They charged you full international price and give you this type of junk

  • samad khan

    I think we should buy Japanese cars instead of this expensive crap this should teach them a lesson

  • Ashar Kazmi

    Or Sharm Magar unko nahi aati. But the onus lies on us as well. We keep on buying such shit, which these car manufacturers exploit.

  • guest

    Great article, these are the kind of work we expect from you.

  • Patriot

    What else can any one say other than ….. MERA PM CHOR HAI

  • rehman1

    Pakistanis dont need airbags. They are better dead. : auto companies

    • J NKH

      gari ka accident ho aur airbag nikle. awam sochaigi kitna mummy daddy hai

  • عثمان اشرف

    We are all discussing about what has not been done. We don’t even know who to complain on the matter. The company should be inquired by the competent authority (if there is any).
    I feel discriminated besides the fact I cannot buy this car!!

  • Jawad Ahmed

    same shittt over n over again, worse we are buying it any way. Let’s just keep govt. out if it, they have other all important “tasks”

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    This is the very reason people go for Mehran.
    * Ignore this message if you don’t understand it

  • Umair Khurshid

    Very well written review. Welldone propakistani.
    Honda should really do something for its customers.

  • Usman

    And we just bought this 2017 model in Pakistan