PTV Global to Be Converted into Children Entertainment Channel

In a recent development, the Ministry of Information is planning to change PTV Global to a children’s entertainment channel. This will be Pakistan’s first ever official TV channel that caters to children.


Minister of Information, Maryam Aurangzeb shared the news while talking to reporters at the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (Szabist). She said,

This move [to establish a children’s channel] is aimed at promoting children entertainment industry in order to create awareness among children about their rights, culture, tradition and values. Several meetings have been held with prominent broadcasting industry people and soon the plan for converting the PTV Global into children’s channel will be implemented.

Never Considered by The Government Until Now

She added that to date, the government has never worked on establishing a children’s entertainment network over the last 35 years. The government will spare no effort in educating the children and the country’s youth through our national heritage.

The film industry is also being revived as per PM Nawaz’s orders, said the minister. She continued,

Globally, countries are using their film industry for creating awareness among youth about important social issues and also for conveying powerful social messages.

A Positive Image For Pakistan

Bringing the terrorism discussion at the forefront, she said that the country has been under a constant terrorist threat since the last 30 years. It has decreased the level of tolerance among the general public, said the minister.

The media can play an important role in this regard by presenting a positive image of Pakistan and its society. Media should aid the government in creating and promoting a positive image of our country, said Ms. Aurangzeb.

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  • shukar hye en ko aqal ae… i wish k ye terrestrial network pe hu na k cable tv pe q k bat warna phr wahein aa jae gae.. ghareeb k bachy k pass cable hoti tu cartoon network na daikh leta

  • great, i used to watch the PTV cartoons in the morning and it developed the better habits in my present self today. Kids these days are watching “Bollywood” type cartoons on Nick and CN, we must train their little minds with the stuff that build a good character so they could become good Pakistani civilians

    • PTV Cartoons Main Ye to Nahi Kaha Na “Pakistan ko Aj Bhi American Sundi Se Khatra hai ?
      Ya Us Cartoon Main Bhi :
      Ogy Ko Tractor Chalate Howe Dikhaya Gaya ?

      • hahaha! PTV kai cartoons nahi yaad, it was called meena i think.
        But still PTV’s selection was top notch, Camp candy, Superman and Captain Planet were very child friendly

  • Better late than never. Finally govt realized the need of children of Pakistan. This was totally ignored since last couple of decades (when PTV downfall and cable network started). This gap was covered by foreign channels, but due to these channels, our next generation was totally unaware of our own culture.
    Anyway, this new channel coverage should be in all country via cable as well as TERRESTRIAL network so that children living in remote areas can also get benefit of their own country’s channel.

  • Excellent idea!

    If they are serious, then it will be wonderful. There is a lot of content already done in Pakistan
    and can be used.

    International content can be licenced and dubbed.

    Proper pedagogy and modern multimedia techniques to be followed

    Let’s see if they deliver..

    Salman Ansari

  • hahaha, pehlay bhi wo Children Entertainment hi dikhatay thay,,,,,,Dekho Bachoon ye Kapaas ki Sundi ha,,,,,,,

  • Having failed to produce quality entertainment for ADULTS, they’re switching their target audience to people who are easily amused: CHILDREN.

  • acha hai tata sky se jan chute gi main ne is liye lagwaya tha ke cartoon dekh sako waha pe 7 8 bachone ke channel or sare urdu mein aate hai

  • اس کو بند بھی کر دیں تو کوئی فرق نہیں پڑتا …. عوام سے واپڈا کے بلوں میں پی ٹی وی کو بچانے کے لئے زکات ختم کی جائے

  • Sure, like the same way, Foreign Ministry has been converted into Babies Nursery….

  • Khuda ka waasta he k
    PTV k saary channel local Antena base kren
    2nd jo b Cartoons ya program select kren
    Koi achy achy pick kren jo Education aur Knowledge den
    Like masha & Bear of Russia ??
    Those are Great if translated to Urdu and Launched on this channel

  • After star sports,ptv will launch these channels in 2050

    Ptv sports 1 2 3 4
    Ptv sports hd1 2 3 4
    Ptv sports Uhd 1 2 3 4

  • Hello Everyone!!
    Can I apply for job in ptv children’s.I want to do hosting..

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