Pakistan’s First Cashback Website

The online shopping trend is picking up in Pakistan. Local and international e-commerce stores have started gaining popularity as buying stuff online becomes easier and cheaper than conventional shopping.

Limited time discounts and sales have played a major role in promoting the online shopping sector. In order to give you more value for your money,, Pakistan’s first cashback website, wants to offer you cashback on your online shopping.

Meet the Co-Founders Behind

Zeeshan Cheema and Waqas Hasan are the co-founders of the Rupeeco. The UK-based Pakistani entrepreneurs have more than ten years of business experience under their belt and have learned a lot from their time at multinational companies such as KPMG, WoltersKluwers and Springer Nature.

Using their vast experience in the e-commerce sector, the co-founders are working together with leading local and international brands like, eBay, AliExpress, GoDaddy, Emirates Airline, Payoneer, Fiverr, and many more to offer cashback benefits.

How Does work?

It’s a one-click, 15 second step that can earn you 1000s of Rupees a year.

It is very simple, all you need to do is just visit the retailers through and shop online like you normally do. Essentially, instead of entering of retailer’s website directly, you click through the retailer from Rupeeco’s link.

To further simplify things, let’s suppose that you’re buying a smart watch worth Rs. 10,000 and is offering 6% cashback.  Once transaction is completed, the company will give you Rs.600 as a cashback.  The whole cashback process normally takes between 4-12 weeks depending upon retailer’s delivery and return policies. is currently offering cashback on 36  brands and also many other local and international favourites are getting on board on a regular basis.

Refer a friend

Customers can share the experience and earn Rs.50 cashback as a thank you every time they successfully introduce friends, family and colleagues to the website.

Additional Discounts

Discount Coupons:

These coupons are also available for local as well as international brands. It enables customers to save big.  Each store contains a different offer on the discount coupon.

For example, if you purchase a GoDaddy coupon, you will get flat 30% off on all the new products. You get the discount plus cashback as well.

Hot Deals:

Hot Deals includes both lowered prices and cashback opportunity on qualifying products. You can find Hot Deals on a variety of things such as clothes, watches, electronics, shoes etc. Hot Deals discount is offered to customers throughout the year.

So what are you waiting for? Reward yourself and join today now and transform your otherwise ordinary online shopping into a special one by earning cashback.


    • It is branded content, there is a banner right at the top of the article, they have to earn from somewhere.

      • They recently changed their sponsorship policy after the backlash as a result of increasing paid content and decreasing quality of actual tech related posts.

        And the first thing they did after putting on all that show was come out with the Qmobile piece full of fallacies and fictitious claims, as if to say, we were just kidding. Money speaks louder than our readers opinions.

        Oh btw, they first tried to pass off the qmobile article as an editorial, and only when eyebrows were raised did they change it to branded content. So there’s a good chance they’d have tried to pull the same move here.

        • Please provide some ideas how they propakistani staff and authors can run their kitchens and life with out sponsored content and ads?

          • میرا بھی یہی ماننا ہے جو آرٹیکل یا کنٹنٹ آپ کو پیڈ لگتا ہے آپ نہ پڑھو بجائے کیڑے نکالنے کے. ہم وہ لوگ ہیں کے دوسروں کا زرا سا فائدہ جو کے ہماری جیب سے بھی نہیں جا رہا ہوتا وہ بھی ہم ہضم نہیں کر پاتے.

        • What problem do you have, yr agr paid content nhe prhna toh na prho, konsa tm pay kr rahe ho ProPK ko, tm apna blog start krlo itne hi sache ho toh, aur likho sara din research kr k contents, phr tm jaisa waila bnda ajaega criticise krne..

    • We don’t sell anything, all the payments, delivery, returns are done the partner retailers. Rupeeco redirects traffic from our website to our partner retailer’s website. We track our members’s activities either just clicked or made any transaction.

      1. Sign up for Rupeeco.
      2. Find your retailer or their associated deals and click “Get Offer Now” button
      3. It will direct you to the respected retailer. Just complete the purchase as you normally would, we will track the transactions and offer cashback on completed transactions.

      You can find more information

  • how can we purchase from ebay and amazon being in pakistan through rupeeco , that part is confusing

    • Once you login to Rupeeco, find ebay and click Get Offer Now button, it will redirect you to the ebay then you shop as normal. We will track your transaction, on completion of transaction cashback will be awarded to you. We are not involved in the delivery/returns, in regards to delivery to Pakistan you might need to used third party delivery service e.g.

    • We are different from Keenu. We offer cashback when someone made purchase by click through from to our partner retailers. Instead of entering retailer URL directly , just click through from Rupeeco

      • Its a pretty cool service, i don’t use it religiously but whenever i am shopping from amazon or aliexpress i tend to. I think more and more pakistani eCommerce sites should partner with them so in the end the consumer gets a discount. Win Win for everyone. The layout is pretty straight forward, the UI is good thats why i keep coming back, also twice i have tried the dispute in some of my transaction which never got recorded but even those got sorted and my wallet got filled.

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