JS Bank Awards Sarfraz with Luxury BMW X1 Car #JSHonorsSarfraz

Sarfraz Ahmed – the captain of Pakistan cricket team – honored Geo Khelo Pakistan game show in its 25th episode as a guest, alongside hosts Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar, and was presented two gifts in acknowledgement of his and the team’s service to the country.

Entering to thunderous applause and loud chants of ‘Sarfraz Zindabad’, the captain appeared surprised and humbled at the welcome he received.

He was awarded luxury SUV BMW X1 as a thank-you from JS Bank in association with Dewan Motors. 

After the show was aired users took to digital and expressed their sentiments on the hashtag #JSHonorsSarfraz and thanked both Sarfraz and JS for bringing the honor to Pakistan and bestowing the nations hero with such respect.

Pakistan, under the captainship of Sarfraz, bagged a stunning win on Sunday against the longstanding arch rival India in the ICC Champions Trophy final held at The Oval, London. The historic victory was celebrated by Pakistani supporters all around the world.

Sarfraz thanked God and also expressed his gratitude to the team and fans. “I’m really thankful to Allah for providing us with so much honour and giving us the opportunity to enhance our reputation. In addition, it is our parents’ and fans’ prayers that got us to this place,” he said, adding that the team worked really hard for this victory.

Sarfraz was pleased to attend the game show and enjoyed being in the presence of legendary cricketers Akram and Akhtar, who he said he “usually saw on the field, rather than on a TV show”.

The admired cricketers wished the audience and Pakistanis a Happy Eid in advance.

  • The best thing is, he is giving all the credit to team players their hard work and toil. Salute you Sarfaraz Bhai..!!! For bringing the Champions Trophy to Pakistan and making our nation proud and delighted all over the World. Our team… EVERY PLAYER has won trillion hearts and loads of praises and prayers during the Holy Month of Ramadan. May Allah bless you all dudes. Pakistan Zindabaad…!

      • trillion
        a million million (1,000,000,000,000 or 1012).
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  • So much money and so many gifts that they should actually return some back to charity. It wouldve looked good. But saloon ki bhook hai. Can confirm, this vanity/glamour will get the best of them and they won’t win the next games.

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