Govt Announces Price Cuts for Petrol and Diesel

Government of Pakistan has announced price cuts for petrol and diesel, we have checked.

According to details made available with ProPakistani, petrol prices were cut down by Rs. 1.50 per liter while diesel prices were also discounted by Rs. 1.50 per liter.

After cuts, new prices for petrol and diesel in Pakistan will be as following:

  • Petrol: Rs. 71.30 per liter
  • Hi-speed diesel: Rs. 79.90 liter

These new prices will be applicable from July 1st, 2017.

It must be noted that price cuts were introduces after oil prices in global markets fell notably.

It maybe recalled that Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had recommended the federal government to bring down per litre petrol prices by Rs. 3.30 per liter.

Similarly, OGRA had recommended to cut per liter diesel cost by Rs. 2.70.

  • t

    Say Go Nawaz Go .because of reduction in price of Petrol.

    • YesMan

      Shody, tere jaisy logon k waja se mulk barbaad hai, ek banda kuch acha bhi karta hai to galyaan dety ho. Pata chalta hai saaf k kisi gandi parwarish ka natija ho

  • Happy Citizen

    Thanks I will now be able to save 52.5 Rs after filling 35 liter of tank

    • Nawaz Sahab K Pair Dho Dho K Peena Chahyeh Ab Itna Bara Ahsan Hai Awam Par

      • Bilal Ijaz

        hahahaaha seriously ahsannn e krdia hy

  • Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef Sahab !
    Qoum Apka Ye Ahsaan Ek Month Tak Yaad Rakh Gi !

  • ZAB

    Ganja har bar petrol prices main dandi maar deta hai. OGRA nay is say double price cut suggest kiya tha.

    • OGRA Ne 2.70 Rupee Kaha tha :
      Us Main Shareef Ki Pocket Money Shamil Nahi thi to Unho Ne Uski Bat Nahi Maani

  • Xahid

    Chindi choor Ganjay, saare teer rupay main bhi dandi maarna nahi bhoolte.

  • Fahad J

    Propakistani , dont you read your articles before posting them? there is a grammatical error in the article, read this: It must be noted that prices cuts were introduces after oil prices in global markets fell notably.