Pakistani Man Takes Facebook Page to Court Over Alleged Scam

A complaint against ‘Five Star Couture’, an online shopping page, was filed by one Masood Sarwar to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

According to Masood, his wife ordered a clothing article from the site and paid Rs 13,000 in full via a cellular network’s online money transferring service.

The dress which was bought from the online page has not been delivered to the customer to date.

During a court hearing on Thursday regarding the fraudulent online shopping website, a judicial magistrate instructed Facebook’s management team in California, US to share details about the Facebook page in question.

The Alleged Activity

According to the petitioner, who is based in Lahore, his wife still hasn’t received the dress that was bought that day online. When attempting to contact the management behind the Facebook page, it was discovered that their contact numbers were unreachable. This is typical behavior that is expected from numerous online scam sites.

When an investigation was started by the FIA in the matter, it was discovered that Mr Masood Sarwar’s wife was just one name in a long list of defrauded individuals. According to the investigator, hundreds of people fell victim to scams by the same page.

Action will be taken against the culprits in accordance with the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016.

Further Investigation

In light of the FIA’s findings, magistrate Farooq Azam Sohail issued an order on Thursday directing Facebook to hand over all relevant information regarding the page in question for aiding FIA’s investigation.

This is nothing new and will keep happening unless we, the consumers, are not more careful. Moreover this is where services like Paypal are useful, not only do they provide convenience, but they also provide security by acting as a third party in each transaction.

Via Dawn