JS Bank and Nestle Partner to Offer Youth Loans for Business

JS Bank has joined hands with Nestle Pakistan under the Prime Minister Youth Business Loan (PMYBL) program to generate opportunities for young dairy farmers, between the ages of 21 and 45 years, by helping them develop new or grow existing businesses.

Through this partnership, JS Bank aims at providing a maximum amount of Rs 2 million to help these farmers and livestock owners to optimize their potential income, consequently ensuring a better lifestyle.

This collaboration between JS Bank and Nestle will assist farmers in enhancing milk production. To accomplish this, farmers can utilize the best practices and knowledge shared by Nestle Pakistan and enabled by JS Bank through rebated PMYBL loans. Loans to these farmers will be given out at a 6% mark-up.

JS Bank with Careem

Previously, the bank took an initiative under the PYMBL scheme by providing loans to captains of Careem who can have their new car on easy loan repayment terms. The bank offered cars against 10 percent of the markup payment, along with easy repayment of monthly installment in subsidized markup rate of 6 percent, which is much lower from other auto financing schemes that vary from 9% to 12% with 25 percent minimum markup.

JS Bank, one of the fastest growing banks in Pakistan, has 307 branches in 152 cities all over Pakistan including one international branch. It is committed to fostering economic and social growth in Pakistan.

  • Its time for traditional doodh wala of Pakistan to pack up bags and leave..consumers should get hygienically treated, packed and preserved milk. There are literally no consumer rights in Pakistan when it comes to food despite government beating the trumpets that Pakistan is an agriculture country. Foreigners laugh at our food chain and insecurity.

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