Sindh Cabinet Rejects Education Policy But Approves Two Bills on Livestock

Sindh cabinet has revoked the discussion on non-formal education policy despite the fact that 56 percent children of the province are not going school. On the other hand, the cabinet has approved 2 bills related to livestock.

The cabinet met on Thursday to discuss the new legislation and laws. The meeting was chaired by Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah. In the meeting many new bills and amendments in law were presented to the cabinet members.

Sindh cabinet presented a report which stated that the primary education situation in Sindh is very dark. More than half the children under the age of 10 are not in schools.

The report says that the total population of children in the province is 11.9 million. But only 5.33 million children are able to go school, which is 44 percent of total children population. Rest of the children are either not going school willingly or they don’t have access to any schools.

Cabinet was told that this bleak situation cannot be handled with the current primary schooling system. There is massive criticism on the lack of facilities, ghost teachers and other issues.

To handle this, non formal education will be introduced in the province. Non-formal education policy was presented to the cabinet but due to the intervention from some members, the policy was rejected.

On the other hand Sindh cabinet has approved “Sindh live Stock Registration and Trade Authority bill 2017” and “Sindh Institute of Animal Health bill 2017”.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah said that at this point of time there is no law for the registration, tagging, identity of animals and livestock products. To bring the livestock sector up to international standards, these two new laws will help.

“After the implementation these laws Sindh province will able to sell its livestock products in international markets. We are eating the meat but we don’t know health, age and other issues related to animals.” Murad Ali Shah told the cabinet.

Livestock bills will be presented in the Sindh Assembly in the next session.

  • why are you trying to portray a picture that education bill was not passed because of livestock polices approval. Both are important but how you presented this in comparison is pathetic. You tried to point out that dhoor danger are the priorities not the children. criticize those incompitant
    fools for not approving the education policy not on approving any reforms in live stock sector

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