The Long Awaited Abdul Wahab Interview is Here

If you are a regular ProPakistani reader, you must know about Abdul Wahab. A constant presence in our comments section, he has become a cult figure and a source of great amusement.

We asked you to chip in with your questions a while back and today, we are finally publishing the full interview with Abdul Wahab for your reading pleasure. We have kept editing to a minimum to let Wahab’s unique personality shine through the text.

Onwards to the readers’ questions and Abdul Wahab’s answers.

When did you start following ProPakistani?

Exactly i don’t know but I remembered that I am following ProPk since 1 year ago.

I have to ask from Abdul Wahab. What’s your age?

It’s not about age, it’s about 26 Years of my Life (My DOB is 26-SEP-1991) on 17th Rabi O Awal 1412 Hijri on Thursday Morning.

Stars Kabhi Khabaar He Paida Hote hai :)

Tell us about your academic qualifications?

I am studying MA (Economics) Final (Pata Nahi Nursery Se Final Tak Ka Safar Main Ne Kis Tarha Suffer Kiya)

What inspires you to read and post on ProPakistani?

Gossip, Entertainment & a Lot of Knowledge.

Wo alag baat hai ye saare articles main pehly he KAHI aur pharh chuka hota hou.

And wo alag baat hai K main bina parhe he comments karta deta ho heading main kuch baaten samajh ati hai.

What are your hobbies and what do you do for a living? Are you a student?

My Hobby is Surfing, Browsing, Working, Cleaning My Home, Watching Horror Movie, Shows, Carton, Movies, Outing, Long Driving & Don’t Forget Sleeping.

I take oxygen for Living & yes I am Student, Professional, Bachelor (means Single).

What do you do in your free time and when ProPakistani doesn’t publish (on weekends)?

I am totally considering on my job only during free time.

Abdul Wahab, I have seen you ignoring hateful comments or seeing the funny side of it. What many people would like to know is that how do you manage to take all those negative trolls so bravely and remain positive all the time?

Dil Bara Hona Chahyeh & My Dadi Said to me “Jo Bura Kehte hai Asal Main Wahi Bure Hote hai Don’t take seriously.”

I am smiling on every time & don’t take seriously my haters.

Its my haters who are gonna make me famous (So Thank U for Hating Me & for the Bad Replies on my funny Comments).

Do you think that ProPakistani articles are going to make a change in Pakistan? Where do you see your comments in this regard? Do you see your commenting make a difference?

Yes ProPk & me want change in Pakistan. We demand a Better Pakistan as Iqbal Sahab dreamed & as our Quaid wanted.

Hi Wahab. Brother you are one of the great persons here and the best at the comments. My Question is why mostly your comments are judgmental, declarative or biased? Why not make them based on your experiences or arguments-based?

Express the Experience is on my first priority, sometime when i stuck due to policies and department politics then ” Sunata Ho Phir Bohat ”

Wahab bhai, what are your future plans?? Any other forums you plan to target on?

My First Future plan to get marry after that (my thinking will start to end only on my Wife).

Anyway Mr. Aamir Atta is my ideal Tech person. I want to become like this man since I got a lot of info here from ProPk.

What do you think about the IT sector in Pakistan and its future ? Do you think our low Internet Penetration is hindering our IT sector from booming ?

We need highly qualified and experience person in IT sectors specially in PTA chairman who have a skill to understand the lack of IT Sectors Problem.

Enhance the PTCL Network, Internet Speed, 3G 4G Covered Areas, Polices & Benefits to Export on IT Sector, Low Taxes rate of IT Product Import. Interest free loan etc.

No doubt you are quite Popular in a wide reader’s network (ProPakistani), how does it feel?

Well, feeling never express in words : I can feel only Aaj lagta hai main hawaon mein hoon, Aaj itni khushi mili hai,

Have you ever thought of writing an article for ProPakistani? If yes what topic you would have chosen?

Yes i am thinking on daily basis to write a article to ProPk.

My topics would be  #How to Implement a Policies in Pakistan, #Education Priority, #Save Tree, #Islamic # Current Affairs, #Politics & My Favorite “Bacho Ki Shaadi Jaldi Karni Chahyeh ”

What interests you more, Technology or Politics?

Of course Marriage But Officially i Consider on the Tech Q K Pakistan K Politics Main Kuch Nahi Rakha Ye Sub Mill K HUM Ko Mamu Bana Rahy hai.

Please tell us about your prospective about Pakistan? Do you see you have a better future here or you will become a part of brain drain?

Pakistan have a great talent, natural resources & here is great future, But some politician have wasted these things.

We have to be saved these things to making a bright future of Pakistan for our child & family.

If you are ever considered as the Prime Minister or President of Pakistan, what three steps would you take first?

Less Inflation, Pure Water Purified Plant, Arrange Energy Crisis.

How can he be always online to comment?

I am available in ProPk only 10AM TO 7PM (My Office Time Only).

I am Not Using ProPk At Home Or outside Working Areas.

If you could make a suggestion on improving ProPakistani, what would it be?

ProPk Is best it’s my first website to comments on there : I’ve some queries for ProPk :

  • We have many apps & software to convert ENGLISH to URDU (ProPk) Used it to Share Article in One Page into Two Languages to Share anyone.
  • ProPk Must have Windows, Andriod, & IOS Apps & Update Daily.
  • ProPk add searching option contains format to search out anything in ProPk Pages
  • ProPk showing yearly profit & lose statement
  • ProPk arrange camping to participate any training with the help of Organization
  • ProPk arrange online computer course in both or URDU languages to learn easily
  • ProPk make apps for (Games, Books, Education,Songs Movie Etc)
  • PorPk Focus on Current Affair TECH News
  • ProPk Advise us regarding addmission, test, result, exam, etc for each university & Faculty
  • ProPk launch compliant cell (Some Member have issue)
  • ProPk have proff reading problem make sure each and everything before posting
  • ProPk conduct a surcvey report monthly basis (Which article best, what you want, suggest, comments, voting etc)
  • ProPk arrange MEMBER ot the Month (for Best Comments, Most Comments Etc)
  • ProPk add website vising counting on daily basis
  • ProPK notification issue please resolve it
  • Add twitter notification to get any one who are following on you in Twitter

What if you are made Prime Minister of Pakistan; any to do list?

I Want to do something. I have a lot of ideas on to how to grow income & how to save money & how to spend money in Pakistan & on the Pakistani People:

  • Focus to open Tax Free Manufacturing Plant (Growth Our Local Industry)
  • Focus to open Water Purification Plant at KARACHI SEA for Pure Drink & Supply to Whole Pakistan
  • Focus on KALA BAGH DAM & Another PAK DAM in PAKISTAN
  • Focus on Wind Turbine to produce electricity
  • Focus to open GAS & Oil Plant to avoid importing
  • Change Complete High Level Management & Staff of PIA, Post Office, Steel Mill, Government Department, Custom, Associations, Police, Rangers, Army Etc
  • Completely bio metric system from Child Birth to Death & In All Stage (Admission, Job, Purchasing, Buying, GSM, Mobile, Traveling Etc)
  • All Social Websites & Apps linked with Bio Metric system. Per CNIC only One ID can be registered in all social sites to secure internet security & safety.
  • Focus to open Registered Free Hospitals, School, Collage, University, Shop, Industries, Bank, Etc (On Government Stage)
  • Completely Free Education From Nursery to Under Graduation with Books, Notes Etc (& Scholarship for onward education)
  • Road, Bridge, Under Pass, Repair & New to be prepared
  • Only Government Public Buses are allowed on road (All Private should be banned). Rate 5 Rupee Per Stop (Student Free) 06AM TO 06PM
  • In Pakistan, Saturday, Sunday should be considered as Leave for Industry, Banks, Education, Etc (Except Hospital)
  • Working Timing for all sectors :  07 AM TO 3PM (One Shift 8 Hours) Each Industry must be working on 8 Huors Shift ( No More Overtime)
  • Working Benefits : Annual Leaves, Bonus, Gratuity, Provident Fund, Medical, Loan (Interest Free) Etc
  • All Policies, Rules, Regulation & Law are same in Pakistan & applicable in all areas of Pakistan including all provinces & department
  • Register All Restaurant, Hotels, Food Shop for Pure Quality
  • Focus to open Pakistan Foods Authority
  • No More SASTA Bike & Car E.g Bike Min PKR 70,000 & Car E.g 1,000,000 Starting Price Without Taxes
  • Heavy Taxes on Using, Bike, Car, Smart Phone,(Any Other Like this) & Import (Those Product already made in PAK) (To Save the environment)
  • Same Price of All Product in Pakistan e.g. Fuel, Foods, Veg, Fruits, Equipment., Etc
  • Monthly Rent on Using Social Apps
  • All Women Should be wear Scarf, in all premises of Pakistan.
  • Each Government, Private Department Office, Industry should have valid Uniforms.
  • No Morning Show, No Ramadan Show, No Game Show, No Music Show, No Women on Commercials allowed in Pakistan
  • First Priority on ISLAM then Pakistan
  • All MNA MPA, Mayor, PM, CM, DIG, SP SHO, etc should be Graduates & Master. They must be Beard on Face & Five Time Namazi & Know the Baisc Rules of ISLAM
  • No Parci, Sifarish, Relation Ship to be entertain in Pakistan Only Merit & Experience are allowed
  • All Online Shopping processes must be registered
  • SAZA On Public Places
  • Focus to Plant Trees. Strict Rules for Plant Tree on Each Home Office Areas for All Pakistanis
  • Banned complete Import Indian Items, Iran Afghanistan , Sham. Israil Etc Countries
  • Basic Salary of Employee PKR 20,000 (8 Hours Only)
  • Complete Salary to be giving through Bank Accounts ONLY No More taking Cash Allowed to AnyOne
  • Focus to Moderate Highways & Tourism Areas
  • All Rules & Regulation to be changed according to current affairs (After Public Verification)
  • NAB have authorized to check all people money & transaction etc
  • All Government Vacancy, Hiring, Appointment Etc to be launch under One Department
  • Low Taxes in all sectors
  • 9PM is last timing for shutdown complete markets (Medical Facility will be available on 24Hours)
  • Marriage are allowed only in Marriage LAWN, No More Street, Ground Ceremony : Time Closed 11PM Otherwise Jail
  • Focus to open & support IT Sectors to compare international markets using apps, software etc.
  • Allow PayPal, & Permission to Branch less Banking to remit internationally with limits.
  • Focus to Quick Problem Resolving.
  • Bearing of all types of Expense by Pakistan Bait ul Maal for child births
  • Jobless person are allowed to get the cash from any bank with thumb impression PKR : 5000 to survive life no More Beggars until unless the getting job.
  • Focus to Enhance the network of AmanTech Faculty in Pakistan.
  • Salary taxes starting on 1 Lac
  • All Department using ERP , MRP Etc Software
  • Focus to Online with Quality, Paper Less Working
  • Searching Bridal & Groom & Support Poor People for Marriage
  • Focus to open Government Compliant Cell to launch complaint against, Any Government, Private Department, Any Education , Any Foods, Any Person with Proff:
  • Only these taxes would be eligible in Pakistan, Custom Duty (1% to 35%), Sales Tax (5% to 15%) Income Tax (1% to 20%) Regular Duty (10% to 100%) Anti Dumping Duty (15% 55%) Depends the product and category
  • Fixed Rates for Utilities Bill e.g
    • Electric 3 Rupee for Residential
    • 5 Rupee for Commercial,
    • Or Fixed 1000 Rupee Per Ground Floor (300 Unit tak) :
    • More Floor More 1000 (Commercial 5 Rupee Per Unit)
    • Gas 2 Rupee for Residential
    • 6 Rupee for Commercial,
    • Fixed 500 Per Ground Floor More Floor More 500 (100 Unit tak)
    • Water 500 Per Ground Floor Fixed
  • Teacher License, Coaching License Etc for Quality of Education
  • At the Time of Azaan, All types of PTCL, Internet, Mobile, Social Apps, TV Cable Etc is stopped until the completion on Namaz (Five Times)
  • Government Arrange PAKISTAN TALENT HUNT Program on Live on Media to showing talent, skill of Each Pakistani.
  • Poor Family Loan Services without interest
  • Emergency ATM Loan Service 500 (In Case of CashLess Pockets) One Time Transaction on Each Month (Only For Account Holder Who have Good Rating in Bank)
  • In Case of Employee Terminated then Factory Or Department giving him or her 6 Month Bonus Salary
  • Salary of Each People of Pakistani transferred into account before 30th Of Each Month
  • Online CNIC, CRC, Pass Port, Domicile, PRC Etc facilities
  • Online Police Station FIR Facilities
  • CPCL & PTA have free hand to track any person using IP Address, Mobile Number Code Etc
  • Corruption, Bribes Case Etc (Recover All Amount & JILAWATAN Til Death Or Phansi )
  • Government decided consumer product price with subside
  • Protocol of 3 Van Only (Without STOPPED the Road & Etc) for PM, President, General ARMY NAVY & AIR FORCE Only
    No More Protocol for MNA MPA Mayor Etc & They all will be in touch with Public
  • Public Platform for advising
  • All People of Pakistani Should be marry within 25 Years (Boys & Girls too) Government Support Financially (if need it) & registered marry otherwise take serious action.
  • Government makes a village for support all beggars,poor people by living, by medical by education
  • Only One Jail System In Pakistan that name “PAKISTAN CENTRAL JAIL”  suited in Sea Or Desert Area (Which People who has courrt assine a terror more than 3 month) (NO More Jail in Public Places) (Fully Mobile Signal Jammers, No Internet, Etc) All person who have in Jail make sure for Foods, Education, Islamic Education, Timing limit for News & Watching Movie Etc
  • All Government Privatized action will be taken after Public Voting :
  • All Pakistani House ,Flat, Building, Floor Wise home Etc should be registered and get the MAP too : OtherWise taken serious aciton
  • Government scheme arrange Middle Class Family Housing Scheme with Under Budget
  • Government arrange to learning Modern Langues that name ” Pakistan Institute of Languages” which is providing you More Than 100 Languges in affordable fee & free for poor people
  • Government can arrange 5000 People of Pakistani On Monthly Basis Will be going to Performed UMRAH for 10 Days In Just PKR 25,000 (Including all Expense) (Who have never Gone for UMRAH)
  • Government can arrange 75% of Quota of Approve HAJI for PAKISTAN will be going under Govt Scheme in Just PKR : 200,000 (On Installment)
  • All Companies , Industry, Office, School, Collage University Etc Shall be using resisted Window 10 With Office 365 & IDM in PC.
  • No More Window, Software, Games Available in CD Or DVD in less than 100 Rupees With Two Time Installation ( In Karachi CD Or DVD Cost Right Now 25/50)
  • Government makes Apps for Cloud Storage with Contact (Your Memory Card & PC Data) Free & Some Affordable Price in One CNIC with One Number
  • In All August, All Pakistani should be arrange Falg of Pakistan out side of home, at in Bike Or Car, Bus, Road, Building etc\
  • No More Job Posting In News Paper & Any Other Site without Pro Per Mention Work, Lum Sum Salary Benefit. With Company nameEtc & Must be used Office Domain Email lD. No More Add published with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Etc
  • All Pakistani News Media Have Proper WebSites Page in URDU Langues Or Convert into Urdu
  • Politician Age Starting 20 to 40 Years Only (No More Allowed in Politics & Government Job After 40) (Until Unless Public Vote)
  • If Any One Political Party Have Won the General Election Then No More Allowed In Next Election Only
  • No More Smoking, Tobacco, Chalia, Gutka, Chars, Afheem, Ghanjah, Durgs, Alcohol Etc in the Premise of Pakistan (For Public Using Not For Medical Purpose) Only Simple PAN Allowed With Sweet Supari
  • Arrange to All Clean City Green City
    & Lot More Policies & Working in my mind but i didn’t get any platform to enhance my skills

Note: Abdul Wahab comments of his own volition and isn’t paid or hired by anyone to do it. 

  • Nice vision But Qbdul Wahab you missed one important thing if you say
    I will build this nation it will be more comprehensive answer

  • aur kon kon hai, jo poora article perhnay say pehlay comment perh rha hai :D
    Waisay ab #shukriaabdulwahab tag banta hai.

  • Waah zabardast… Wahab bhai app thou chaa gae hain!! Very Positive thinking for Pakistan after become president.. Allah sab ko hidayat de Pakistan ki tarraqi aur khush hali ke liye!! #PakistanZindabad #IslamZindabad

    • Aamir Sahab i am one of the oldest visitors of ProPakistani, it has been around 9+ years i am sure, i have posted comments in so many articles, when you used to post tech related news only, including Nokia’s Symbian phone reviews etc. Where is my interview? I can certainly write better English than many of your current writer, and has greater knowledge of technology :P Wasted talent

      • @disqus_ZVVUkN1y54:disqus Within One Year My Interview has been published :
        English & Following Nahi Chaheyh Waqt Chahyeh & Comments Chahyeh :
        I am most famous person then you that’s a reason behind this interview :P

      • Sorry, I am not the admin of the blog rather like a regular visitor of Propakistani.

        Don’t seek cheap publicity for becoming a super star for merely commenting. Write a blog post to Propakistani or other blogs. From your above English, it shows you need to improve your English (Sorry no hard feelings, just saying).

        Keep writing. It would be better if you make your own blog. In this way, you will be your own boss.

  • Main nay soacha tha waqt k sath sath Abdul Wahab ka level theek ho jy ga lakin yay to ulta hogya…. ProPak ka level nechay aa gya :(

  • Bhai M.A karaha hai par English bohot kharab hai, kabhi kisi foreigner ko English me jawab dekar yeh mat kehna k M.A karahay ho or Pakistani ho, bekaar me Mulk ka naam kharab hoga.

    • @ShukiryaAliAsghar
      Main Ne Kabhi ENGLISH Languges Seekha He Nahi :
      Paper MAIN English Subject Main Numbers Bhi Ache hai Main Letter Acha Likh Leta Ho Soch K
      Yaha Sochta Bad Main Ho Likhta Pehly Ho :p

  • I thought maybe this interview would have changed you, like being mean to haters but no this is same humble and laughing it of Wahab. Good man
    I just wished we could see a different pic of you for interview!

  • I appreciate your ignoring behavior towards the negative comments. (Although i mostly don’t like your comments.)

  • After publishing the interview I wanna say what the ProPak… ? By the way I could read till “if you are made PM”.

    I wanna endorse Abdul Wahab Suggestions for ProPak specially updated and optimized PP Mobile app, PP monthly or at least yearly earning and expenses.

    And if possible, publish a series of detailed articles on possible and legitimate online earning methods, it’s been long PP didn’t write on this topic.

    You should at least correct spelling if he didn’t. Don’t mind please.

  • What we comment, most of our comments are not approved on which does not contain any harsh comments or bad language. which is unfair. I hope this comment posts successfully.

  • Baki sab tho teeq hai lekin bhai Energy crisis tho already hai.. aap aur kya “Arrange Energy Crisis” karengay :P

  • @ProPak: Bs b kar lain. Bachy ki jaan laingy. Interview ka mathlb ye nai k readers b beech mi chor dain. Abdul ki interview mi 2, 3 question enough hai, baqi us ki personality ka pata chal jatha hai. Any way complement to great ABDUL.

  • Very nice to see Abdul Wahab on the other side of the desk. Good work team ProPk. And one more request to Abdul Wahab, ab ye na ho celebrity ban k ProPk pe aana hi chor do…

  • @AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus

    Its my haters who are gonna make me famous”

    Well Said!


    Bacho Ki Shaadi Jaldi Karni Chahyeh


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