Maryam Nawaz Gets Trolled After Her ‘Spot the Difference’ Tweet

Maryam Nawaz knows the art of staying in the news. Her Twitter game is particularly strong and she doesn’t miss any chance to promote her father’s party via the micro-blogging platform.

Nawaz Sharif’s daughter makes sure that she comments on all the happenings going on in the political circles and when it comes to trolling, she definitely is a pro.

Recently, Maryam tweeted a series of statuses regarding the work being done in Kulsoom Nawaz’s constituency NA-120. One of the tweets highlighted the efforts which are being made to revamp a public park in Lahore; the before and after photograph has backfired big time and Maryam is the one facing all the trolls following her tweet.

The issue is gaining the public’s attention especially due to the irony; Maryam Nawaz left no stone unturned to humiliate the internationally recognized and appreciated Billion Tree Tsunami project in KPK.

The tweet which started it all.

Let’s see what the Twitterati are saying.

Before and after: wasn’t Nawaz Sharif elected from the same constituency in 2013?

People want more than just renovations in public parks.

Sarcastic, eh?

While others reminded her of the Billion Tree Tsunami and the real before and after comparisons.


A public park?

Before and after rainfall? The truth has been spoken.


Fooling people is not so easy these days, is it?

Someone has bashed PMLN real bad.

London keeps coming up.

30 years and one park, great going.

I wonder, where are the local union council members.

It would be hard to incorporate all the reactions, so I better stop it here.

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  • haha, enjoyed each & every word of the people’s reaction. That’s great that we are now much more mature and can spot the difference between a real leader and a fake one.

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