Leica Goes Retro with its Latest Mirrorless Camera

Leica, known for some of the best well built cameras around, is back with a new mirrorless camera with a design that is a throwback to shooters of past. Called the CL, the new camera borrows a few functions from the higher-end TL2 announced earlier this year.

On the front is a 24 megapixel APS-C sensor with Maestro II image processor. The autofocus system has 49 points, the ISO range goes till 50,000, while the back features a 2.36 megapixel electronic viewfinder. Shutter speed goes up to 1/8000s in mechanical, or 1/25000s in electronic modes.

For connectivity, you get the option to transfer files wirelessly to an iOS or Android phone via a companion app for each. Alternatively, you can also transfer files via a microSD card.

As for the video, you get either a 4K video option at 30 fps, or 1080p option at 60fps. Burst mode includes full-res. JPEGs at 10fps, while for DNGs it goes up to 33fps. An odd omission is the placement of an onboard microphone. This means that all your videos will be sound-less ,which is a major drawback of the CL. Perhaps the CL is too much of a throwback, when it comes to videos at least.

Likely the biggest selling point is the design itself; it is smaller and lighter (tipping the scales at 403 grams) than the TL2 released earlier this year. It comes with two customizable dials on the top, with a button on each to support more functions, and an LCD. At the back is a black and white touchscreen with support for various gestures.

As for the price, the new CL costs $2795 for a body only, while a kit with a choice of 18mm lens or 18-55mm will cost $3795 and $3995, respectively. Separately, there is choice for a total of 7 lenses for you to choose.

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