FBR Takes Notice of Wedding Where Cash and Mobiles Were Thrown for Guests

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken notice of an incident at a wedding where the groom’s family threw dollars, Saudi riyals and brand new cell phones at the wedding guests.

In the recent incident, the groom, Muhammad Arshad, tried every possible course of action in order to make his marriage ceremony an unforgettable event. Therefore, he showered his guests with gifts and money, including foreign currency, worth millions of rupees on his wedding.

When Mohammad Arshad, who is a resident of Tehsil Shujabad of Multan, reached the bride’s residence in Khanpur for the Baraat ceremony, his family started showering dollars, riyals, and smartphones to the guests that were waiting for their arrival.

The video of this ‘obscene’ celebration also went viral on social media. You can see it here below:

The display also gained the attention of the FBR. The tax authority has ordered the Regional Tax Offices (RTO) in Multan and Bahawalpur to start investigating the assets of both the bride and the groom’s families.

The guests who were present at this wedding (and partook in the cash grab) revealed that the groom had 8 brothers, 4 of whom lived in the US and the others in Saudi Arabia. This explanation probably points to the presence of both dollars and riyals at the festive event.

Such lavish wedding ceremonies in Pakistan have been criticized for their obscene displays of wealth and showcasing the wide gulf between the haves and have-nots. It has given rise to a rat race in a society where the upper-class spends money as much as they can to display their wealth, and the middle-class tries their best to play catch up. It’s not unheard of families going bankrupt after spending all of their life’s savings on getting people married with style and aplomb.

The government for its part, has tried to crack down on such obscene displays of wealth.

Update: The video has been removed from the source page.

  • Uski Life Uska Paisa Wo Jaha Kharch Kare
    Shareef FAIMLY Ne Itna Paisa Bahar Le Gayi Property Khareedi Tab FBR/CBR Ko Nazar Nahi Aya :
    Wahi Ghareeb K Peeche Parh Rahy hai

    • They live abroad and have earned abroad. How is it Awam ka paisa? Dont mix two issues. This is obscene and should be investigated but its not public money.

      • Adeel

        Don’t worry Wahab ko bina soche samjhe comment karne ki aadat hai ?
        Us k nazdeek to wo jo job se earn karta hai wo bhi public ka paisa hai isi liye sari salary awaam mein baant deta hai ?

        • G Nahi MEHNAT Ki Kamai hai ?

          • ZAB

            Koi money trail hai tumharey pass ya tum bhi kisi khatbaazi se kaam chalao ge?

            • Adeel

              Wahab k paas ek ek paai ka hisab hai din mein supply chain management k head ka kaam karta hai , sham ko pakoron ka thhela lagata hai , har mahine saylani walon ko 100 Rupey deta hai badle mein lunch aur dinner wo provide karte hain Wahab bhai ko ?

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              • ZAB

                Hahahah Manjh k le rahay ho wahab ki tum.

        • ZAB

          Tum bilkul accurately narrate kartay ho. Keep it up man.

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    • Ikram Yousafzai

      Atleast they are not ‘Ghareeb’.

    • JJ.

      First he said “Awam ka paisa” luta rahe hain, then he re-wrote it. Clearly shows how dumb he is, and comments without even knowing what he is saying just to gain attention.

  • abobobilly

    Such a waste of money in the name of ‘marriage’ should be controlled by law.

  • Carl

    yar hassi ati hey FBR per….. this is not organized event thats why its come into news…..its another issue that where is money has come…. but it’s a good sign that money has came into Pakistan

  • aur

    “Throwing money” over guests is actually jahalat and this jahalat is daily routine in punjab and sindh provinces specially in marriages.

  • Wolverine

    Throwing phones on guests….
    Now 2-3 Ambulances should be deployed on such kind of wedding events.