This Ice Cream Parlor in Karachi is Serving Zalmi Inspired Flavors

Nothing beats the cricket craze in Pakistan. And it’s going to be on full display from today as the season 3 of Pakistan Super League is here.

In the spirit of the sport and to show support for their favorite teams, people roam the streets with flags, put on their team outfits, get their cars decorated and some even get tattooed.

An ice-cream parlor in Karachi, however, is taking it a bit further. This cafe has found a unique way of showing their support for defending champions Peshawar Zalmi.

The shop is selling ice cream flavors that are named after the Zalmi players. Supporting Peshawar in the city of Karachi Kings is a bold move but regardless, the move is already proving popular with Karachiites.


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Zalmi Ice Cream

In a clever marketing move, the shop owners “rebranded” their flavor-chain to celebrate the third season of the PSL. Some of the popular flavors in the menu are;

  • Hasan Vanilla,
  • Hasan Grape,
  • Wahab Pista,
  • Wahab Faluda,
  • Sammy Pineapple,
  • Sammy Strawberry,
  • Sammy Crunch,
  • Bravo Mix,
  • Hafeez Mint Chocolate Chip,
  • Tamim Tutti Frutti and many more flavors.

PSL’s opening ceremony will kick off at 8 pm today in Dubai and several local and international stars will perform in it. The inauguration match will be played today as well between defending champions Peshawar Zalmi and new comers Multan Sultans.

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