Thanks to Zong, Network Shutdowns Are Now Illegal in Pakistan

Islamabad High Court today decided in favor of a petition filed by Zong 4G by terming the forced network closures / shut downs illegal in the country.

The decision by Islamabad High Court also held that the Federal Government and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority are not vested with power and jurisdiction to suspend or cause the suspension of mobile cellular services or operations on the ground of national security except as provided under section 54(3) of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996.

Moreover, the court accepted the plea of Zong 4G and held that actions, orders and directives issued by the Federal Government or the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority are inconsistent with the provisions of section 54(3) of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 and are declared as illegal, ultra vires and without lawful authority and jurisdiction.

The suspension of mobile services is a cause of distress for the customers, especially in time of a civil unrest. It is a time when they need the services the most to reach out to their loved ones.

Owning to this need, Zong 4G has reaffirmed its position of putting its customers before all priorities. Through the unrelenting focus on customers’ needs , Zong 4G is leaving no stone unturned to ensure best, reliable and most affordable service delivery for its customers.

Zong 4G continues to build its network and services around the unique requirements of new-age data customers, balancing affordability with seamless connectivity.

  • Network shutdown is very important for national security i.e. during moharram or eid prayers as Mobile/SIM based iED’s almost go undetected or suicide bomders….
    Zong might only be concerned with their revenue or we should wait for series of bomb blasts causing highest level unrest & chaos with our media further adding fuel to fire ….

    • What used to happen when there was no network shutdown ? plus by using this logic gov promoted unnecessary lock down … whenever there is dharna etc .., its not the right way … or only solution.

        • Funny . The answer is those who live on the tax our people have been paying day by day. It is not civilian’s responsibility to identify which agency should be responsible for. It is the responsibility of the government.

    • Phir tou pakka band kr dain na.. Safest country ban jaye ga Pakistan.

      Thats why democracy is not successful in Pakistan yahan apni marzi se log khud ko jootay marwaty hain

    • I’m OK with people dying as long as mobiles continue to work. We have an oversupply of people in this country. 211 million and counting. Their lives are worth squat.

    • why network should shutdown because of bombblasts ? are u in ur senses ? its government responsibility to provide security not telecom companies u cannot blame telecom company the deaths of 100 people by blaststing bomb using telecom network in any case ..

      • Like I said, SIM Based IED Detection is not possible. So you all guys wait for upcoming blasts (God forbid) & then start blaming law enforcement agencies & yelling on social media.
        Also don’t forget to change FB DP’s :-)

        • i and other guys are not blaming Pakistani Law Enforcement Agencies. if Sim Based IED detection is not possible so there is need to make detection of SIm based IED.

          what you saying about FB dps?

        • SIM based IEDs bulshit is it the only way around
          Their r millions of other techniques which are also secure and economic

    • Some get choked when eating, so should everyone stop eating? You released that kind of concerns based on no fact. Maybe, you are on behalf of Ministry of Interior or PTA.

      • bro…. i am telecomer…. not from minitry/pta.
        based on no fact??? you better study IED, then talk with me.
        you eating example is irrelevant to subject matter. you believe in bomb blasts through mobile networks rather than shutting down network for few hrs & in specific days. saving a human life should be pririty or unnecessary calls/messaging is important. what wd you say abt people who die in road accident while driving with texting or listening calls?????
        cmpak only concerned abt their revenue, not human lives

        • Mr. Telecomer , if what u say is correct , the West would have done this long time ago, they VALUE life much more that us.

  • @@muhammadusmansarwar:disqus you forgot some yrs back when there wer so many bomb blasts while SIMS were also not registered??

    Law enforcement agencies of NATO, USA, UK & Israel have not been able to control the IED’s , how come Pakistan forces can do this??? :-)
    Finally no one should do bomb blast rather than trying to get answers from agencies :-)

    • You always remember your rights…. Not your duties…. The terrorists supporters & facilitators are also Pakistani people living amongst us using same mobile networks. It’s also our duty to report them but no one does.
      So in my suggestion, network shutdown is right decision & government may compensate outage time to people & these operators.
      Before mobile networks, we were alive as well, not our lives are dependent on mobile phones or should be

      • Yar sach main bohat choo bande ho tm…
        Security agencies need to perform their duties. Network restriction isn’t any sort of solution.

      • According to your logic, we need to block the road because terrorist are also using the same road we are driving on . The government should not shirk its responsibility to the people and interfere with the normal life of the people. In my opinion the more corrupt the governors are , the more terrorists there are in our country.,

    • Government will probably appeal and this will go back and forth in the courts. Let’s see what happens.

    • Intentional service disruptions might not happen but the network might slow down temporarily due to the increased demand.

  • See it takes the Chinese to make things happen in Pakistan. Their company challenges backward laws. Their company has the best 4G network. Their government forces ours to invest in fibre optic cables.

  • in Same court, there was another case regarding Hajj Draw Stay order but no news anywhere in This so called Islamic country.

  • Toy remote controller can also be used to trigger a bomb. Should toy stores be forbidden to sell remote controlled toys? Actually the government has been abusing their power and infringing on citizens’ rights of communication. There is no evidence that there are more terrorism attacks in the mobile communication covered area than the non-covered area. I am happy to get this news.

  • Be positive, Our law & order agencies are working day and night, we should believe in and we should welcome court order as court judges also knows what is good what is bad for our people. We are already facing terrorism in schools, should we stop our children to go to school, Masajids are under target, should we stop our prayers, snatchers looting us on roads, should we sit in our homes and not go to our works, So hopes good and be positive, face bravely what odds comes to us. We appreciates your comments as all are our well wishers.

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