This Electric Pole in the Middle of the Road in Peshawar is an ‘Engineering Marvel’

There’s stupid and then there’s a special kind of stupid.

A few days ago, this picture of a crashed car went viral over social media:

These electrical poles serve a very vital function in Pakistani society. They just mind their own business, unlike most people we know.

In fact, even in most areas of the country that only have electricity for a few hours of the day, they at least keep the high-tension wires away from folks who just want to go about their lives (and not get a rude shock in the process, literally speaking).

Where Can You Find This Marvel?

Now coming back to the subject in the picture above, this engineering marvel of a pole is situated in Peshawar. More specifically, it is situated at Sabzali town (back side), Warsak Road, Peshawar.

It seems like this pole has seen its fair share of action by virtue of being deployed in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But what if someone told you, that this pole wasn’t the only one to lean on like a Michael Jackson dance move? As per eyewitness accounts, there are two poles like this – on the same road!

But wait a minute. We live in a world of fake news and a nifty lil program called Photoshop. How are we supposed to judge a random picture doing the rounds on the internet?

As it happens, someone just went and confirmed that this Leaning Tower of Peshawar is indeed as legitimate as it gets:

We bet even Vin Diesel (of the Fast and the Furious Fame) could not survive this death-defying corner of a road, ably supported by that wrongly placed pole in the middle of the turn.

Now for the questions that are on everyone’s minds? Who is responsible for this monstrosity and why is nothing being done about this stationary death trap in what appears to be a rather dangerous and narrow road.

One intrepid tweeter mentions that this is the property of the Peshawar Electric Supply Company. Since reports say that the pole was laid into the newly constructed road later on, the electricity distribution company is solely to blame in this case.

Jokes aside, this matter needs to be resolved at the earliest. The pole has already caused a few accidents and injuries ever since it was installed. The authorities in question need to make up for this snafu before some precious lives are lost due to this. Like we mentioned in the beginning, there’s carelessness, and then there’s stupid ignorance. The installation of this electric pole seems to be a bit of both.

Credits to Mumtaz

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